Aragonite, Yellow


Feel safe and act with wise compassion

Communicate clearly and thoughtfully

Grow steadily into your Highest Self

Clear your energy fields and have patience  

Let Yellow Aragonite provide gentle centering!

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Healing Properties of Yellow Aragonite

Spiritual: Yellow Aragonite clears and activates the auric field, chakras, and meridians. It has a warm, grounding energy that helps us quickly settled down and feel centered and balanced.  Yellow Aragonite is a wonderful tool for moving forward on your spiritual path.  It helps us to feel safe enough that we can hear and incorporate new spiritual insights.  It gently releases spiritual blocks that have kept us from reaching our full potential.  When used in prayer or meditation, it helps us to feel confident in who we are and in the energy we are bringing to our spiritual practices.  Yellow Aragonite reminds us that we are more than just acceptable, we are in fact very beautiful in the eyes of the Divine. Yellow Aragonite is attuned to the Root and Solar Plexus Chakras and linked to the astrological sign of Capricorn. It is connected to the elements of Earth and Fire and vibrates to the number 9.

Emotional: Yellow Aragonite is a powerful crystal ally for anyone actively engaged in their personal work. If there are parts of us that need healing, Yellow Aragonite offers us calmness, safety, and a chance to gain clarity.  It has a very compassionate energy, that teaches us how to make peace with the past and move forward without fear.  If there are parts of us that need to grow, Yellow Aragonite gives us patience and encouragement.  It reminds us that true growth rarely happens quickly, it’s a gradual process and gentle unfolding.  Yellow Aragonite asks us to give ourselves the gift of time and to grow steadily.  It whispers to us, “there’s no need to rush, everything is on schedule”.  Yellow Aragonite sings sweetly of love and compassion.  It asks us to treat ourselves and others more kindly and to stay heart-centered in all of our actions. 

Mental: Yellow Aragonite has a confident and capable energy, that reminds us that we have many strengths and gifts to offer the world.  It helps us to be disciplined and practical, but also creative and flexible.  Yellow Aragonite inspires a self-confidence that is solid enough to be humble and doesn’t require bragging or exaggeration.  It helps us to know ourselves truly and to feel good about who we are.  It releases perfectionism and replaces it with a far more positive and realistic standard.  Yellow Aragonite helps us to communicate clearly and succinctly, especially during times of high stress when we might be tempted to say things we don’t really mean.  Yellow Aragonite keeps our mind clear and our responses thoughtful.

Physical: Yellow Aragonite is used by metaphysical healers to help make the phyiscal body more comfortable during times of illness or distress.  A hot elixir of Yellow Aragonite is thought to be especially good for warming the extremities and combating chills. Yellow Aragonite is good for treating general aches and pains, particularly ones that feel “deep” in the body. It has been used by metaphysical healers to help heal broken bones as well as regenerate bone tissues.

Always use wisdom when considering crystal therapies for healing.

Mineralogy of Aragonite

Yellow Aragonite, Mexico

Mineral Family: Carbonites

Chemical Composition: Ca[CO3]
Cleavage: Distinct
Color: Yellow; can also be white, brown, gray, red, green, and blue
Crystal System: Orthorhombic
Form/Habit: Prismatic, acicular
Fracture: Subchonchoidal, brittle
Gravity: 2.94
Hardness: 3.5-4
Luminescence: Yellowish-white (long wave) / Blueish-white (short wave)
Luster: Vitreous
Streak: White
Transparency: Transparent to opaque

Location: Deposits of fine Aragonite crystals are found in the Czech Republic and Mexico. Additional deposits are located in Austria, Bahamas, England, Greece, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Japan, Morocco, Namibia, Peru, Pakistan, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Turkey, and the United States (Colorado, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota).

aragonite mine locations

Mineral Family: Aragonite is a Carbonate mineral. Carbonates are an important part of the Earth’s crust and are found in sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks. Carbonates are minerals which contain the carbonate group CO3 as their basic structural unit. They form in a trigonal system with one carbon atom centrally located between 3 oxygen atoms. While there are over 70 types of Carbonate minerals, the most common are Dolomite, Siderite, and Calcite. Aragonite is a relatively rare stone which is chemically identical to Calcite. It can be colorless, white, gray, brown, yellow, red, green, or blue.

Formation: Aragonite is chemically identical to Calcite, but is formed under different geological conditions. It is found in the oxidized zone of ore deposits, in caves as stalactites, near hot springs, and in mineral veins. It is also produced in mollusks and Corals by biological processes that have yet to be fully understood.

Mining: Aragonite is the principal mineral mined in multiple locations. Among other uses, it is used to make cement and soil neutralizers, and to help maintain the pH balance in salt-water aquariums.

Enhancements: All Aragonite is fully natural, enhanced only by tumbling, cutting, and polishing.

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Photos: Aragonite

History of Aragonite

Castle at Molina de Aragón

Aragonite was “discovered” relatively recently by the metaphysical community and so it was not included in any early lapidaries, texts that describe gemstones and their powers.

Aragonite was named by German geologist Abraham Gottlob Wernerin 1797, after the small town of Molina de Aragón, in Guadalajara, Spain where it was first noted.   Werner was one of the first scientists to recognize the chronological succession of sedimentary rocks, namely that newer rocks will be on top of older rocks.  Werner suffered from poor health for most of his life and rarely traveled.  But he was an avid mineral and crystal collector and a famous geology lecturer, so unusual specimens were sometimes sent to him.  In addition to Aragonite, Werner also described and named Zoisite.

Photos: Castle

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Safe Handling of Aragonite

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