Moonstone, Black (Madagascar)


Dark Wisdom

Evoke the Dark Goddess and explore the Sacred Mysteries.

Face your Shadow Sides fearlessly and compassionately. 

Be patient and allow events to unfold in their own time.

Honor your own strength and ability to be vulnerable. 

Let Black Moonstone ignite your own Divine Power!

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Healing Properties of Black Moonstone

Spiritual: Black Moonstone evokes the Goddess and the energy of the Dark Moon, a time for personal reflection, spiritual mystery, and deep psychic power. Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings, and the black ones invite us to explore our shadow side and the darker aspects of our life and psyche. Black Moonstone encourages us to sit with ourselves in non-judgement and accept “what is,” whether that be in the past or present, while simultaneously showing us the way forward, out of Darkness and into the Light. Black Moonstone is a warrior stone, with a deeply compassionate energy that suffers no fools and charges us to face the world honestly and fearlessly. Anyone who works with Black Moonstone will be asked to confront the Truth and be changed forever. Black Moonstone activates the Kundalini Serpent, teaches emotional balance, awakens intuition, and empowers spells. Black Moonstone is attuned to the Root, Sacral, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras and linked to the astrological signs of  Cancer, Libra, Scorpio. It is connected to the element of Wind; and vibrates to the Number 4.

Emotional: Black Moonstone can help us to sort through our emotions and deeply ingrained beliefs and understand them better. It helps us to step back from intense situations and look at them critically and without emotional judgement. It can also be used to analyze our habits to see whether or not they truly serve us. Black Moonstone invites us to think before we act, and to take time to process and examine new information, before jumping to conclusions. It teaches us the value of patience, and that proper timing is one of the keys to success. If we realize we are in a toxic relationship, Black Moonstone reminds us that healthy relationships require respect and trust.  Love is another topic entirely.  Love can exist in healthy and in dysfunctional relationships, so love is not the issue.  If there is no trust or respect, that is a serious issue that requires a serious response.  If we need to walk away from people we love, Black Moonstone helps us to do so with as much grace and dignity as we are capable of.  It reminds us that we can’t fix every situation or every person, and that sometimes the only thing we can do is take good care of ourselves.

Mental: Black Moonstone is a stone of wild inspiration and intuitive knowing. It encourages us to trust that everything is working out according to a higher Divine plan. Yet, it also empowers us to take charge of our own lives and to be responsible for creating a life we can be proud of. Black Moonstone invites us to look more closely at our own thoughts and how they affect the world around us, and then to choose thoughts which bless our lives with joy and peace. Black Moonstone helps to calm overreactions and helps us to logically and intuitively explore emotional triggers and other erratic energies. If we are confused because of our own reactions or because of other people’s strange behavior, Black Moonstone invites us to stay curious and to keep asking questions and seeking answers that make sense.  It reminds us that rushing to “get over it” before we understand, may be code for “bury it quickly” because the truth is painful and change can be hard.  Black Moonstone reminds us that healing often takes considerable time and conscious effort.  Black Moonstone gives us courage to seek the truth, so that we can heal what can be healed, and be gentle with what is broken.

Physical: Black Moonstone offers support when we have to face harsh realities, particularly around fertility.  If we are anxious because of infertility or impotence, Black Moonstone helps us calmly sit with that discomfort and respond to it in the healthiest manner possible.  It is especially good at night, when our defenses may be lower and we are more prone to dwelling and negatively judging.  Black Moonstone is a phenomenal pregnancy stone.  It helps women tolerate all the countless uncomfortable and un-glamorous aspects of pregnancy, with good humor and patience.  If a woman is scared of labor and delivery, Black Moonstone acknowledges and calms those fears, rather than making light of them.  Black Moonstone is highly recommended for any woman experiencing post-partum depression.  It reminds us that these feelings are common and treatable, and it doesn’t mean the woman is a bad mother.  Black Moonstone reminds us that life, human bodies and human emotions are messy and weird things, but it’s okay.  Everything is going to be okay.    

Always use wisdom when considering crystal therapies for healing.

Mineralogy of Black Moonstone

black moonstone
Raw Black Moonstone

Mineral Family: Feldspar

Chemical Composition: Various
Cleavage: Perfect
Color: Black, creamy bands
Crystal System: Monoclinic
Form/Habit: Short prismatic
Fracture: Conchoidal to uneven, brittle
Gravity: 2.6
Hardness: 6-6.5
luminescence: None
Luster: Vitreous
Streak: White
Transparency: Tranparent-Opaque

Location: Moonstone comes in a variety of shades, with important deposits found in Brazil, India, Madagascar, Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, and the United States. The only known source for Black Moonstone is Madagascar.

