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Moldavite is a rare green tektite found only in the Czech Republic.  Tektites are a type of natural glass that is created when a meteorite strikes the earth.  The sudden heat and pressure of the strike, instantly melts the impact zone and sends molten silica clouds into the air.  As the silica re-hardens, it falls back to the earth as Tektites.  Depending on the original surface, the Tektites will have a different color – Moldavites are a fantastic bottle-green.  Moldavite’s reputation amongst crystals healers was transformed in the late 20th century after being promoted by the healing crystal intuitive Robert Simmons, who calls it a stone of transformation and spiritual awakening.


Moldavite Meaning

Spiritual Healing Properties

Moldavite is a stone of spiritual awakening. It is a call to open our hearts to the power of the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine. Moldavite can help us to hear, with piercing clarity, the voices of our spirit guides, angels, and other high vibration entities including extraterrestrials and beings from other dimensions. Moldavite has a very powerful and distinctive energy field that is relatively easy to feel, making it an excellent tool for anyone exploring crystal energies, whether as a novice or an advanced practitioner.

Metaphysical Properties Moldavite
Chakra All
Element Storm
Numerology 2 and 6
Zodiac All

Emotional Healing Properties

Moldavite gives us the courage and strength to look at our darkest fears and most negative emotions without flinching. We soon discover that our fears are, more often than not, grossly exaggerated and that the Truth is much more beautiful and achingly real and raw than anything we could have previously imagined. Moldavite shines Light into our hearts, urging us to move forward, claim our true power, and live our greatest destiny. Moldavite can help us stay heart-centered in our relationships with people and can be used to join people together for a larger purpose.

Mental Healing Properties

Moldavite is a wonderful stone for anyone seeking inspiration and new mental energy. It can remind us of information previously forgotten and help us to see new connections and possibilities. Moldavite can be very helpful for anyone who is “too sensitive” or easily emotionally overwhelmed because it helps us to process complex spiritual and emotional information through our logical mind. Moldavite helps us to find the words and images we need to describe the ineffable. Moldavite encourages us to release old beliefs and ideas that no longer serve us and instead embrace new thoughts which satisfy our intellect as well as our spirit.

Physical Healing Properties

Moldavite is recommended when we are struggling to pinpoint the root cause of our pain and suffering.  It can help us to look past the more obvious symptoms and find the deeper problem that is responsible for our current situation.  If the physical problem is related to an emotional issue, such as too much stress, or a habitual problem, such as not getting proper nutrition, Moldavite helps us to focus directly on those core issues.  If we try to fixate on the more dramatic symptoms, Moldavite sternly asks us if we want to heal or not? If we want to heal, we have to heal and transform at the root.


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Moldavite Mineralogy

Where does Moldavite come from?

Moldavite is a very special type of Tektite found only in the Czech Republic.

Mining and Treatments

Moldavite is found scattered along the surface of the earth. 99% of all Moldavite was found in Southern Bohemia, with the remaining 1% located in South Moravia. It is estimated that there are only 275 tons of Moldavite in the world. While new pieces are occasionally found, generally speaking the entire lot is already circling around the marketplace.

Much of the Moldavite on the market is initially sold through a black market in the Czech Republic and surrounding countries. This is because Moldavite is scattered across the Czech Republic and fetches a high price. So when someone finds a bit of Moldavite, it is often scooped up immediately. Even if this means mining in the middle of the night on someone else’s property or digging on protected lands. Legal Moldavite mines rarely sell wholesale to new people because supply is so limited and so new inventory is set aside for long-term customers. There is a joke in the industry that most Moldavite is just sold back and forth between different wholesalers.

There is “fake” Moldavite on the marketplace today, often being sold under false pretences. Real Moldavite has a rough texture, while the fake Moldavite tends to be smoother. When compared side-by-side it is typically easy to distinguish between the two. In terms of natural Moldavite, there are two varieties, “museum quality” which is bottle green colored, and “standard quality” Moldavite which is a green-grey color.

Czech Republic Placeholder
Czech Republic

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Mineral Family

Moldavite is not a mineral, but rather a rock. An easy way to understand the difference is that rocks are like cookies and minerals are ingredients like flour or sugar. Many different minerals are used to create a rock! Moldavite is a distinct variety of green Tektite, an igneous stone which can be considered a natural “glass.”

Moldavite’s energy works well with its family – other natural glass minerals.   Try it in combination with Libyan Desert Glass, Obsidian and Tektite.  Or Try it

Moldavite Formation and Crystal Associates

Moldavite is a Tektite, a type of natural glass created by the force of a meteorite striking the earth. When a meteorite hits, it slams into the earth with such force that it creates an impact crater and tosses terrestrial stones high into the air. The enormous heat and pressure caused by the impact causes these terrestrial rocks to melt and be thrown far up into the atmosphere. Upon re-entry, they quickly cool and rain down on the earth as Tektites. After an especially large meteorite strike, Tektites can fall thousands of miles away from the impact creator. In the case of Moldavite, the stones were created after a giant meteorite fell over 14 million years ago in what is today Nördlinger Ries, Czech Republic.

