Green Apophyllite Spiritual Healing Properties

Green Apophyllite has a very interesting vibration, high and pure as well as intimately grounding and connecting. It activates our Heart and Third Eye, sharpening our inner vision and bringing forth spiritual wisdom. Green Apophyllite helps us to hear our Spirit Guides more clearly, particularly Nature Spirits, Animal Spirits and fairies. It can help us communicate with animals, plants, crystals and other nonverbal entities. It shows us our own role and responsibilities in the great web of life. Green Apophyllite is a carrier of the Akashic Record and can help us to better understand and heal the past, present, and future, especially in regards to interpersonal relationships. Green Apophyllite is a phenomenal stone for astral/shamanic journeying, particular for finding the ‘doorways’ in between worlds. It all areas of our life, Green Apophyllite encourages us to grow and bloom. It is a fantastic stones for gardeners and nature-enthusiasts. Green Apophyllite is attuned to the Heart, Third Eye and Crown Chakras, and is linked to the astrological signs of Gemini and Libra. It is connected to the Elements of Wind and Earth and vibrates to the number 4.

Green Apophyllite Emotional Healing Properties

Green Apophyllite has a joyful and sweet presence that shines like a bright light in the darkness. It sings of universal love and healing, and promises us that we too deserve a beautiful life and inner peace. It brings us hope and encourages us to have faith in a better tomorrow. When we feel upset, Green Apophyllite helps us re-center and find the our own unshakable core. Green Apophyllite releases cynicism and helps us to heal our deepest inner wounds. Apophyllite is a particularly good ally if we need to acknowledge and break negative patterns of using “outside things” (such as money, food, sex, alcohol, etc.) as a substitute to avoid dealing with our actual emotions, especially in regards to other people. It encourages us to seek solace in nature on a regular basis.

Green Apophyllite Mental Healing Properties

Green Apophyllite encourages us to step back and take a wider perspective. It inspires us to be more curious, open and honest. It helps us to recognize our personal impact on the environment and others, as well as how they affect us. It makes it easier to let go old systems and beliefs that no longer serve us or accurately reflect what we now know to be true. Green Apophyllite reminds us that we are not exclusively responsible for what happens in our life. While we do get to ‘play the cards we are dealt’, but rarely get to choose the cards themselves. We are part of a much greater system, both good and bad, and as such our successes and failures cannot be laid solely at our feet. Green Apophyllites asks us to be more compassionate to ourselves and others. It invites us to do our best and call it good. Green Apophyllite helps us to grow up and be beautiful.

Green Apophyllite Physical Healing Properties

Green Apophyllite is mainly used by metaphysical healers to comfort patients when faced with degenerative illnesses. It helps us to understand the purpose behind the pain and to make peace with “what is”. Green Apophyllite is also said to good for respiratory problems, including asthma and allergies. Green Apophyllite is considered to be one of the very best stones for reiki healing, particularly for finding channels for the energy to flow through. It is also one of the best for anyone who suffers from Nature Deficit Disorder.