Pink Healing Stones

pink healing stoneColors are perceived on a very deep level which goes far beyond the simple mechanics of seeing. Colors are not simply constructs of mere physics, but are also capable of making us feel emotions. Color theorists and marketing executives have long known that some colors energize, while others radiate a sense of serenity. The colors we surround ourselves with can dramatically affect our thoughts, choices, and general mood. When selecting healing crystals the color itself should be consciously and carefully considered in addition to all the other aspects of the stone.

Pink healing stones evoke love and the sweetness of life. They wrap us in their energy and promise that all will be well. They tell us that we are beautiful beyond compare. The color pink is very caring and soft, and represents unconditional love and compassion. Pink minerals have a wonderful energy that encourages us to give and receive love in equal measures. They also help us to recognize that not only is loving others a wonderful act, but truly loving ourselves is an absolutely amazing and necessary thing. They offer gifts of healing and understanding, as well as unity and connection with others. Pink healing crystals attract romantic love and inspire a greater love for the wide world and all the beings upon it.

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