Feel Loved Crystals



True Stories & Random Acts of Kindness

Feel Loved Crystals are gifts from Julie to strangers around the world.

Each person was nominated by someone who loves them very much.

Sometimes real life is messy.  Compassion and Healing Crystals can help.

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This Week's Feel Loved Crystal:

Petrified Palmwood

She loves nature, especially the woods.  She’ll walk right up to a tree and speak to it, just as though she were a nympth and her sister-dryad was inside.  She smiles when she does that, like the tree speaks back to her.  Who’s to say it hasn’t?  She’s got an air of magic around her.  She can feel the pulsing, dancing energies of the universe and it feels her with joy and hope.  Sure, she’s got her troubles and difficulties, who hasn’t? But she is alive, fully and truly alive, reveling in the sheer bounty of life itself.  Her happiness is infectious.  She’s a gift to all who know her.  When they are beside her, magic is in the air.  Trees can talk. …

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Rainforest Jasper

The Story Behind Today’s Gift Agent Little Joe and his sister Big Jesse are good dogs!  They have their very own Facebook…

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She’s got boundless curiosity and enjoys helping others.  So when someone crosses her path with a question or problem, she indulges in…

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Her name means “Bright Light” and she knows how to love unconditionally.  She’s patient and sweet, but also strong and unconquerable.  She’s…

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She’s turning 30 next month and her self-esteem has been taking a hit.  She’s not in the place she’d thought she’d be…

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Apricot Agate

She makes the universe a better place on a daily basis.  She’s like a big bright ray of pure sunshine.  Her vibrant…

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Tree Agate

She’s a sweet soul burdened by a hard past.  Her immune system isn’t very strong so she’s often sick and worried about…

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She bounced into his life like a bright ray of sunshine after a lifetime of cloudy days.  She has this amazing smile…

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She’s remarkably resilient.  She can handle stress longer and more gracefully than most people can.  When she was growing up, they told her…

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Pink Opal

Every day they are become more true to themselves. They are finding the right language to express who they are and the…

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She’s a healer, a reiki master and a reader of the Akashic records. She’s a champion of Light and constantly giving good…

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More than anything in the world, they want a child. The nursery is painted and they’ve stockpiled homemade blankets, clothes and toys.…

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Golden Calcite

She’s always smiling, always radiating Light out into the world. She’s one of those people who seems to have endless amounts of…

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Hessonite Garnet

She’s asking herself some hard questions. She’s been told that families are forever and that she’s suppose to love, honor and be…

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She’s a channel between this world and the next one. She doesn’t talk about it very much, since people aren’t always accepting…

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Prairie Tanzanite

She’s ashamed and distressed by her physical flaws. Her mind magnifies every imperfection. She was abused by her father and her ex-husband,…

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Mixed Color Tourmaline

She likes to write. But her life is so busy right now, there’s no time for hobbies. She’s got a cute toddler…

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Her sons were her pride and joy. She raised them right and saw them become good men. But she never got the…

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She’s like a smiling North Star, a spark of Bright Light in a sometimes crazy world. If you’re looking for your Inner…

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If someone needs help, he’ll do what he can. If someone is feeling down, he’s ready with a joke to lighten the…

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He’s a nursing assistant working his way through college. He doesn’t want to get in much debt so he’s carefully weighing out…

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Auralite 23

A year and a half ago, she declared her independence from the past. She realized that life is too short and too…

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Gold Rutilated Quartz

First, she courageously fought cancer and won. Then she battled the sadness and fear of the survivor – wondering will the disease…

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All she wants is to love and be loved, to respect and be respected. Why is that so difficult? She’s trying so…

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In a world that wants to break you down, she’s going to build you back up. When you say, “I can’t”, she’ll…

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Dewey is a Welsh Corgi and she fell in love with him immediately. Who could resist those big ears and those funny…

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She’s a strong woman with a soft heart and a sensitive soul. For many years, her heart and time has been filled…

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She’s the young and dedicated headteacher of a primary school in England. Many of her students come from vulnerable and impoverished families.…

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Brown Aragonite

Death should be more considerate. A young child shouldn’t ever lose a parent, nor a parent lose a child. We should only…

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She’s got this natural charisma that draws people in. When you meet her, you feel like she just “gets you” and she…

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Sunset Sodalite

The nice thing about rocks, is that you know where you stand with them. They’re not confusing or ambiguous. Even when you…

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Lavender Quartz

They met on their college dance team and instantly became best friends. Twelve years later, they’re still dancing through life together and…

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Black Tourmaline Quartz

She takes care of her loved ones, she can go without. A couple of years ago, her husband lost his leg and…

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He’s got a lot on his mind these days. He asked his sweetheart to marry him – and she said yes. But…

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