Green Apatite Spiritual Healing Properties

Green Apatite is a merry stone that promotes extroversion and a desire to be of service to others. It is a stone for happy inspiration and powerful manifestation. It gives us strength and hope to pursue our dreams, even when times are difficult and the path forward seems daunting. Green Apatite helps us to laugh more and repels any darkness that tries to linger around us. It heals and expands our aura. It brings health and vibrancy to our spiritual life. Green Apatite is an incredible stone for creating abundance on all levels, including helping us break any karmic ties that hold us back. Green Apatite loudly promises us that we can live rich and exciting lives, right here and now. It is attuned to the Heart, Throat, Third Eye Chakra and links to the astrological sign of Gemini. It is connected to the Elements of Water and Earth, and vibrates to the number 9.

Green Apatite Emotional Healing Properties

Green Apatite is one of the best stones to carry to encourage a vibrant life and an active social calendar. It helps reverse feelings of apathy, irritability, and emotional exhaustion. It gives us joyful permission to pursue our many passions without guilt or shame. Green Apatite encourages us to examine our emotional and social habits and to make positive changes so that we can enjoy life more. It also encourages creativity, variety and spontaneity. Green Apatite is particularly useful for helping us with feelings of being “unworthy” of love and attention. It reminds us to invest in healthy relationships where we can get our needs met. It also helps us to feel comfortable spending money on self-care and fun activities.

Green Apatite Mental Healing Properties

Green Apatite inspires happy thoughts and helps us stop dwelling on past hardships. It encourages us to live in the present moment and use our mental energy to plan a wonderful future. When we are thriving, Green Apatite helps us stay there. When we are struggling, Green Apatite helps us to honestly examine our thoughts and unconscious beliefs about money and abundance. It helps us recognize our current habits and create reasonable goals. Green Apatite refuses to let us play the victim and teaches us that we have power. At the same time, Green Apatite reminds us that our government and society is playing its own financial game that can negatively affect us, even if we personally do everything “right”. When we follow the rules and still lose, Green Apatite helps us to not take it personally or give into despair. Apatite offers us hope for a better future and a willingness to work hard and be part of the solution. It encourages generosity of spirit and makes a wonderful talisman for anyone involved in social work or public service.

Green Apatite Physical Healing Properties

Green Apatite’s hopeful energy makes it an ideal choice for anyone who needs to keep their spirits up while recovering from a major illness or injury. It helps us to celebrate each tiny victory in our healing journey and to be patient if healing takes longer than we might like. Green Apatite is a wonderful talisman for problems with the physical heart, including heart disease and heart-attacks. It is especially good if chronic stress and unhealthy habits have contributed to the problem. Green Apatite encourages us to look at our lifestyle and the underlying beliefs which motivate us and determine where changes can be made. Green Apatite is an encouraging ally, who invites us to laugh more often and to not take everything so seriously. But it also reminds us that healing and a happy life are our responsibility, so get to work and make it happen!