Preseli Bluestone Spiritual Healing Properties

Preseli Bluestone sings of magic and mystery. It is linked to the Old Ways, the ancient religions which have been lost to the mists of times. Preseli Bluestone opens the doorways of space and time, giving us rare insights into the past and future and showing us the way forward in our present. It anchors the body during spiritual work and amplifies the power of rituals. Preseli Bluestone is a particularly good crystal ally for druids, shamans, mystics and other Light-workers who are deeply in tune with the natural world. It stimulates psychic and intuitive powers, and can help us to find the right words to describe soul sensations and inner knowings, which may be difficult to communicate clearly. Preseli Bluestone also can help us to find our way again, when we are spiritually/emotionally adrift. It can help us to remember the past, but to live firmly in the present and looking forward to the future. Preseli Bluestone is attuned to the Root, Third Eye and Crown Chakras and linked to the astrological sign of Aries. It is connected to the element of Storm and vibrates to the number 3.

Preseli Bluestone Emotional Healing Properties

Preseli Bluestone provides a deep earth connection that helps us to feel emotionally grounded and safe. It celebrates true friendships, and helps us to maintain our relationships with those soul friends who make our hearts happy. Preseli Bluestone enhances self-confidence and helps us to trust our own rhythms, resting when necessary and going into action when the time is right. It can also help us to listen more carefully, understanding not only what people say, but what they mean. It also helps us to accurately assess whether or not people are speaking truthfully. Presli Bluestone demands that we act honorably and speak the truth without fear. It ignites our courage and invites us to step into our personal power.

Preseli Bluestone Mental Healing Properties

Preseli Bluestone gives us focus and stability, helping us to cut through emotional distractions and see right to the heart of what is real and true. It encourages us to explore our roots, ancestors, and culture. Preseli Bloodstone is an excellent stone for teachers/mentors and students, celebrating that special connection and encouraging wisdom to flow freely. It shines a light on our path, helping us to know what to do next and which direction to go in our life. Preseli Bluestone encourages us to go after our loftiest dreams, but to be smart and clearheaded about it, rather than foolhardy and impulsive. It reminds us always to THINK! To use our head and not going running off without it!

Preseli Bluestone Physical Healing Properties

Preseli Bluestone is recommended for energetic healers conducting rituals involving sound healing, laying-on-of-stones and/or healing circles. It helps healers to concentrate the healing energy, adding depth and resonance to the ritual. Preseli is also a wonderful talisman for elders suffering from the various inconveniences and discomforts associated with old age. It offers comfort and support during moments of pain, but also encourages acceptance and self-love for the current stage of life. Preseli helps us to grow old beautifully, enjoying our gray hair and wrinkles as proof of a long life, well lived.