Chalcedony, Blue


Sweet Serenity

Delight in your creativity and mental dexterity.

Be lighthearted, peaceful, and filled with hope.

Communicate better and be a good listener.

Nurture yourself and find true inner harmony.

Let Blue Chalcedony inspire new confidence!

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Healing Properties of Blue Chalcedony

Spiritual: Blue Chalcedony is a wonderful communication stone for prayer, channeling, and spiritual writing, helping us to both hear accurately and to communicate our own thoughts clearly. It provides centering and a reminder of who we truly are, from our highest spiritual vibration, through our emotional and mental bodies, and down to our basic animal self. Blue Chalcedony teaches us that all of these parts of us are good and worthy of attention and respect. Blue Chalcedony repairs the energy fields in the aura and along the meridians, sealing any holes caused by trauma or neglect. Blue Chalcedony is attuned to the Throat and Third Eye Chakras and linked to the astrological signs of Cancer, Sagittarius. It is connected to the element of Water and vibrates to the number 9.

Emotional: Blue Chalcedony has a calm, cool, and lighthearted energy that is very soothing to the emotional body. It enhances our self-awareness and encourages us to be more responsible, without becoming overly serious. Blue Chalcedony reduces the power of both anger and fear. It gently dissolves anxiety, particularly that which is related to public speaking, performing, or emotionally charged conversations. It helps us to carefully consider our words and their effect, while being optimistic that we will be clearly heard and understood. Blue Chalcedony is an excellent stone for working with our Inner Child, especially if that part of us has felt misunderstood or dismissed for far too long. It encourages us to be more friendly and open, and to enjoy the company of all beings; human, animal, plant, and mineral!

Mental: Blue Chalcedony improves memory and mental dexterity. It can be used to help us learn foreign languages, understand complex ideas, and be more diplomatic in our own speaking. Blue Chalcedony inspires creativity, particularly for writers, and calls in the muse for guidance when creating abstract works of art. It encourages us to be more open to new ideas, including ideas in highly-charged topics like politics, religion and sex. Blue Chalcedony helps us to truly listen and to be willing to integrate new information into our existing framework, or even to shift into an entirely new paradigm if necessary. Such mental shifts are done gently so that we are not emotionally or mentally overwhelmed.

Physical: Blue Chalcedony is used by metaphysical healers for healing anything related to the throat and respiratory tract. It is believed to be especially good for vocal strain, due to singing/shouting as well as damage caused by smoking. It is believed to reduce extreme weather sensitivity, as well as pressure in the eyes and ears. Blue Chalcedony is also said to encourage lactation in new mothers and reduce weight retention, making it an excellent postpartum crystal.

Always use wisdom when considering crystal therapies for healing.

Mineralogy of Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony
Rough Blue Chalcedony, Otjoruharui Farm 251, Otjozondjupa Region, Namibia

Mineral Family: Tectosilicate

Chemical Composition: SiO2
Cleavage: None
Color: Blue
Crystal System: Hexagonal/triagonal
Form/Habit: Microcrystalline
Fracture: Rough, brittle
Gravity: 2.6-2.64
Hardness: 6.5-7
Luminescence: Greenish-white (long wave) / Green (short wave)
Luster: Vitreous
Streak: White
Transparency: Opaque
Streak: White

Location: Blue Chalcedony deposits have been found in Brazil, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Morocco, Mynamar, Namibia, United States (California, Nevada, and Oregon), and

Mineral Family: Blue Chalcedony is a Silicate mineral. Silicate minerals form the largest family of minerals, including more than 25% of all known minerals and 40% of all common minerals. In addition to being a major part of the Earth’s crust, Silicate minerals have also been found on the moon and in meteorites. Silicates are minerals which contain the elements Silicon (a light gray shiny metal) and Oxygen (a colorless gas). Together, these two elements form a tetrahedron – a shape similar to a pyramid – with a Silicon atom in the center and Oxygen atoms at each of the four corners. These tetrahedra connect with other chemical structures, in six different ways, to form various minerals and rocks. There are six main groups of Silicate minerals, and these main groups are further subdivided into secondary subdivisions, such as Quartz and Feldspar. Quartz is a large mineral family in its own right, and has two main subdivisions, macrocrystalline (crystals that are large enough to be seen by the naked eye, for example, Amethyst) and microcrystalline (crystals so small they can only be seen through a microscope, for example, Agate). All microcrystalline Quartz falls under the subcategory of Chalcedony, which is then further subdivided. Some of the minerals in this category are called Chacledony, some are called Agates, with others have unique names like Carnelian or Onyx. There are no natural blue Agates, so any authentic microcrystalline Quartz would be called Blue Chalcedony.

Formation: Blue Chalcedony is created when liquid magma from a volcanic explosion cools down and transforms into igneous rock. During this cooling down period, silica acid bubbles shift from being a gas/liquid into a solid compound. The bubble becomes a hollow space in the igneous rock and the silica acid becomes Quartz crystals. Chalcedony is formed when thin sheets of Quartz are layered with other minerals, creating a wide variety of colors and patterns. Trace particles of various impurities, including Iron, Nickel, Copper and/or Titanium gives Blue Chalcedony its coloring.

