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Prehnite Epidote is a lovely healing crystal which combines black Epidote needles with green Prehnite crystals. If the Prehnite is opaque the two minerals appear next to one another, but if the Prehnite is transparent, the Epidote needles can be seen growing inside and through the Prehnite. It can be found in any Prehnite deposit, but the most of the lovely gems come from artisanal miners in western Mali.  Energetically it combines the sweet cleansing and forgiving energy of Prehnite with the grounding and empowering energy of Epidote.  Together they invite us to transform into the highest version of ourselves.

Prehnite Epidote

Prehnite Epidote Meaning

Spiritual Healing Properties

Prehnite Epidote sings with a very high energy for transformation and creation.  It raises our vibration so that we are happier, more peaceful, and feel truly empowered.  It helps us to walk, talk, think and feel like our Highest Self and to let go of anything that holds us back from enjoying life right now.  It ignites within us a fire of passion and integrity, which helps us to pursue our dreams and make good things happen.  It amplifies our manifestation powers, especially when we are consciously manifesting something that serves the Highest Good.  Prehnite Epidote teaches us how to live in a way that is healthy and delightful.  It helps us to be more open to spiritual guidance, particularly messages specifically meant to heal us or enrich our lives.  It is among the very best stones for developing and deepening meditation practices.

Metaphysical Properties Prehnite Epidote
Chakra All
Element Earth and Water
Numerology 2 and 5
Zodiac Gemini and Libra

Emotional Healing Properties

Prehnite Epidote aligns us with the immense power of unconditional love.  It gently clears away “heavy” emotions such as grief, anger, and exhaustion.  It carries us towards peaceful thoughts and deep relaxation.  Prehnite Epidote helps us to stop taking things so personally and to keep a sense of proportion during stressful times.  It encourages us to be forgiving and to let go of grudges.  It also invites us to question our emotional beliefs and habits and be willing to make changes as needed. Prehnite Epidote strongly encourages us to resist the impulse to indulge in self-pity or victimization.  Prehnite Epidote reminds us that suffering is an inevitable part of life, but it doesn’t have to be the energy that we personally choose to carry with us.  Prehnite Epidote helps us to re-write the stories that we tell about ourselves and about the world we live in.  It helps us create and believe in kinder and more honest stories.  Prehnite Epidote has a hopeful and grounding energy which helps us to accept others as they are and to have confidence in ourselves.

Mental Healing Properties

Prehnite Epidote is a wonderful tool to help us be more mindful.  It encourages us to stay in the present moment for the majority of the day and to resist the impulse to engage in negative imaginings, such as ruminating on the past or visualizing a disastrous future.  Prehnite Epidote encourages us to accept that reality is what it is.  It reminds us that our imagination is a powerful tool and so we need to use it wisely.  It empowers us to make important decisions and to take action.  Prehnite Epidote teaches us to be open-minded and dream into wonderful and realistic futures.  It reminds us that “impossible” things happen everyday.  It’s not always magic and luck, it’s more often the result of actively doing the hard work and persevering despite setbacks.  Prehnite Epidote shows us that we can be the change we wish to see in the world.  All we have to do is, is decide what that change is and then get to work making it happen.  Success is not a single destination, but rather a journey with countless milestones along the way.

Physical Healing Properties

Prehnite Epidote is most often used by metaphysical healers to assist in weight loss and to encourage healthy physical habits.  It can reveal the emotional beliefs and patterns which are behind our current physical habits.  Prehnite helps us to find the root cause for these beliefs, while Epidote helps us to make positive and long-lasting changes.  Together they are believe to help stimulate the metabolism, calm the sympathetic nervous system, and help our physical bodies grow strong and healthy.  Prehnite Epidote is particularly good for healers and other people who “know better” and yet still have trouble following their own good advice.  It helps us to get out of our own way and do what needs to be done.

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Prehnite Epidote Mineralogy

Where does Prehnite Epidote come from?

Prehnite Epidote is occasionally found wherever Prehnite is mined.  However, most of the transparent Prehnite with Epidote needles sold on the market comes from artisanal mines in western Mali that specialize in these two stones and their combination.

