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This week they’re celebrating their 6th month dating anniversary.  He means the world to her. Can you believe a guy as great as this one,

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Desert Jasper

They didn’t know they were autistic, that was something they discovered as an adult.  They had known they were transgender since their early teens, but

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Agatized Coral

She’s following her bliss and studying her passion.  She’s diving into marine biology in one of the top graduate program in the world.  She’s in

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Hawks Eye

They been in love for over 15 years.  They’ve spent that time chasing dreams, exploring their passions and pushing themselves in their schooling and work. 

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Red Jasper

He was in the hospital for bypass heart surgery when his Dad came to see him.  Dad died back in the 80s, so it was

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Indigo Gabbro

He’s trying so hard.  Money was tight, but they were getting by.  Then he lost his job unexpectedly. He’s middle-aged, high-school educated, and struggling with

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He stopped drinking two years ago.  They had to do an intervention to make him see how bad it had gotten.  But once he was

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Every night she meditates, trying to center herself more solidly and hoping to dissolve the stress that lurks inside her mind.  She spends her days

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Dendritic Agate

He’s working on his dreams.  He’s a full-time student studying sustainable agriculture and landscape design.  He’s also got a full-time job, with lots of overtime. 

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She bounced into his life like a bright ray of sunshine after a lifetime of cloudy days.  She has this amazing smile that lights up

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Pink Opal

Every day they are become more true to themselves. They are finding the right language to express who they are and the right tools and

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