Mineral Family: Dolerite, Igneous Rock
Major Elements/Minerals: Augite, Calcium, Feldspar
Minor Minerals/Rocks: Chalk, Snow Quartz

Color:  Green and black, molted white
Gravity: 3-3.05
Hardness: 7
Luminescence: Unknown
Texture: Course-grained
Transparency: Opaque

Where is Presli Bluestone found?

The only deposit of Preseli Bluestone is Preseli Hills in Western Wales.

What is Preseli Bluestone?

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Preseli Bluestone is not a single mineral, but rather a rock. As an easy way to understand the difference, think of rocks as being like cookies and minerals as being the ingredients which make up those cookies. Many different minerals are used to create a rock! In the case of Preseli Bluestone, the rock is a rare variety of Dolerate (more commonly called Diabase in North America). The main chemical element is Calcium and the major minerals are Feldspar (green) and Augite (black). Many stones are also flecked with white chalk or Snow Quartz.

How is Preseli Bluestone formed?

Preseli Bluestone is a metamorphosed Dolerite, created by low grade regional metamorphism. The original Dolerite rock was of igneous origin and formed at medium to shallow depths within the Earth’s crust.

How is Preseli Bluestone mined?

The original Preseli Bluestone came from Carn Meyne, a rocky outcropping in the Preseli Hills of Western Wells. Today, Carn Meyne is protected from both commercial mining and amateur rockhounds, so it is illegal to remove any stones from Carn Meyne or the immediate surrounding area. Some of the Preseli on the market comes from private sources of stones that were taken from the mountain before any laws were put in place. Recently, a small business near Preseli Hills has secured exclusive rights for quarrying. The stones do not come from Carn Meyne, but rather a nearby location and are geologically identical.

Preseli Bluestone enhancements

Green Dolerite from other locations have on occasion been sold as “Presli Bluestone”. True Preseli Bluestone comes from Wales and will contain white spots, although depending on the size of the stone, spots may or may not be present! Always buy from a reputable seller. Preseli Bluestone are fully natural, and not enhanced in any way besides cutting, tumbling and polishing.