Green Tourmaline Spiritual Healing Properties

Green Tourmaline sings with joy and gratitude for the wonder of life and the glory of Divine Love. It links us directly with the Earth’s own healing powers. It encourages us to bring ourselves, our community and our world into heart-balance. Green Tourmaline has a masculine-yang energy, which inspires active compassion, rather than passive/reflective compassion. It urges us to dive into this physical world, connect with others and make beautiful things happen in real life. Green Tourmaline has a very wholesome and healthy energy that expands the heart chakra and makes our aura grow larger. It attracts long-lasting success and abundance, and transforms negative energies into positive. Green Tourmaline attracts devas and other nature spirits, making it a wonderful crystal for gardeners, herbalists and anyone who works in earth medicine. It is attuned to the Heart Chakra, and linked to Libra and Capricorn. It is connected to the element of Earth and Water and vibrates to the numbers 2 and 6.

Green Tourmaline Emotional Healing Properties

Green Tourmaline has a happy and courageous energy. It encourages us to let go of our inhibitions and to be open to trying new things. It helps us to laugh at ourselves and to not take ourselves so seriously. It teasingly reminds us to get back up, whenever we fall down. Green Tourmaline helps us to see change as a call to adventure, rather than something to fear or dread. It makes us eager to learn more, grow and evolve. Green Tourmaline also reminds us to be very kind and tender towards ourselves as well as with others. It inspires patience, trustworthiness, a sense of belonging and makes us truly interested in getting to know other people and helping everyone thrive. Green Tourmaline reduces claustrophobia and helps to decrease emotional triggers and panic attacks. Green Tourmaline is one of the very best stones for working through issues related to fathers and other male-authority figures.

Green Tourmaline Mental Healing Properties

Green Tourmaline helps us to calm down and loosen up. It helps reduce the negative influence of our ego, while keeping the more positive aspects alive. Green Tourmaline inspires constructive thinking and creative problem-solving. It helps us to see many possible solutions to a problem, and then to choose the best option according to our current knowledge and value system. Green Tourmaline reduces perfectionism and helps us to accept that life is a constant work in progress and to enjoy the journey. Green Tourmaline calms hyperactive minds and reduces anxiety. It highlights wonderful masculine qualities, making this stone a unique ally for feminists fighting against toxic patriarchy culture. It helps us to honestly examine our past, be encouraged by our current progress and to to be eager to create a better future for all.

Green Tourmaline Physical Healing Properties

Green Tourmaline is one of the primary stones used by metaphysical healers to treat the physical body. It is particularly useful for issues related to the physical heart. Green Tourmaline is also said to stimulate cellular health, and so is recommended for anyone with cancer or other cellular-growth disorders. Green Tourmaline moves healing energy throughout the body, bringing a sense of vitality and overall healthiness. It is used to encourage healthy sleep patterns, calm the nervous system and fight Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It is also used to support the immune system, treat eye disorders, heal the thymus and glands, and to strengthen the spine. Green Tourmaline has additionally been used to facilitate weight loss and encourage healthy elimination and detox.