Mangano Calcite Spiritual Healing Properties

Mangano Calcite has a wonderfully soft energy that connects us directly with the essence of Divine Love.  It has an angelic quality that reassures us that we are safe and that our Guardian Angels are watching over our path.  It increases our capability to be truly compassionate toward ourselves and others.  Mangano Calcite teaches us to look at all beings with Love and Acceptance. It increases both our intuition and empathy.  It inspires forgiveness and can be used to release old karmic debts and to allow ourselves to truly move forward if the past is filled with pain.  For younger people, Mangano Calcite helps us believe in beautiful possibilities and to have hope for the future.  For older people, it gently releases jaded fears and removes feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.  Mangano Calcite teaches us how to spiritually and emotionally grow up, so that we can become the safe adults that other people can look to for support and guidance.  Mangano Calcite is attuned to the Heart Chakra and linked to the astrological sign of Cancer. It is connected to the element of Fire and vibrates to the number 8.

Mangano Calcite Emotional Healing Properties

Mangano Calcite has an exceptionally soothing effect on the emotional body. It helps us to safely connect with our emotions and to let go of emotional patterns and beliefs which do not serve us. Despite its soft energy, it is a powerful ally for anyone dealing with trauma or raw grief.  It envelopes us in a warm feeling of love and security, promising us that even if everything is awful right now, it will get better and life will be sweet again. Mangano Calcite offers us a sense a sense of stability if we feel unsure about ourselves or the world.  It doesn’t rush us or dismiss our emotions.  Instead, it quietly supports us while we regain our emotional balance and find our way back to peace.  It also teaches us how to hold that kind of loving space for other people while they are working through big emotions.  It is an excellent stone for therapists, counselors, social workers as well as anyone who regularly deals with emotional trauma.

Mangano Calcite Mental Healing Properties

Mangano Calcite is very calming for the mind. It helps us to see past our limitations and be open to sweet possibilities. It brings us wisdom to know how to best handle situations so as to bring about the Highest Good. Mangano Calcite encourages us to be more honest and authentic in our communication and to actively deal with problems rather than simply burying them. It can help us see that all things happen for a reason and are perfect in the moment to help us grow.  Mangano Calcite is particularly good if we are exploring difficult childhood or family dynamics.  It supports us in doing this deep personal work so we can find the adult understanding we need, rather than clinging to childlike assumptions and outdated patterns.  Mangano Calcite helps us to have compassion and empathy for all the people involved, while also reminding us that we can also set boundaries, because this is one of the ways we show compassion to ourselves.

Mangano Calcite Physical Healing Properties

Mangano Calcite is recommended for anyone who has suffered trauma and who’s nerve system needs soothing.  It can help us calm down and relax and is particularly good to keep close at night when our mental defenses are usually lower.  It is particularly recommended after nightmares when everything feels frightening.  If the traumatic event has led to PTSD, Mangano Calcite gently advocates for our mental health and encourages us to seek treatment.  If we, or a loved one, is resistant to treatment, Mangano Calcite helps us all stay patient and hold space, until the idea of treatment feels safe.  Mangano Calcite reminds us that the body and mind are linked, and that problems with one can negatively affect the other.  Likewise, bringing healing to the body or mind, positively affects the other.   Mangano Calcite is a sweet talisman for the heart and nervous system.