Moldavite’s energy works well with its “friends” – crystal associates formed in the same geological environment.  Try it in combination with Rhodolite Garnet

Mineralogy Moldavite
Rock Type Igneous Rock
Major Minerals Volcanic Glass
Minor Minerals
Color Black, yellow, green
Texture Course-grained
Transparency Transparent to opaque

History of Moldavite

Moldavite is a relatively “new” healing stone whose healing properties have only recently been explored. As such it was not included in any ancient or medieval lapidary, books describing healing stones and their power. Despite this, it has a very fascinating history to explore.

Moldavite is a type of Tektite, a natural glass created by a meteorite strike. Tektites are formed when terrestrial rocks are thrown up into the air after a meteorite strikes the Earth. The force and heat of the meteorite impact is such that it briefly liquidizes everything it touches. The terrestrial material soon returns to a solid shape and becomes a type of natural glass, similar to Obsidian. Despite the fact that meteorites strike the earth fairly regularly, Tektites are only formed during very special, and seldom met, conditions. Moldavite is the only type of Tektite found on the European continent, and is native to the Czech Republic.

The meteorite believed to be responsible for creating Moldavite slammed into the earth approximately 14.5 million years ago. It would have been approximately 1 mile wide and hit the Earth with the force equivalent to 1.8 billion Atomic bombs! Its impact crater can still be seen today at Nördlinger Ries, a large circular depression in western Germany. The crater is approximately 15 miles in diameter, and today houses a suburb complex for the nearby city of Nördlinger. When the meteorite hit, it liquefied the sand-rich terrestrial crust, and cast it into the air, ejecting it up to 280 miles away throughout Bohemia and the Czech Republic. When it fell, it had reformed into the bottle-green and grey-green Tektites.

Nordlinger, Moldavite

Nördlinger Ries

The earliest definitive mention of Moldavite in human history was in a scientific lecture in 1786. The stone was initially called “chrysolites” but 50 years later was renamed Moldavite. The name derived from the town of Moldauthein, in the Czech Republic where the original stones had come from. In 1900, Moldavite was closely studied by F.E. Suess, a geologist attached to the University of Vienna. He noticed that Moldavite’s markings could not have been created by water and closely resembled the characteristics of some types of meteorites. Seuss declared that the gem was most like a special type of meteorite, which he named Tektite. Despite this bold claim, most other geologists considered Moldavite a type of Obsidian, or natural glass. In time, the scientific community would determine both theories had some merit. Moldavite is indeed a type of natural glass. But rather than being caused by the usual terrestrial forces, it was created by the intense heat and pressure of a meteorite strike. Today all natural glasses created by meteorites are called Tektites.  While Moldavite is the most famous, there are numerous other kinds including Libyan Desert Glass, Ivorites, Australites, etc.

While the geological community debated the origin and formation of Moldavite, the anthropological field was also taking note of this special green stone. In 1909 the famed Venus of Willendorf was discovered during an archaeological dig in Austria. The statue was found with several Moldavite amulets. Similar amulets as well as Moldavite arrowheads and other tools have also been discovered elsewhere in the region. Whether these jewels and weapons were purely pedestrian, or whether they were valued for their energy and spiritual links, is impossible to know for sure. However, the ritual use of healing stones can definitely be dated close to the dawn of writing, and likely is much much older. It is therefore reasonable to assume that ancient humans may have recognized certain healing properties in Moldavite and chose to use it for pendants and other crafted items as a result.

Supposedly, Moldavite has been a traditional engagement gift for centuries in the Czech Republic. According to the local lore, it helps bring peace and harmony to relationships and keeps marriages strong. However, most other traditions associated with Moldavite are much more modern.

Moldavite has been suggested as the green stone which either decorated the Holy Grail or was itself the sacred relic sought by the Knights of the Round Table. In the 13th century Arthurian romantic poem, Percival, the Holy Grail was described as “an emerald which fell from the sky.” During this time period virtually all green stones were called “emeralds,” just as all red stones were called “rubies.” Only one green stone is known to have “fallen from the sky” and so Moldavite is sometimes called the “Grail Stone.” A rumored copy of the Holy Grail, cast in gold and set with Moldavites supposedly existed for centuries, before being lost in WWII.

Moldavite is the favorite healing stone of modern-day crystal intuitive Robert Simmons, the author of the popular lapidary The Book of Stones. He credits Moldavite with first awakening him to the spiritual properties of stones. Simmons’ writings have catapulted Moldavite into a global phenomenon, making it one of the most popular and highly sought after healing stones in the world. It is estimated that only 275 tons of Moldavite exist, with the vast majority of that already on the open market. While occasionally new pieces of Moldavite are uncovered in the Czech Republic, that is become increasingly rare as time goes on.

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