Hiddenite Spiritual Healing Properties

Hiddenite inspires us to rejoice in our many blessings and in all the way that the Universe has already showered us in abundance and love.  It invites us to open our minds and hearts as wide as we can so that we can continue to receive wonderful gifts and so that the flow of positive abundance keeps growing in our life over time.  Hiddenite teaches us to live from the heart in a state of gratitude and happiness and to making gratitude practices (such as counting our blessings) a part of our daily life.  It also encourages us to be kind and generous to others.  Partly because being good to others is a joy in and of itself.  Partly also because by being good to others we raise our own energetic frequency and better align ourselves with the Law of Attraction.  Hiddenite encourages us to be true to ourselves – meaning our most real self as we are right now as well as our Highest Self, the potential that we contain within us.  Hiddenite is attuned to the Heart Chakra and linked to the astrological signs of Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio.  It is connected to the element of Water and vibrates to the number 7.

Hiddenite Emotional Healing Properties

Hiddenite vibrates with an incredibly loving energy that helps us to love with our whole heart and soul.  It asks us to accept people for who they are and not try to change or manipulate them.  Hiddenite helps us to see the real beauty in other people and to find the place where we can best meet and grow.  It helps us to resist the lure of power games, control and other ugly relationship habits which kill love and liking.  Hiddenite dissolves negative feelings and thoughts and helps us to let go of any regrets we might feel about our own past conduct.  Hiddenite asks us to either make peace with the past or make positive changes now.  Hiddenite is also very useful to work with when we are mourning an old relationship which didn’t last “forever.”  Hiddenite reminds of the many ways our past relationships have helped us to grow and whispers that new relationships are right around the corner.  Hiddenite is also very good for reducing anxiety and depression related to being single or fear in social situations.  It helps us to greet the world in an open, spontaneous and loving manner.  t reminds us that we are amazing humans with a great capacity for love and that we deserve to be happy.

Hiddenite Mental Healing Properties

Hiddenite helps us to stay calm and collected, regardless of our circumstances.  It combines our intellect with intuition, and logic with our heart’s “inner knowing.”  Hiddenite can help us to accept constructive criticism as a helpful gift, rather than a rejection of who we currently are   It also helps us to remove mental blocks and obstacles that seemingly prevent us from moving forward towards our goals and along our path.  Hiddenite helps us to think of solutions, rather than dwell on problems.  It asks us to always think, “what would Love do?”  Hiddenite is also very useful for countering anxiety related to money or our sense of self-worth.

Hiddenite Physical Healing Properties

Hiddenite eases stress and is said to support the parasympathetic nervous system. It is most often used by metaphysical healers to treat the physical heart.  It is also believed to help balance the hormones that affect our emotions