Mining: Typically mined from primary deposits which still have their original relationship with the host rock.

Enhancements: All Blue Chalcedony may be considered fully natural, enhanced only by cutting, tumbling, and polishing. The specific shade of blue can often be used to identify the deposit. Light blue Chalcedony is often mined in the United States (California and Nevada) while the almost lavender-hued Chalcedony, sometimes called Holly Blue Agate, comes from Oregon. Bright true blue Chalcedony most commonly comes from Namibia.

Synonyms: Holly Blue Agate, Ellensburg Blue, Mohave, Mt. Airy Blues, African Blue

Map courtesy of TravelBlog
Photos: Rough Blue Chalcedony

History of Blue Chalcedony

Today, Chalcedony is a large mineral family that includes all of the Agates and Jaspers, as well as many other unique stones. However, in antiquity, the name Chalcedony referred to a specific translucent mineral whose color ranged from milky-white to pale blue. It was included in many early lapidaries, texts that describe gemstones and their powers. The bright Blue Chalcedonies found in southern Africa and the western United States, by contrast, were not documented until relatively recently.

The name Chalcedony is believed to come from the ancient seaport of Chacedon, which today is a district in modern Istanbul, Turkey.  he earliest reference to Chalcedony dates back to the Byzantine Era and states, “The stone Chalcedony is bored in iron: he who wears it conquers.”A poem written around the same time described the stone as one which, “shines with a faint paleness. It comes between the hyacinth and the beryl. Anyone who carry it will, it is said, be successful in lawsuits.”From the medieval period onward, lapidaries linked Chalcedony to the weather and stated that it could offer protection from storms, both natural ones and those found in the heat of battle.

mt airy
Mount Airy Blue Agate

Medical texts prescribed Chalcedony to strengthen the eyes and treat eye diseases, to increase lactation in new mothers, as well as a cure for depression. It was specifically suggested that Chalcedony be worn as a bead and strung on donkey’s hair for best results, regardless of what specific protection, healing or good luck, was desired from the stone!

Natural blue stones are relatively rare, and in the case of Blue Chalcedony each deposit has its own distinctive shade. As a result, many of the deposits have distinct names associated with them, such as Ellensburg Blue (found near Ellensburg, Washington USA), Holly Blue Agate (found near Holly, Oregon) and Mount Airy Blue Agate (found near Mount Airy, Nevada).

Photos: Mount Airy Blue Agate

1. Damigeron, Tran by Patricia P. Tahil, De Virtutibus Lapidum: The Virtues of Stones. (Seattle: Ars Obscura, 1989) p.48
2. Aberdeen University Library Translation and Transcription, Bestiary, The Aberdeen Manuscript. (1995)

Ethically Sourced Blue Chalcedony


The Miners sell directly to the Lapidary.

The Lapidary sells directly to Moonrise Crystals.

Moonrise Crystals sells directly to you.






The Supply Chain

The Supply Chain is clean and short

The Mine and the Lapidary are located in different countries, but there are no middlemen involved.



The Mine

This Blue Chalcedony was artisanally-mined on Ysterputs Farm, Namibia. 

The mine causes only minor environmental damage and has safe conditions for workers.

Learn More: Ethical Mining



The Lapidary

This Blue Chalcedony was polished in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Lapidary is a family-owned business, founded by father and passed on to his sons.

Factory workers have safe conditions and are paid fairly.

The Lapidary is also the direct-importer & sells primarily at large gem shows.

Learn More: Ethical Lapidary


Sourcing Relationship

I have been doing business with this source since 2014.  They are the oldest tumbling company in the world and have more varieties, in more sizes, than any other known source.  The company started in California in the 1950s and was eventually bought by a British immigrant who had young sons.  Eventually the company moved to South Africa in order to be closer to the source of their best-selling stone and to have the legal rights to export it.  The company is now run by the sons and their childhood best friend.

The current owners visit many small and industrial-size mines personally.  For artisanal-mined deposits in sub-Sahara Africa, the owners work with Gem Dealers who deal directly with the part-time miners.  The majority of these Gem Dealers are women.  Some, but not all, of their stones are labeled with country-of-origin.  For those that aren’t, I ask the owners directly.  As I’ve learned more about mining practices in individual countries, I have become increasingly selective about what I will purchase from them.  However, they remain my preferred source for most of the stones I sell from sub-Sahara Africa.

Safe Handling of Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony

What You’ll Receive: A 100% natural Blue Chalcedony

Selection Process: The stone I select for you will be carefully chosen for its beauty and appeal.  If combined with other stones, I always take time to choose stones that look and feel good together.

Origin: Namibia

Polishing Method: Drum polished. Each stone is unique and minor variations are what makes them beautiful.


  • Color: Blue, may have white or light brown inclusions
  • Polish: Shiny and smooth
  • Quality: AA
  • Shape: Irregular tumbled shapes
  • Size: Average size is 1 in / 25 mm
  • Transparency: Translucent to Opaque
  • Weight: Average weight is 0.3 oz / 8.5 g / 42 carats

Shipping: Next business day – Domestic First Class averages 3-7 days.  International First Class averages 2-3 weeks.


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