Mining and Treatments

Combination stones can be found in every mine, usually in the primary deposit.  The miners are trying to get the most pure minerals out, with the rest ending up in slag piles.  Occasionally miners have noticed two minerals have mixed together in an attractive way.  These combination stones give miners another way to make money and reduce waste.

Combination stones are fully natural, but will very rarely be listed in any geology book.  Generally speaking whichever mineral is the largest or the most valuable is considered to be the dominate mineral, while the smaller or cheaper mineral is considered a secondary associate.  One of the few exceptions to this rule is Ruby Zoisite which is often by name.

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The Environmental & Social Impact of Crystals

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Mineral Family

Prehnite Epidote is not a mineral, but rather a rock. An easy way to understand the difference is that rocks are like cookies and minerals are ingredients such as flour or sugar. Many different minerals are used to create a rock! In this case, there are two minerals, greenish-black Epidote is encased in transparent green Prehnite.

Prehnite Epidote’s energy works well with its family – other combination stones.  Try it in combination with Moonstone Tourmaline, Ruby FuchsiteRuby IoliteRuby KyaniteRuby Zoisite, Sunset Sodalite, and Sunstone Iolite

Prehnite Epidote Formation and Crystal Associates

Combination stones like these are typically formed in igneous rocks when two associate minerals are growing at the same time in a close proximity, eventually fusing together.

Prehnite Epidote’s energy works well with its “friends” – crystal associates formed in the same geological environment.  Try it in combination with Green Apatite, Grossular Garnet, Vesuvianite

Mineralogy Prehnite Epidote
Rock Type Metamorphic
Major Minerals Prehnite, Epidote
Color Green and black
Texture Vitreous
Transparency Transparent to Opaque

History of Prehnite Epidote

Minerals always grow with other minerals, sometimes they form distinct shapes while at other times the fuse together into an opaque rock.  In the late 20th century, some of the stones that were fused together began to be polished and sold on the market.  First came the combination stones with simple names like Ruby Zoisite.  Then came the combination stones with more flashy marketing names like Atlantistite.  Prehnite Epidote, also called Prehnite with Epidote, has a simple name and has been known to mineral collectors since the late 20th century.  It has only become popular with the metaphysical crowd in the 21st century.

There is bitter tension between scientifically-mined mineralogists and the marketers of the metaphysical industry.  Scientists tend to be exasperated by names like “Atlantisite” preferring to call it “Stichtite in Serpentine.”  But, marketers recognize the psychological value of creating a more interesting name.  The real problem occurs when a marketing name is trademarked and then used to inflate the price of the stone.  This typically happens at the lapidary or wholesaler level, rather than at the mine itself.  Usually there is a great deal of fuss about how “rare” and “powerful” this healing crystal is, despite the fact that it might just be a pretty rock with an interesting energy.

The most positive aspect of combination stones is that they gives miners another market so that there is less waste.  It rarely makes economic sense to mine for a combination stone.  But if a mine only focuses on pure minerals and doesn’t have a use for combination stones, then they are heaped up in dump piles.  If a market can be found, then the mining is more efficient and can potentially be viewed as more ethical.  It’s similar to eating “nose to tail,” using the entire animal, rather than just the parts that are palatable to a western diet.

In the case of Prehnite Epidote, the combination stone is an important source of income for the Kayes Region of Mali.  This is a very low-income area, the economy mainly substance farmers.  Artisanal mining for semi-precious stones helps the local economy.   On a national level, Mali’s economy depends largely on gold mining, and the country is also rich in diamonds.  These precious gems exasperate economic inequalities and can have a very negative impact on the environment.  The diamond mining is mostly artisanal, while the gold mining is controlled by various international mining conglomerates.  In the area where Prehnite Epidote is mined, there is no known gold or diamond fields.  It is an remote and rural area, which has few visitors.  The only known photos of the mining date back to 2005, when it was visited by Rock Currier (1940-2015), a legendary mineral collector and world traveler.

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