Labradorite Spiritual Healing Properties

Labradorite evokes the energy of the stars and the awe-inspiring Aurora Borialis and Aurora Australis. It is a stone of Great Magic, awakening our natural gifts and connecting us to a mysterious world in which all things are possible. Labradorite is a stone for mystics, shamans, druids, and anyone whose spiritual life follows the “Old Path.” It cuts through illusions to reveal the heart of truth. Labradorite amplifies psychic gifts of all sorts, increases intuition and awareness, and connects us to Universal Energies. It offers protection during ritual work and can help us to smoothly move between realms. Labradorite is attuned to ALL the Chakras and linked to the astrological signs of Leo, Scorpio, and Sagittarius It is connected to the element of Wind and vibrates to the numbers 6 and 7.

Labradorite Emotional Healing Properties

Labradorite has a sweet calming effect on the heart, helping us to be more contemplative and less given to irrational emotions. It reveals forgotten memories and can help us to calmly process through uncomfortably aspects of our past and present. Labradorite helps us to understand the beliefs that control our emotional state, allowing us to choose new beliefs that better serve our Highest Good and will lead to peace and happiness in our daily life. It is a particularly good stone to work with while undergoing therapy, as it can help us to shed negative energy, particularly fear, and increase our confidence and trust levels.

Labradorite Mental Healing Properties

Labradorite stimulates imagination and creativity, while also encouraging analysis and logic. It invites us to see the world with a child-like wonder and to be more curious about the natural and spiritual worlds. It encourages us to ask more questions and to be open to unusual answers as long as they have a rational basis. Labradorite deepens self-reflection and contemplation, linking intellectual thought processes with intuitive wisdom. It is a valuable tool during times of transition and transformation, helping our mind to calming shift into new modes so that we can best take care of our physical and emotional bodies.

Labradorite Physical Healing Properties

Labradorite is a recommended when something is wrong with the physical body but we can’t figure out what is causing the problem or how to heal it. It offers support when we are confused and frustrated with our body and/or with medical professionals. Labradorite reminds us that medicine is still a young science and there is much we still need to learn about the body’s inner workings. Labradorite helps us to stay calm, patient and curious while our healthcare team searches for answers. Labradorite helps us to see hidden patterns and be open to a variety of treatments. But it reminds us to carefully consider all the variables at stake and to do our best to be wise in our healthcare choices. Labradorite is also a good talisman for elders who are at a higher risk for colds, flus, rheumatism and other winter illnesses.