Picasso Marble Spiritual Healing Properties

Picasso Marble is a powerful crystal for the spirit and mind. It challenges us to activate our whole brain, allowing our intuition, imagination, creativity and analytical skills to merrily dance together for our Higher Good. Picasso Marble helps us to clearly visualize our needs and desires and to find ways to actualize them in reality. It is a potent manifestation tool, especially for people who delight in adventures and enjoy thinking outside-of-the-box. Picasso Marble encourages to ask questions and to break rules. But first, it invites us to listen carefully and study the situation deeply. That way when we question and reinvent, we do so confidently, knowledgably and most importantly effectively. Picasso Marble encourages us to continually build up and take things to the next level. It invites us to reimagine all the possibilities. It reminds us that fate is a suggestion, rather than an unshakeable certainty. Picasso Marble helps with dream-recall, lucid-dreaming, trance-states and meditation. It is attuned to the Sacral, Solar Plexus and Third Eyes Chakras and linked to the astrological signs of Cancer and Aquarius. It is connected to the element of Storm and vibrates to the number 6.

Picasso Marble Emotional Healing Properties

Picasso Marble provides us with a very useful type of emotional protection. It helps us to not care what other people think of us and instead to follow our own instincts. Picasso Marble councils us that our character is far more important than our reputation. It helps us to stop playing small when we’d rather play big. But it also teases us that we are not required to play big, if we are actually quite happy and cozy playing small. Picasso Marble releases any attachment to jealousy and resentment. It encourages us to laugh more easily, especially at ourselves. Picasso Marble motivates us to quickly resolve emotional issues or problems in relationships. It sagely reminds us that hiding from our problems only delays more pleasant and peaceful vibrations. Picasso Marble attracts friendships and helps us to find people with similar hobbies and interests whose presence will brighten our lives.

Picasso Marble Mental Healing Properties

Picasso Marble is a phenomenal stone for the mind helping us to explore our full potential. Picasso Marble sparks our creativity and intuition, but equally important, it also sparks our self-control and diligence. It helps us to bring our ideas to fruition, making it a powerful talisman for artists, entrepreneurs, activists and all kinds of dreamers. Picasso Marble likewise brings gifts of serenity. It does this principally by helping us to know what we want to do and then pushing us to jump right into the necessary work. It also helps us to peaceful manage times of change and transition. It reminds us that change is the only way to get to a better world. When a situation feels terrible or wrong, Picasso Marble reminds us that it may be a temporary wrongness that will lead to a long-term goodness. But if our long-term destiny seems dreary, Picasso Marble shakes us awake and reminds us that fate is a suggestion. We are the ones who decide the final response.

Picasso Marble Physical Healing Properties

Picasso Marble is recommended whenever we need to change our relationship with exercise and physical movement. It helps us to honestly examine our beliefs about our bodies and about exercise. Picasso Marble helps us to determine what is true and useful, and what is false and limiting. For example, if we think “there’s no time,” Picasso Marble helps us to shake up our schedule and find time. If we think “exercise is boring,” Picasso Marble encourages us to find ways to play and find more enjoyment. If we think “it won’t work,” Picasso Marble gives us both patience and determination. It is a wonderful talisman to encourage mental and physical flexibility and for cultivating daily practices around health and fitness.