What's on your Crystal Wish List?

Is there something on your "Crystal Wish List" that you can't find at your local rock shop?

Maybe it's a special Crystal Ball, a stone statue or rare beads.  Maybe it's a fabulous geode, a rough stone or a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Maybe you're just looking for a wonderful, unique, gemstone treasure. 

Are you tired of wishing and waiting? Are you ready to finally find it? 

Hire me as your Personal Crystal Shopper!

I've been finding fabulous crystals for over a decade and I'd be happy to lend you my expertise! 

How It Works

Having me act as your Personal Crystal Shopper is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. We talk ahead of time about about what you want
  2. You give me some spending money before my next shopping trip
  3. I find it, buy it, and ship it to you!

Learn more about each step of the process by checking out the "before", "during" and "after" shopping sections.

When's The Next Shopping Trip?

I work as a Personal Crystal Shopper several times a year, whenever I attend a large gem show.  

My next buying trip is January 2018 - at the Tucson Gem Show.

The Tucson Show is the biggest gem show in the world, so literally everyone in the rock business will be there. It's a great time to find something spectacular.    

How Much Does It Cost?

There is no set "cost" to hire me as a Personal Crystal Shopper. 

Instead, the price is determined entirely by the item on your Wish List.  For obvious reasons, a 5 foot tall Amethyst geode is going to have a completely different price than a Larimar necklace.  The final price to you will reflect the normal market value.      

Our goal is to find the "sweet spot" - something that matches your "wish list" and is also within your price range. 

Once I understand your Crystal Wish List, I'll do some research into it and give you an estimated price. If the price is reasonable for you, we'll move forward.  If the price is too high, we can try to adjust the parameters.  For example, a very clear Crystal Ball can be quite expensive.  Two ways we can adjust the price: 

  1. Get a smaller ball - because the bigger it is, the higher the price will be. 
  2. Get a ball with more inclusions - because clarity also affects the price.   

Again - the goal is to find the "sweet spot" that feel good on every level.

1/3 of the estimated final budget is due before I go shopping.  The remaining 2/3 is due afterwards before it is shipped to you.

Before Shopping: What I Need From You & What To Expect From Me

Before I go shopping, I need to have a very clear image of what you are looking for.

Step 1: Email me and tell me about the crystal(s) on your wish list.  Describe them in as much detail as possible.

Step 2: We'll probably exchange a couple of emails to make sure I understand exactly what you want.  I prefer email, rather than phone calls, because we can easily exchange pictures if needed and it leaves a written record.  Expect to get detailed questions from me.For example - if you ask for a 6 inch diameter Smoky Quartz crystal ball.  I'll ask you questions like this:

What color Smoky do you prefer? Grey or brown? Light or dark?

Do you want it transparent/translucent or more opaque?

Do you want me to find one with a rainbow or anything special inside?

Step 3: Once I understand what you want, I'll do a little research in order to estimate the price.  Every crystal is unique so there are no "standard" prices.  But I should be able to give you a reasonable estimate.

Step 4: I'll need some spending money for the show itself.  I'll ask for 1/3 of the estimated budget upfront, with the remainder due after the show. This pre-show budget will be refunded if I don't find your item.

While Shopping: What I Need From You & What To Expect From Me

Most of the time, once I know what you want, I can find you something that will delight you.  This is my magic.

However, if you want to choose any of your stones personally, then we can make arrangements to talk/text during the show itself.  If you want to do that, I will let you know what day(s) I'll be shopping.  When I find something for you - I will call/text immediately.  Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing exactly when I will find your crystals.  Crystal shopping is a treasure hunt, with only a very vague map!

If you are available when I find your stone - we can discuss things immediately.  Otherwise, I can take some photos for you and then return later after I’ve heard from you. Please note: Crystal shopping is a “first come, first served” shopping experience, and the best stock goes quickly.  So if I walk away from a table, someone else can buy whatever I was looking at.  It might still be there when I return later, but it might not! For best results, we should try to buy immediately.

Since coordinating with clients while at the show, adds an additional degree of complication, there will be an additional fee of $50 required prior to the show for phone calls/texts. If I cannot find your stones, there won’t be any communication during the show, so this additional fee will be re-funded in full.

After Shopping: What I Need From You & What To Expect From Me

The week after the show I ship out all the Special Orders.

At the beginning of the week, I will take pictures and create a “Special Order” page for you on my website where you can purchase your stone(s).  I will be in touch via email to let you know when your order is ready.

Please buy your Special Order promptly, so that I can ship it from the Mainland and not have to carry it home to Hawaii!

What happens If I CAN'T Find It?

The majority of the time I can find your special crystals. 

But if I'm not able to find them immediately, I will simply keep them on *my radar* and find them later!

For example, at the 2017 Tucson Gem Show I was asked to find a rare "Dumortierite in Quartz".  Unfortunately I was unable to find one at that show.  However, I successfully located a beautiful specimen at the 2017 Denver Gem Show later that year.  

Hire me!

Please introduce yourself and tell me what's on your Crystal Wish List.

I look forward to finding your special treasure!

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