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She is trying to start her own intuitive healing business, because she know how much the world needs healing right now.  But it’s not easy

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Dravite Tourmaline

Blessed are the pure of heart, for they will see God. She follows Christ’s example in everything she does.  She’s the glue that holds her

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She’s got the spirit of a phoenix. Or maybe it’s a cat with nine lives? She’s not like the rest of us, that’s for sure.

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Jaguar Stone

She has a loving heart, especially when it comes to animals. Her home is filled with dogs and cats as well as a snake, a

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Hematite Quartz

He’s going to be a damn good lawyer.  He’s graduating soon and getting married too.  His whole life is stretched out before him and he’s

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Yellow Sapphire

He’s always coming up with ideas.  Big ideas, grand ideas, raw, unfiltered, unlimited ideas.  Such exciting ideas, full of potential and intrigue.  These are worthy

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For 20 years she’s been a professional artist and a helpmate.  She created decorative and functional art, while raising the kids, taking care of the

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Purple Jade

She showed her gifts early on.  Even as an infant, her body language and expressions gave it away.  She had a strong emotional awareness for

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After years of hard work he achieved a PhD in Statistics.  That means he’s now a member of the 2%.  That’s how many people have

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Green Opal

Sometimes you have to change your environment in order to find yourself.  It’s easy to get stuck somewhere upholstering a rut, not sure who you

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She taught her daughter astrology. They’re both air signs you see – mom is a Gemini and her daughter’s an Aquarius and they share a

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