Petalite Spiritual Healing Properties

Petalite has an incredibly helpful spiritual vibration. It swiftly connects us with the angelic realms and inspires us to be our Highest Self. It reveals our Dharma (path of spiritual destiny) to our conscious mind and helps us to walk that path with joy and peace in our heart. Petalite also shows us how to release negative karma and to cultivate positive karma for this life and the next. Used during meditation, Petalite helps us to let go of our thoughts and find the elusive “no mind”. It helps us to settle us into a restful mental place, where our ego is released and we are able to access universal consciousness. Petalite can also be used to activate the kundalini, balance our yin/yang energies and to purposefully open up each chakra and meredian. Petalite helps us to keep the peace, clarity and well-being from our meditation practice, and bring those energies into our everyday life. Petalite is also a powerful shaman stone, which can be used to open the inner eye and enhance all forms of psychic powers. During vision quests and astral travel, Petalite protects us and aids us in safely returning after attained new knowledge. Petalite aids us in connecting with spirit guides, particular animal totems. It is also a good manifestation tool, showing us how to bring our loftiest visions into practical reality. When used in a grid, Petalite protects property and guards against accidents. It is attuned to the Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras and linked to the astrological sign of Leo. It is connected to the Element of Wind vibrates to the number 7.

Petalite Emotional Healing Properties

Petalite encourages self-love and self-acceptance. It teaches us how to cultivate deep inner tranquility, which isn’t ruffled by other people or the various minor trials of everyday life. But Petalite is also a very grounded stone that offers steady comfort during times of real emotional trauma and stress. Petalite is especially recommended for anyone who is working on healing abuse/victim patterns. This can be on a purely personal level, or on a larger scale of family and/or ancestral trauma. Petalite helps us to face the truth of the past and the source of the dysfunction without flinching and to see the pathway forward back to peace. It doesn’t diminish the past, but it does encourage us to actively work for a better future. It helps us to forgive and make peace in a way that feels authentic and is healthy. Petalite is helpful for anyone who has been bullied or manipulated and is not sure how to properly stand up for themselves. It helps us to find our footing and to do whatever is necessary for healthy self-care.

Petalite Mental Healing Properties

Petalite has a very unique energy, in that it energizes the body/spirit, while calming the mind/heart. On a practical and very useful level, Petalite can help us to release habitual stress and worries. It shows us that sometimes we are simply doing things or feeling a certain way, not because it is “real” in the present moment, but rather because it is a habit we’ve fall into. Petalite helps us to step out of ourselves, and “witness” our actions, thoughts and feelings. With that kind of detached awareness, it is then easier to decide which of our habits are worth keeping and which ones need to be altered. It shows us how to change our life for the better, in big and small ways. Petalite teaches us how to cultivate a feeling of being centered and focused, rather than easily distracted or mentally-scattered.

Petalite Physical Healing Properties

Petalite is recommended for anyone with an over-active mind who is feeling exhausted or who has a history of anxiety attacks. Petalite helps us to find healthier ways of channeling nervous energy, rather than continuing to do the same things over and over again. Petalite also encourages us to deal with potential problems appropriately and swiftly so they don’t transform into a crisis later on. Petalite is a great talisman for anyone with ADHD. It is also a very sweet talisman for anyone facing a major illness such as AIDS or Cancer. Petalite helps us to stay focused on what we can control and to keep our mind and emotions from running amuck. Petalite is also recommended for yogis and anyone who is trying to become more flexible.