Meet Julie


Hello! I’m Julie Abouzelof creater of Moonstone Divination and I want to inspire a GREAT LOVE AFFAIR!

To empower you to love and nurture yourself

To honor and trust your own inner wisdom

To be true to your needs and desires

To live freely – joyfully aligned with your Highest Self

To be prosperous and happy in every sense

To be wildly unique and know how fantastically blessed you are

I want you to walk your own path with courage and grace and allow others the same right.  I am not here to tell you what to do or who to be. How could I? You are so radiant, I would not dare to ask you to be other than you are.

I simply seek to unveil LIGHT on your path so you may dance along the way more easily.

I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, to a multi-religious household. My parents taught me to value education in all forms, to take personal responsibility for myself, and that there is no single path that we all must follow. Gifted in the art of friendship, I found numerous “best friends” and “adopted relatives” who, like the princesses in fairy tales, are “each more beautiful than the last”. I have been truly blessed.

In college I studied world history and anthropology, refusing to focus on any single era or culture. My Master’s Thesis was a cross-cultural review of the Queens of the Crusades.  Throughout my academic career, most of my research was about queens and warriors. My private joke was that I always managed to plant sly references to beloved heroes such as King Arthur, William Wallace, and Robin Hood somewhere in each paper (quite the feat in some cases!) I planned on becoming a highly respected university professor and the world expert on Warrior Queens.

I took a few years off to hone my teaching and writing skills, working at every type of educational facility imaginable. I taught my own courses at a community college and life-long-learning institutes, wrote textbooks and SAT questions, and worked for “free lunches, cookies, and mugs” as a Guest Speaker for various organisations. Mostly, I dreamed big dreams for the future.

While I was in graduate school I worked at a wonderful “New Age” gift store filled with crystals. I discovered a talent and passion for making crystal medicine bags, and created hundreds of unique combinations that were highly personalized and potent with power. I often thought, “If I wasn’t a historian, I would probably make my living working with earth magic”. Sweet thing that I was, I didn’t realize how limiting such an “either/or” mentality was! I took note of my desire, but I did not act upon it.

During my 20s, I spent my money on books and plane tickets, and eventually moved first to California and then to Washington. I fell in love and broke my heart and fell in love again. I earned a black belt in Wado-Ryu Karate with sweat and blood, took up dancing and yoga, and found serenity in nature.  My worldview expanded and my understanding of human nature become increasingly acute and compassionate.

One day, I realized that I was no longer satisfied by the old dreams. I reflected on the scholarly adage, “we study what we are” and admitted that all my talk about “warrior queens” was simply a reflection of myself.  I finally dared to say: “what I really want to do is mentor, nurture, and celebrate the powerful ones who live inside each and every one of us.”

I didn’t waste any time. Although I had never given any thought to starting my own business and was famously “technologically un-interested”, I fiercely learned, and continue to learn, everything I could. Moonstone Divination, like myself, is a work in progress and I delight in the work.  My business, both practically and spiritually, is to celebrate individuality.

Any offering presented by Moonstone Divination, whether a private session in Spontaneous Wisdom, a class, a customized crystal collection, or any other product, is completely personalized.  In a world that is increasingly obsessed with conformity and right or wrong, I am a joyful advocate for the unique.

It’s time to be true to ourselves and to love who we are right now

To love and be compassionate towards who we once were

To love and consciously create who we want to be

I strive to live in alignment with my Highest Self and I urge you to do the same.

Welcome to Moonstone Divination! May you find whatever it is you are seeking!



Photo by LoDestar Photography

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