Feel Loved Crystals



True Stories & Random Acts of Kindness

Feel Loved Crystals are gifts from Julie to strangers around the world.

Each person was nominated by someone who loves them very much.

Sometimes real life is messy.  Compassion and Healing Crystals can help.

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This Week's Feel Loved Crystal:

Petrified Palmwood

She loves nature, especially the woods.  She’ll walk right up to a tree and speak to it, just as though she were a nympth and her sister-dryad was inside.  She smiles when she does that, like the tree speaks back to her.  Who’s to say it hasn’t?  She’s got an air of magic around her.  She can feel the pulsing, dancing energies of the universe and it feels her with joy and hope.  Sure, she’s got her troubles and difficulties, who hasn’t? But she is alive, fully and truly alive, reveling in the sheer bounty of life itself.  Her happiness is infectious.  She’s a gift to all who know her.  When they are beside her, magic is in the air.  Trees can talk. …

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Mookaite Jasper

There’s many ways to communicate besides the usual noise of words. There’s a whole spectrum of languages found in facial expressions and…

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Some people are born fearless and insist on being true to themselves. It takes nerves of steel to come out as transgender…

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Sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan and people are quick to judge.  It’s not easy to be in your 30s in…

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The world needs more people like Elizabeth. She always gives 100% in her relationships. Whether its going above and beyond to help…

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When abuse lasts a lifetime, it leaves jagged scars and oozing wounds. These days, she mostly stays inside the house because her…

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Black Moonstone

Hekate, Great Goddess of the Crossroads, Queen of witches and sorcery! She who rules the sky, sea, and earth. She who protects…

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Sometimes life will test you to the limit. 11 months ago, Zoe decided to get off drugs for good. “Life” responded by…

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Blue Lace Agate

Maura’s life changed forever exactly two weeks ago when her Fourth-of-July baby arrived in a burst of fireworks. Now she’s a first-time…

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Yellow Jasper

Nicole is a busy woman! She’s a first-grade teacher and the mother of two young boys. She also provides a lot of…

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Barbara lost her big sister and best friend three months ago to cancer. For more than 60 years, Barbara and Mary were…

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Stephanie’s whole world crashed about 5 years ago. Her husband, the father of her two young sons, left her for his mistress.…

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Kambaba Jasper

Teresa lost her husband in the war. He didn’t die on a battlefield, but he was a casualty of war all the…

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Green Aventurine

Lucas will be a senior in high school this fall and his future looms in front of him. The pressure of societal…

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Sarah’s firstborn is named Owen and he’s six months old and absolutely perfect – 10 fingers, 10 toes.  Sarah adores him! There’s…

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Raul lives in Peru and is the sole provider for his family. He’s worked a lot of different jobs, always hustling and…

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Hawks Eye

Kimberley is a young flight attendant, zipping around the skies, and living a pretty good life. Like all of us, she’s got…

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Spessartine Garnet

Tom is a free-spirited, bighearted, hardworking man. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to make sure his loved ones are provided…

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The Na‘auao (Hawaiian “Enlightened One”), asked me where I was going in such a hurry. I told him, “To pick a Red…

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Sun & Moon

Two out of the three winners for the March “Feel Love” Crystal Giveaway had something very special in common. These women nominated…

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You Matter 2.0

These Feel Loved Crystals have been soaking in the Hawaiian Sun, getting warm and filling with Aloha. They are sitting with my…

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You Matter 1.0

Earlier this month, I offered to send a free crystal to anyone who needed to be reminded, “You Matter”. The only requirement…

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Red Coral

Jessica is an army medic veteran who joined ranks with the Water Protectors at Standing Rock this past December. She stayed to…

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Mary Ellen Stromatolite

James happily retired this past fall. He was looking forward to finally having time to do all those interesting activities that he…

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