Pipestone Spiritual Healing Properties

Pipestone is a sacred rock intimately connected to the energy of peace. It should not be used lightly for games or by casual seekers who simply want to skim the surface of spiritual energy. This is a stone which asks us to reflect deeply, speak carefully and act wisely. If we can sit with reverence, displaying humility and respect, Pipestone will guide us out of chaos and into serenity. In olden days, it was often used to bring peace between groups of equals. More recently, it has been used to broker peace between groups with very different degrees of power and privilege. Pipestone teaches us that peace is not a surrender nor is it a victory. Real peace requires respect and acknowledgment of what has happened and its ripple affects. Pipestone reminds us that all life is sacred. It asks us to see all people as real living beings, complex and unique, rather than diminishing other people into simplistic stereotypes. We are similarly reminded that animals and plants possess the same vitality as humans and need to be acknowledged as our brothers and sisters. Pipestone evokes the Great Spirit and the Great Mystery which unifies us all as one kin, one family. Pipestone is attuned to the Root, Sacral and Heart Chakras and linked to the astrological sign of Sagittarius. It is connected to the element of Wind and vibrates to the numbers 2 and 3.

Pipestone Emotional Healing Properties

Pipestone invites us to make peace with those who have injured us. In some cases, this may mean to forgive and reconcile. At other times, it may mean to forgive but keep a healthy distance. In the most serious of cases, it may mean to make peace within our own heart and to give no further energy to the one who has injured us. Pipestone wisely councils us to release any poisonous anger and resentment that has built up in our heart because of past offenses. It shows us how those vengeful energies paralyses our present and future, compounding the original harm. However, Pipestone will not sanctify a false forgiveness, one that is forced because we think we have to or we should. If a injury is unforgiveable to us, Pipestone will not ask us to tolerate a forced peace made in resentment. Instead, it asks us to think deeply about what would realistically allow us to live in balance and joy. If we don’t know how to make peace, Pipestone can help us to set our intense emotions aside and approach the topic logically and pragmatically.

Pipestone Mental Healing Properties

Pipestone helps us to see through the emotions that cloud our thoughts and make it difficult to find peace. It guides us to think logically and fairly about what happened in the past, how it is affecting the present, and what kind of outcome we wish for the future. Pipestone has a wise and old-soul energy, that can help us see the big picture rather than being consumed by the passions of a small moment. It helps us to get to the root and heart of any conflict and whenever possible to find win-win solutions.

Pipestone Physical Healing Properties

Pipestone is a highly spiritual stone that can be used to enhance healing prayers and rituals. It is particularly useful if healing smoke or healing herbs are being used, either for smudging or inhaling. If interested in historical or modern Native American healing traditions, it is highly recommended that we read as much as possible and preferably learn directly from the tribe whose rituals we are modeling. If using Pipestone intuitively, it is strongly recommended that we first engage in deep prayer and reflection, rather than moving in haste. It reminds us that “intuition” does not necessarily mean unconscious thinking, it can also mean carefully feeling our way through the patterns until we arrive at a place that we know is real and holy.