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Feel Loved Crystals


Stories and Random Acts of Kindness Between Friends

Healing Crystals to support and celebrate real people around the globe

Feel Loved Crystals are given away weekly.  Get a glimpse into someone's else life.  See them through the eyes of someone who loves them.        

This is a unique way to learn about healing crystal energy and cultivate compassion.  May you always feel loved. ♥

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love letter

Almandine Garnet

He kept it together in 2019.  Thank goodness it’s a new year.  He’s hopeful that this year will be easier.  He wants…

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Rainbow Obsidian

She’s been curled up in her cocoon for years. She had a poetic life. Perhaps it was a bit crumbly about the…

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Blue Turquoise

He’s a gentle soul who has dedicated his life in service to others.  His first career was in the military, where he…

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She met him while out walking her dog.  They were neighbors, so it was easy to fall into step together.  For 10…

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Snowflake Obsidian

They are in transition right now.  They had a life and love.  They knew their purpose and what they were suppose to…

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They’re in couples counseling right now.  They have a lot of battle scars that need to be healed.  She wants to save…

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She chose “compassion” as her 2019 word of the year.  It’s an interesting choice for someone who already gives so much compassion…

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She knows how to love.  She loves as generously and as kindly as the sun, shining down on all beings without exception. …

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She works the night shift and she loves bats and crows, astrology and magic.  Her favorite color is black and she loves…

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Yellow Danburite

At first the shock and the noise of people kept the grief at bay.  Only a few weeks ago, on their 7th…

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She’s a Highland Princess and the earth sings her Heart Song.  She’s an empath who feels the pain of the planet itself,…

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Sedona Red Jasper

She’s finally pregnant! After years of struggling with fertility, hoping and trying, fearing and praying, she’s finally pregnant.  Modern medicine for the…

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She put everyone else first.  She works with women and children that have been sexually and physically abused.  She hates to see…

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She’s not feeling very easy in her mind, body or heart right now.  Her body is struggling with Leukemia.  She won the…

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She doesn’t show the world that she’s scared and sick with grief.  She works hard to appear happy and pretends it’s all…

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Pink Petrified Wood

She takes her children into the forest everyday so they can play in the dappled sunlight.  Nature is their teacher, she is…

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Black Obsidian

The Story Behind Today’s Gift Her family told her to stay small.  She was “too much” for them, so they kept asking…

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The Story Behind Today’s Gift A friend called her up and told her what’s been happening.  Is there any sound sadder than…

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The Story Behind Today’s Gift She’s a talent herbalist and a heart-based online entrepreneur.  She’s a member of Herbalists Without Borders and…

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Rainforest Jasper

The Story Behind Today’s Gift Agent Little Joe and his sister Big Jesse are good dogs!  They have their very own Facebook…

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She’s got boundless curiosity and enjoys helping others.  So when someone crosses her path with a question or problem, she indulges in…

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Apricot Agate

She makes the universe a better place on a daily basis.  She’s like a big bright ray of pure sunshine.  Her vibrant…

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Tree Agate

She’s a sweet soul burdened by a hard past.  Her immune system isn’t very strong so she’s often sick and worried about…

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She’s a healer, a reiki master and a reader of the Akashic records. She’s a champion of Light and constantly giving good…

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More than anything in the world, they want a child. The nursery is painted and they’ve stockpiled homemade blankets, clothes and toys.…

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Hessonite Garnet

She’s asking herself some hard questions. She’s been told that families are forever and that she’s suppose to love, honor and be…

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Prairie Tanzanite

She’s ashamed and distressed by her physical flaws. Her mind magnifies every imperfection. She was abused by her father and her ex-husband,…

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She’s like a smiling North Star, a spark of Bright Light in a sometimes crazy world. If you’re looking for your Inner…

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If someone needs help, he’ll do what he can. If someone is feeling down, he’s ready with a joke to lighten the…

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Gold Rutilated Quartz

First, she courageously fought cancer and won. Then she battled the sadness and fear of the survivor – wondering will the disease…

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She’s the young and dedicated headteacher of a primary school in England. Many of her students come from vulnerable and impoverished families.…

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She’s got this natural charisma that draws people in. When you meet her, you feel like she just “gets you” and she…

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Sunset Sodalite

The nice thing about rocks, is that you know where you stand with them. They’re not confusing or ambiguous. Even when you…

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