Pietersite Spiritual Healing Properties

Pietersite gives us the power and intensity of spirit needed to handle chaos and transformation. It connects us to the greatest vibrations in the universe, allowing us to harness that potent energy and use it like a true champion. Pietersite reminds us that we are spiritual beings on an earthly journey and so is everyone we encounter. It celebrates the brotherhood of all humanity and reminds us that heaven can be here on earth, and that all things are possible where there is love and respect. Pietersite removes the illusion of separateness and helps us dismantle the mental blocks that keep us from moving forward. It helps us find our center and discard false beliefs and negative conditioning. Pietersite helps us to actualize our faith, rather than blinding following dogma. It invites us to deeply understanding and live the full glory of our principles, with compassion and intelligence. Pietersite sings of new beginnings and the chance to start again. It is an excellent talisman when deep, systematic change is needed. It invites us to act as is needed without hesitation and to speak out about the most important subjects of our time. It is also useful for focusing vision questions and deepening spiritual practices like meditation and yoga. Pietersite is attuned to the Solar Plexus and Third Eye Chakras and linked to the astrological signs of Leo. It is connected to the element of Storm and vibrates to the number 9.

Pietersite Emotional Healing Properties

Pietersite helps us to process negative experiences properly so that they don’t become traumas trapped in our subconscious. It shines a light on suppressed feelings and helps us to break up inner conflicts. It releases us from false beliefs, wrong conclusions and promises that don’t serve the higher good. Pietersite gives us tough love and practical insights. It inspires self-confidence, courage, tenacity and emotional awareness. Pietersite insists that we treat ourselves and others with more kindness and dignity. As we transition through different stages of life, Pietersite helps us to find the beauty in each season of life and not to mourn the past or fear the future. Pietersite wants to help us change our life for the better. It gives us a sense of fearlessness and hopefulness that moves us past indecision and into positive action.

Pietersite Mental Healing Properties

Pietersite softens us when we are being stubborn or just plain ornery. It helps us to be more open and to thoroughly process new information and impressions. Pietersite gives us clear vision to see what’s on the horizon and to correctly read the writing on the wall. It helps us to make smart plans to better support ourselves and other people. Pietersite helps us to recognize truth when it is spoken and not be confused by lies or propaganda. It encourages us to question authority figures and the rules they impose, to ensure that they serve the higher good. Pietersite activates the imagination and drives us into action. It helps us to calculate probabilities and to understand the difference between causation, correlation and coincidence. It is an excellent tool for students, researchers, and activists.

Pietersite Physical Healing Properties

Pietersite is used by metaphysical healers to treat mysterious illnesses that baffle other doctors. It is said to help reveal the root cause of the illness and the most effective treatment. It is said to be especially good for illness affecting the respiratory tract and those characterized by deep exhaustion. Pietersite is said to stimulated the pineal gland, pituitary glands and the brain in general. Pietersite has a soothing and very pleasant energy to be around when we are exhausted after giving a great deal of ourselves to any important cause.