Finding the Right Crystals

You've got a unique situation and you're not sure what crystals will help you.

The more you look around the more options there are.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Relax my friend - we'll figure it out together. 

Maybe you just need to ask,

“What’s a good stone for ____?” 

I'd happy to point you in the right direction! Send me an email and let’s chat. I typically respond within 1-2 business days.

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Do you need something more powerful?

Do you have a real problem that needs a real solution?

Do you want something bigger than a spiritual band-aid?

Are you ready to break free and move forward?

Request a Crystal Spell







I am an Earth Witch who makes Crystal Spells to solve real problems

None of that useless woo-woo spiritual nonsense here

This is the real deal

This is about sitting in the heart of wisdom and doing the real work

I'm ready to give you my full attention and create some practical magic for you 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Crystal Spell?

A “Crystal Spell” is a complex crystal combination. It includes a special collection of stones chosen to work together for a specific purpose. Crystal Spells come with clear instructions, so you’ll know exactly what to do with them.

A Crystal Spell can include anywhere from 3 - 100+ different stones depending on the size and scope of the project. Each individual stone is carefully chosen for its unique metaphysical properties as well as its physical beauty. I save my highest-quality tumbled healing stones for custom jobs. Most importantly – the stones are chosen to balance and enhance each other. Together they are more powerful and precisely focused than they would be individually.

When designing a Crystal Spell the #1 consideration for me is that I create a tool for "Practical Magic".  I'm not interested in simply giving you a woo-woo spiritual gift of crystals.  Something that looks pretty, but doesn't actually do anything.  I want to give you something that actually WORKS

So be forewarned - the rituals associated with my Crystal Spell are very grounded and highly practical!

Who should get a Crystal Spell?

Crystal Spells may be suitable for people who are new to crystals as well as more experienced energy workers.

Crystal Medicine Bags are deeply personal and generally speaking should be a gift to yourself, rather than a gift for someone else.

What topics are good for Crystal Spells?

Pretty much any topic you can imagine. There’s no limit to what crystal energy can do!

I’ve made 100s of different Crystal Spells. The only topic I’ve ever repeated is grids for homes and offices. Even then, each space is a totally different and so there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all. Each project is unique!

Many of my Crystal Spells are deeply personal and speak directly to a person’s spiritual or emotional longings. For example: guiding a young woman on a year-long journey to love herself while also exploring her creative gifts as a painter. Or helping a retiree combine three spiritual traditions (Christian, Buddhist, and Cherokee) in a way that felt authentic and feeds her soul. Or helping an immigrant end a lifelong trend of “bad luck” and start enjoying his life.

Many of my Crystal Spells have been for business owners and career-driven individuals. For example: helping the busy owner of a successful Realtor Office find a better work-life-balance while also moving her business to the next level. Or helping a professional translator study for a test, pass an interview and get her dream job. Or helping a new business owner succeed at his first international trade show. So no matter what your topic is – no worries – I’ll make sure you get the perfect crystals.  More importantly, I’ll give you something to do with those crystals so that your dreams come true.

What's the process?

Contact me to request a Crystal Spell. We'll arrange a time for a phone call and discuss your situation in depth. Typically these phone calls takes about an hour. Once I understand your situation, I'll add you to my calendar.

I only working on Crystal Spells on Wednesdays.  The rest of the week, my time is given to regular customers and to charitable works.

Most Crystal Spells require at least a full day of actual work.  They require deep attention and focus.  In addition, I usually meditate on the situation for several days prior. 

I do not take Crystal Spells lightly. When a person requests a Crystal Spell, I understand they are asking for help on a situation that is very important to them.  I honor that.  I strive to be an answer to a prayer. 

Can I see an example?

Crystal Spells are very personal. Out of respect for all my clients, I keep them private.

However, if you want to get a sense of my choices and the care I take please visit my Feel Loved Crystals blog or follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Twice a week I give a way a free crystal to a stranger somewhere in the world. These are “Feel Loved Crystals” which are given away as random acts of kindness. Each crystal comes with a story and a photo explaining where they are going and why. Check out a few recent Feel Loved Crystals. That should give you a good sense of the type of energy I bring to my Crystal Spells. If I take this much care with a single free stone… imagine how much more care will I give to your paid project!

How much does it cost?

Every Crystal Spell requires a variety of stones.  Since each one is unique, it’s impossible to give a flat price.  Instead, I ask my clients to give me a budget to work with and I choose the stones accordingly.

Depending on your budget, I might pick a simple Rose Quartz or I might choose a rare Star Ruby. A smaller budget requires me to make more careful choices, since I need to stay within your price range. A larger budget gives me more freedom to pick whatever stone is the best fit overall. A larger budget also means that I can choose more stones!

While the budget itself is ultimately up to you, here’s a baseline to work from:

Crystal Spells start at $500.  The most common budget is between $500-$750. Larger project can easily reach $1000+

The final price is determined by the cost of the stones + my custom fee. My fee is a flat rate of $300 + $5 per stone.

A Crystal Spell to help a woman pass a complicated test and get her dream job.
Crystal Commitment - Steph

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