Fire Agate Spiritual Healing Properties

Fire Agate is at once grounding and inspiring, making it an incredible tool for spiritual awakening. It is the stone of the Hero’s Journey, giving us the courage to follow our spiritual path, even into the Dark places we fear, and to emerge triumphantly again into the Light. Fire Agate helps us feel safe and can be used to repel psychic and emotional vampires. Fire Agate is attuned to the Root, Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras and linked to the astrological signs of Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius. It is connected to the elements of Fire; and vibrates to the Number 7 and 9.

Fire Agate Emotional Healing Properties

Fire Agate has a passionate and joyful energy that is also fiercely protective. It is a stone that inspires great courage within us and urges us to follow our bliss and leave behind the humdrum of routine. Anyone preparing for a big change would do well to work with Fire Agate’s energy. Fire Agate helps us to feel energetically protected. This feeling makes it easier to build a strong and healthy emotional foundation that can whether the storms of life. Its energy is also a wonderful aphrodisiac, helping us to attract new lovers and incite passion in existing relationships.

Fire Agate Mental Healing Properties

Fire Agate helps us to think for ourselves and not allow the opinions of others to negatively influence us. Fire Agate encourages us to follow our dreams and to believe that we can achieve even the loftiest of goals. It is also a highly creative stone making it useful for all types of artists, particularly those who need to regularly produce or perform. Fire Agate gives us the mental stamina to stay the course and do what needs to be done. Fire Agate can also help us to navigate the tricky terrain of a negative work environment. It shows us how to keep negative coworkers from bothering us so that we can stay productive and peaceful.

Fire Agate Physical Healing Properties

Fire Agate is the stone of “eternal youth” and reminds us to stay active and make healthy choices throughout our life.  It encourages us to stretch, play, and keep our muscles strong.  It reminds us to drink water, wear sunscreen, and get enough sleep so that our skin and eyes are bright.  Fire Agate sparks our passion and heightens physical pleasure.   It is particularly good for maintaining a vibrant sexual connection in long-term relationships.  Fire Agate is also an excellent talisman for women going through menopause, especially if experiencing hot flashes. It helps us to tolerate the unpleasant parts of growing older while making sure we have habits that will keep our spirit young and our body healthy.