Pink Chalcedony Spiritual Healing Properties

Pink Chalcedony brings out all our own best qualities and helps us to see, and bring out, the good qualities in others.  It has a very warmhearted energy that makes us feel safe in the present and trust that the future will be alright too.  During times when things feel bleak, it reminds us that all nights come to an end and that there are far more good people in the world than bad ones.  Pink Chalcedony helps us to become a part of the brotherhood of humanity, and to know that we have an important part to play in bringing better balance and more goodness into the world.  Pink Chalcedony protects us so that negativity cannot overwhelm us.  It encourages us to listen more closely and to hear the words/fears that are not always said out-loud.  Even though it can be hard to do, Pink Chalcedony encourages us to be willing to see the pain that others are experiencing and rather than recoiling in fear or disgust, allowing compassion and empathy to grow within us.  Pink Chalcedony helps us to recognize the root cause behind negative emotions and events and to deal directly with the root, rather than getting distracted by all the offshoots.  It also helps us to examine our own “stories” and find out whether they are true and good.  If they aren’t true and good, then Pink Chalcedony helps us to shift our thoughts/actions until our stories are authentic and comforting.  Pink Chalcedony encourages us to be generous and benevolent on all levels, emotionally, physically and financially.  Pink Chalcedony is attuned to the Heart Chakra and linked to the astrological signs of Cancer and Sagittarius.  It is connected to the Element of Wind and vibrates to the number 9.

Pink Chalcedony Emotional Healing Properties

Pink Chalcedony encourages us to be more kind and compassionate – to ourselves, to our loved ones and to strangers everywhere.  It helps us to care more about other peoples’ well-being, without being fearful that their well-being must come at a cost to ourselves.  Pink Chalcedony teaches us very simply that, “everyone should be taken care of”.  Pink Chalcedony helps us keep things simple and to not allow fear to needlessly over-complicate things.  Pink Chalcedony reduces anxiety and helps us to have more faith in ourselves and others.  It also helps us to make good decisions on a practical level so that we don’t just “hope” for a better future, we do our part to make it a certainty.  For people who have a tendency to worry themselves sick (either metaphorically or literally), Pink Chalcedony is very soothing especially in regards to sadness, fear, irritation and hostility. It calms us down, reminding us that we are safe and that we can effectively deal with whatever is bothering us.  Pink Chalcedony helps us to create and maintain inner peace and health.

Pink Chalcedony Mental Healing Properties

Pink Chalcedony inspires a childlike wonder of the world and the belief that miracles are possible and heroes will always win in the end.  It encourages us to be open to new ideas and experiences and to climb out of mental ruts.  Pink Chalcedony teases us that we are never too old to learn or to make a positive difference in the world.  Pink Chalcedony inspires creativity and curiosity, while also reducing perfectionism.  It helps us to recognize when something is “good enough” and to be proud of our accomplishments along each part of the journey, from beginner to master. Pink Chalcedony is an excellent talisman for historians, storytellers, therapists and writers.  It is also good for anyone who is involved with community building or service.

Pink Chalcedony Physical Healing Properties

Pink Chalcedony is recommended for nursing mothers to help nurture and bond with an infant.  It has a very warm and snuggling energy that helps both mother and baby feel safe and happy.  If a mama is struggling to breastfeed, Pink Chalcedony strongly reminds us that as long as we feed and love the child that’s all that matters.  Breast or bottle, both of them get the job done!  Pink  Chalcedony can also be supportive for new mothers adjusting to a new identity, especially if labor & delivery or the early months/years haven’t gone according to plan.  Pink Chalcedony sooths and comforts us.  It tells us that its okay to be sad if something didn’t work out the way we hoped.  It then gently helps us to shift into acceptance and delight in what is good.  Pink Chalcedony also makes an excellent talisman for breast health and heart health for both men and women.