Mineral Family: Moonstone is a term used to describe a variety of Feldspar minerals, all of which belong to the Silicate Family. Silicate minerals form the largest family of minerals, including more than 25% of all known minerals and 40% of all common minerals. In addition to being a major part of the Earth’s crust, Silicate minerals have also been found on the moon and in meteorites. Silicates are minerals which contain the elements Silicon (a light gray shiny metal) and Oxygen (a colorless gas). Together, these two elements form a tetrahedron – a shape similar to a pyramid – with a Silicon atom in the center and Oxygen atoms at each of the four corners. These tetrahedra connect with other chemical structures, in six different ways, to form various minerals and rocks. There are six main groups of Silicate minerals, and these main groups are further subdivided into secondary subdivisions, such as Quartz and Feldspar. Moonstone is the commercial name used for several types of Feldspar which show a silvery iridescence when cut properly. Most Moonstones are technically Anothroclase, but they can also be Orthoclase, Sanidine, Albite, Oligoclase, or Adularia. These stones are closely related to several other shimmering Feldspar minerals such as blue-green Amazonite, orange Sunstone, and multi-colored Labradorite. The vast majority of Moonstones are white or cream colored, but they can also be peach or black. Each color is marked by a soft iridescent shimmer. Moonstone rainbow


Formation: Moonstone can be formed through igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic processes. Its most famous feature is an iridescence which is usually white or silvery, but can also be blue or a even a full rainbow.  This shimmer is called the “schiller effect” and is caused by tiny layers of various Feldspar minerals (most notably Albite) which are laid down during the crystallization process.

Mining: Typically mined from primary deposits which still have their original relationship with the host rock. Many Moonstone mines are small operations, little more than small shafts dug out by hand.

Enhancements: All Black Moonstones on the market are natural, enhanced only tumbling, cutting, and polishing.

Map courtesy of TravelBlog
Photos: Rough Black MoonstoneRainbow Moonstone

History of Black Moonstone

Dark goddessMoonstone has been a prized gemstone for centuries. Unlike most healing stones, Moonstone isn’t a single mineral or a rock, but rather the title given to a variety of Feldspars that show a shimmering iridescence. Most Moonstones are white or cream colored, but they can also be peach or black.

Moonstone has been closely associated with the moon and goddess energies since antiquity. Black Moonstone is a relatively recent addition to the Moonstone pantheon and is associated with the “Dark Moon,” as opposed to the Full Moon, and the Dark Goddess, queen of Witches and the Sacred Mysteries.  

For more information see: White Moonstone

Photos: Dark Goddess

Ethically Sourced Black Moonstone



The Miners sell directly to the Lapidary.

The Lapidary sells directly to Moonrise Crystals.

Moonrise Crystals sells directly to you.






The Supply Chain

The Supply Chain is short and clean.

The Mine and Lapidary are located in the same country.



The Mine

This Black Moonstone was artisanally mined in Madagascar.

The exact deposit is unknown, but most likely caused only minor environmental damage,

and would have been relatively low risk for miners.

Learn More: Ethical Mining



The Lapidary

This Black Moonstone was polished in Antananarivo, Madagascar.

The Lapidary is owned by a woman and is a family business.

Factory workers have safe conditions and are paid fairly.

The Lapidary is also the direct-importer & sells exclusively at large gem shows.

Learn More: Ethical Lapidary


Sourcing Relationship

I first met the owner of the lapidary at the 2006 Gem and Mineral show in Tucson, Arizona. At that time I was working for a crystal shop in Utah and was at Tucson primarily as a “pack mule” to help carry all the stones. It was generally agreed by our crew that the “Madagascar” tent contained the most beautiful stones in the entire show.

In 2014, I embarked on my first buying trip for Moonrise Crystals.  The company I knew of only as “Madagascar” was the one company I was most determined to find and buy from. This lapidary company only sells at a handful of major gem shows.  The only time they are in the USA is for the Tucson Gem Show. During the rest of the year, the lapidary hand polishes their stock and also does charity work in their local community.  They continue to offer some of the most beautiful tumbled stones in the industry and are among my favorite suppliers.

In 2019, Moonrise Crystals and the Madagascar lapidary company joined together to financially support a rural school in Madagascar.

Safe Handling of Black Moonstone

Black Moonstone

What You’ll Receive: A 100% natural Black Moonstone

Selection Process: The stone I select for you will be carefully chosen for its beauty and appeal.  If combined with other stones, I always take time to choose stones that look and feel good together.

Origin: Madagascar

Polishing Method: Polished by hand, one stone at a time. Each stone is unique and minor variations are what makes them beautiful.


  • Color: Black-gray with white and/or tan lines and a silvery shimmer
  • Polish: Shiny and completely smooth
  • Quality: AAA
  • Shape: Round
  • Size: Average size is 1 in / 25mm
  • Transparency: Opaque, occasional translucency
  • Weight: 0.9 oz / 25 g / 127 carats

Shipping: Next business day – Domestic First Class averages 3-7 days.  International First Class averages 2-3 weeks.


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