Dragon’s Blood Jasper

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Dragon’s Blood Jasper


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Healthy Balance

Be mature and live with a steady integrity. Act swiftly and correctly for the Highest Good. Stay in balance and keep a good perspective. Have healthy habits and be capable of change. Let Dragon's Blood Jasper bring you real power!

Dragon's Blood Jasper Healing Properties


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Rated 0 out of 5

Bit smaller than I expected. I didn’t check measurements, but the beauty of this Dragon Blood Jasper is breathtaking. Gorgeous red and green swirls. Arrived earlier than anticipated with a tea bag gift. Very soothing and delicious. Drinking it now as I type up this review. lol

Jacquelyn C. (Texas)

PolishShiny & Smooth
QualityAA (quality chart)
ShapeRounded & Flat
ColorGreen, Multi-Colored
Average Size1 in / 2.5 cm (size chart)
Average Weight0.2 oz / 7 g / 35 carats


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Dragon's Blood Jasper
Energy Vibrations

Dragon’s Blood Jasper is a wonderful stone to work with when we are trying to understand and change our relationships with other people. It is especially useful when working through parent and adult-children dynamics.





Ethically Sourced

Dragon's Blood Jasper from Australia

This Dragon’s Blood Jasper comes from a small mine in Western Australia. The exact mine is unknown, but most likely uses small machinery. Small-scale Jasper mining in Australia has a low environmental impact and is safe for miners.

This Latino-American company is based in El Paso, Texas.  It specializes in mining and polishing Mexican and South American stones.

I was delighted to discover this supplier at the 2023 Denver Gem Show when a few large rocks of Peacock Ore caught my eye.   I had been looking for a direct supplier of Peacock Ore for awhile, but had only been able to find third party wholesalers.  This supplier both mines and polishes stones, in this case they mine the Chalcopyrite in Mexico and treat it with a chemical bath to transform it into Peacock Ore.  They didn’t have any Peacock Ore in the size I needed in Denver, but we agreed to meet up again at the Hawaii show a few months later.

Dragon's Blood Jasper Healing, Mineralogy, and History

Published March 2021  •  Updated February 2024  •  Read Time: 8 minutes
Dragon’s Blood Jasper is a rare healing crystal found only in Western Australia.  It is a striking combination of green Fuchsite with Red Jasper.  It is often confused with Dragonstone, a similarly-looking stone from South Africa, but the two healing stones are actually quite different.  Dragon’s Blood Jasper combines practicality with courage, a rare energy that encourages us to “walk our talk” and solve our problems.  Its energy inspires us to grow up, take responsibility and do what needs to be done.  If we need to make a big change, it helps us to quickly accept that need and put what we’ve learned into action. […]

Tumbled Dragon's Blood Jasper

What You’ll Receive: 1 Stone - 100% natural Dragon's Blood Jasper

Selection Process: The stone I select for you will be carefully chosen for its beauty and appeal. If combined with other stones, I always take time to choose stones that look and feel good together.

Polishing Method: Drum polished, sliced and then drum polished again. Each stone is unique and minor variations are what makes them beautiful.

Taking Care of Your Healing Crystals

  • Crystals Sturdy For Pocket

    This stone is sturdy enough to be carried daily.

  • Crystals Keep In Shade

    Keep it in the shade to protect its colour.

  • Crystals Safe In Elixir

    This stone is safe to use in direct-infusion elixirs.

8 reviews for Dragon’s Blood Jasper

  1. Jacquelyn C. (Texas)

    Bit smaller than I expected. I didn’t check measurements, but the beauty of this Dragon Blood Jasper is breathtaking. Gorgeous red and green swirls. Arrived earlier than anticipated with a tea bag gift. Very soothing and delicious. Drinking it now as I type up this review. lol

  2. Billie S. (Colorado)

    I’m just loving all the new items – really love the grounded yet actionable feel of the dragon’s blood jasper. I had a piece already but the one I got from you is a stronger energetic presence.

  3. Valentine S (Nebraska)

    I met my new crystals today and Wowza!!! I love all three. I’m happy I got the jasper too. I’m glad I get to experience your crystals. Thanks for your loving work.

  4. Joni H (California)

    The Dragon’s Stone Jasper is perfect!! Thank you so much! I appreciate your effort.

  5. Joni H. (California)

    LOVE my Dragon’s Blood Jasper! Julie went out of her way to honor my request, which I truly appreciate. Mahalo!

  6. Susan S. (Michigan) (verified owner)

    VERY FAST SHIPPING! Very nice palm stone. Great color. Thank you!

  7. Jennifer S. (Colorado) (verified owner)

    I’m so happy to receive the Dragon’s Blood Jasper! I’ve been aware of it’s existence for a while, but have not been sure how to properly source it due to its similarity to Dragonstone. It’s amazing that two stones with a very different makeup can look so similar. It’s wonderful yo have a seller whose sourcing can be trusted! Thank you!

  8. Monica N (Iowa) (verified owner)

    Just gave them to her and she cried! Thank you for making it special

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