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Indigo Gabbro is a beautiful igneous rock found only in central Madagascar. It was introduced to the metaphysical market in the 21st century and is one of the stones of the New Age.  Because it is so new, you may have seen it advertised as Black Granite, Blizzard Stone or even Mystic Merlinite!  But it is in fact a lovely gabbro composed black Augite and purple/blue plagioclase feldspar.  Indigo Gabbro has that rare combination of energy that both grounds and elevates. It can be used to magnify the energy of other stones too.  It invites us to step into our own power and take charge of our life.

Indigo Gabbro

Indigo Gabbro Meaning

Spiritual Healing Properties

Indigo Gabbro kick-starts our spiritual journey and encouarges us to grow into our most authentic self.  It grounds our spiritual beliefs into practical actions, so that we truly live our beliefs, rather than just talking about them or vaguely aspiring to them.  Indigo Gabbro preaches that our life is our religion, and how we conduct ourselves in our everyday life is the window into our real spiritual beliefs.  However, Indigo Gabbro also reminds us that we are fully capable of changing and evolving, so if our actions do not match our beliefs, it is a relatively straightforward matter to course-correct and begin to act in greater integrity.  Indigo Gabbro can amplify energy vibrations, whether from other crystals or from an outside energy force such as reiki.

Metaphysical Properties Indigo Gabbro
Chakra Third Eye and Solar Plexus
Element Storm
Numerology 1
Zodiac Taurus and Cancer

Emotional Healing Properties

Indigo Gabbro is a grounding and inspiring stone to work with.  It helps us to look at our life logically, and to focus on practical solutions that will bring us more peace and good energy.  It encourages us to claim our own power and to be confident.  It has an expansive energy, that helps us to think big and to actively dare to make our dreams come true.  Indigo Gabbro is especially helpful for anyone who has a tendency to feel like a victim or someone who has no control or power in their own life.  Indigo Gabbro whispers the truth – that we do have power and control, and that we can change our life.  Indigo Gabbro helps us to be patient while we change, but also to stay determined and keep a steady course.  It encourages us to maintain balance and to remember to be grateful for what is already good, even as we move forward in other areas.

Mental Healing Properties

Indigo Gabbro invites us to think very carefully about our habits, both the things that we regularly do, as well as the things that we regularly don’t do.  Indigo Gabbro asks us to carefully question whether or not those habits serve our Highest Good, or whether they are actually forms of self-sabotage.  Indigo Gabbro reminds us that in many ways we are in control of our life and our destiny, and the habits we engage in, our what often directs our path.  Change our habits, and we change our life!  Indigo Gabbro helps us to feel more confident in our own ability to determine what needs to be done, and then to do it.

Physical Healing Properties

Indigo Gabbro is recommended when we need to change our daily physical habits.  The media loves to promise us “instant results” if we only take a pill, or try an exercise, or do a crash diet or follow a guru.  The media also loves to tell us that if we fail to get the results promised, it is our own fault for not wanting it badly enough.  Indigo Gabbro scoffs at that nonsense.  It reminds us that real and long-lasting results require diligence and sensible behavior.  It coaxes us to take that first step, and then to take another and another, until the logical outcome meets our cherished goal.  If we change our habits, we will change our life.  Indigo Gabbro is a lovely talisman for both the feet, skull and spine.  It is also a good talisman when healing from brain damage caused by a traumatic injury.

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Indigo Gabbro Mineralogy

Where does Indigo Gabbro come from?

Gabbro is a fairly common igneous rock, found in many locations worldwide. Indigo Gabbro is a rare form found only in central Madagascar.

Mining and Treatments

Gabbro is relatively common stone that is typically mined in massive open-pit quantities. Left rough, it may be used to make roads or buildings.  However, it takes a beautiful polish, similar to Granite, and weathers very slowly.  Gabbro it is often used both indoors and outdoors, from fancy kitchen countertops to gravestones!

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Mineral Family

Indigo Gabbro is not a mineral, but rather a rock. An easy way to understand the difference is that rocks are like cookies and minerals are ingredients such as flour or sugar. Many different minerals are used to create a rock! In this case, it is an igneous rock made principally of black Augite and purple/blue plagioclase feldspar, along with Chlorite, Serpentine, Muscovite, Magnetite and various other minor minerals.

Aragonite’s energy works well with its family – other Igneous rocks.  Try it in combination with Chinese Writing Stone, Garnierite, Larvikite, Moonstone Tourmaline, Obsidian, Preseli Bluestone, and Unakite

Indigo Gabbro Formation and Crystal Associates

Gabbro is formed when molten magma trapped beneath the Earth’s surface, slowly cools and becomes solid rock. Gabbro is chemically identical to basalt. The only difference between the two stone is that Gabbro is formed below the earth’s crust and so is coarse-grained, while Basalt forms on the surface of the earth, after a volcanic eruption, and is fine-grained.

Indigo Gabbro’s energy works well with its “friends” – crystal associates formed in the same geological environment.  Try it in combination with Labradorite.

Mineralogy Indigo Gabbro
Rock Type Igneous
Major Minerals Augite (black) and Feldspar (purple/blue)
Minor Minerals Apatite, Bioltite, Clear Quartz, Hornblend, Olivine, Titanium
Color Black, grey, blue-purple
Texture Porphyritic
Transparency Opaque
Special Features Iridescent

History of Indigo Gabbro

Indigo Gabbro is a 21st century stone that has only been on the market for a few years.  Gabbro is a type of igneous rock, closely related to Granite.  It is rarely included in modern lapidaries.  Partially this is due to its newness but also because there are several different commercial names in use.  Indigo Gabbro is increasingly become the dominate name in the metaphysical community, but this stone may also be referred to as Black Granite, Blizzard Stone or Mystic Merlinite.

The name “Black Granite” is used mainly by commercial manufactures and merchants who sell stone counter-tops, floor tiles, and even graveyard headstones.  Granite is typically white, pink or pale grey, unlike the strikingly dark-hued Gabbro.  But from a marketing perspective, the name Granite has a higher recognition value and such things are good for the bottom-line, so “Black Granite” it is!

Names like “Blizzard Stone” and “Mystic Merlinite” are used in the metaphysical industry because they have a magical zing that entices, while a geological name like gabbro might be overlooked.  From a sourcing perspective, “Blizzard Stone” is gabbro found in Alaska.  It is black and white, and doesn’t have the purple/blue tones found in the Madagagscar Gabbro.  The name “Mystic Merlinite” is problematic because it is easily confused with another stone called “Merlinite.”  The non-mystical Merlinite is completely different from Gabbro.  Merlinite is a white dendritic agate found in New Mexico, USA. Neither one of the stones have any real connection to the Arthurian legends, the names are merely the waving of a magical wand for marketing purposes.

Merlin, Mystic Merlinite, Indigo Gabbro