Agate, Fire

 Spiritual Protection

Awaken to your own Hero’s Journey and be brave.

Allow joyful passions to lead you to Enlightenment.

Have the vitality and energy to be your Best Self.

Release fear and the negative influences of others.

Let Fire Agate inspire you to find a greater existence!



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Healing Properties of Fire Agate

Spiritual: Fire Agate is at once grounding and inspiring, making it an incredible tool for spiritual awakening. It is the stone of the Hero’s Journey, giving us the courage to follow our spiritual path, even into the Dark places we fear, and to emerge triumphantly again into the Light. Fire Agate helps us feel safe and can be used to repel psychic and emotional vampires. Fire Agate is attuned to the Root, Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras and linked to the astrological signs of Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius. It is connected to the elements of Fire; and vibrates to the Number 7 and 9.

Emotional: Fire Agate has a passionate and joyful energy that is also fiercely protective. It is a stone that inspires great courage within us and urges us to follow our bliss and leave behind the humdrum of routine. Anyone preparing for a big change would do well to work with Fire Agate’s energy. Fire Agate helps us to feel energetically protected. This feeling makes it easier to build a strong and healthy emotional foundation that can whether the storms of life. Its energy is also a wonderful aphrodisiac, helping us to attract new lovers and incite passion in existing relationships. 

Mental: Fire Agate helps us to think for ourselves and not allow the opinions of others to negatively influence us. Fire Agate encourages us to follow our dreams and to believe that we can achieve even the loftiest of goals. It is also a highly creative stone making it useful for all types of artists, particularly those who need to regularly produce or perform. Fire Agate gives us the mental stamina to stay the course and do what needs to be done. Fire Agate can also help us to navigate the tricky terrain of a negative work environment. It shows us how to keep negative coworkers from bothering us so that we can stay productive and peaceful. 

Physical: Metaphysical healers call Fire Agate a stone of “eternal youth” and use it to bring vitality to the entire body. It is said to increase digestion and to assist with sexual dysfunctions. It is also used for treating the central nervous system. Like other Agates, it is commonly used to help treat eye disorders.

Always use wisdom when considering crystal therapies for healing.

Mineralogy of Fire Agate

Rough Fire Agate, Aguascalientes, Mexico

Rough Fire Agate, Aguascalientes, Mexico

Mineral Family: Tectosilicate

Chemical Composition: SiO2
Cleavage: None
Color: White, brownish red and orange, with iridescent “fire”
Crystal System: Trigonal
Form/Habit System: Cryptocrystalline
Fracture: Uneven
Gravity: 2.6-2.64
Hardness: 6.5-7
Luminescence: Green (long wave) / Yellowish-white (short wave), may vary with bands
Luster: Vitreous
Streak: White
Transparency: Translucent, opaque

Location: The most important Fire Agate deposits are in northern Mexico and the southwestern United States. Additional deposits have been found in Brazil, Czech Republic, India, Iceland, and Morocco.


Mineral Family: Fire Agate is a rare type of Agate and a Silicate mineral. Agate is a tiny twig on a far off branch of the crystal tree. Silicate minerals form the largest family of minerals, including more than 25% of all known minerals and 40% of all common minerals. In addition to being a major part of the Earth’s crust, Silicate minerals have also been found on the moon and in meteorites. Silicates are minerals which contain the elements Silicon (a light gray shiny metal) and Oxygen (a colorless gas). Together, these two elements form a tetrahedron – a shape similar to a pyramid – with a Silicon atom in the center and Oxygen atoms at each of the four corners. These tetrahedra connect with other chemical structures, in six different ways, to form various minerals and rocks. There are six main groups of Silicate minerals, and these main groups are further subdivided into secondary subdivisions, such as Quartz and Feldspar. Quartz is a large mineral family in its own right, and has two main subdivisions, macrocrystalline (crystals that are large enough to be seen by the naked eye, for example, Amethyst) and microcrystalline (crystals so small they can only be seen through a microscope, for example, Agate). All microcrystalline Quartz fall under the subcategory of Chalcedony, which is then further subdivided. One of these categories is Agate. Fire Agate is a rare kind of colorless Agate which contains iridescent spheroids of limonite (iron) which creates its beautiful rainbow of colors ranging from brownish-red and orange to blue and green. This iridescent coloring is created by the Schiller effect, caused by alternating silica and iron layers which diffract and pass light back and forth to create the “fire.”

Formation: Fire Agate is created when liquid magma from a volcanic explosion cools down and transforms into igneous rocks. During this cooling down period, silica acid bubbles shift from being a gas/liquid into a solid compound. The bubble becomes a hollow space in the igneous rock and the silica acid becomes Quartz crystals. Agates are formed when thin sheets of Quartz are layered with other minerals, creating a wide variety of colors and patterns.  

Mining: Agates are the primary product of numerous mines worldwide, and are typically mined from primary deposits that still have their original relationship with the host rock. Agates are usually ball or almond-shaped nodules ranging in size from a fraction of an inch to several yards in diameter. If the Agate fills the entire hollow space left by the gas bubble, it is called an Agate Almond. If a hollow remains in the center, it is called an Agate Geode.

Fire Agate Mine

Opal Hill Mine, USA is a wonderful source for gem-quality Fire Agates

Enhancements:  Lab created Agates are rare, while dyed Agates are extremely common. Fire Agates are natural, enhanced by tumbling, cutting, and polishing. Heat treatment is also common for this stone and brings out a more vivid coloring. Heat treated Fire Agate is called  Burnt Fire Agate.

Natural Fire Agate

Natural Fire Agate

 Burnt Fire Agate

Burnt Fire Agate

Map courtesy of TravelBlog
Photos: Rough Fire Agate, Opal Hill Mine

History of Fire Agate

Fire Agate was not specifically included as a distinct mineral in any early lapidaries, texts which describe gemstones and their powers. 

Archaeological evidence amply shows that Agates have been treasured since the very earliest times. Agates have been found in many Stone Age graves and appear to have been kept either for their beauty or perhaps for their energetic power. Early lapidaries, dating as far back as 3000 BCE, referenced seals, rings, beads, and other ornaments that were carved out of Agate. The Sumerians were the first to describe the power of stones and state that wearing Agate gave a person special favor with the gods.

Agate’s modern name was first used by the Greek writer Theophrastus (372-287 BCE) who suggested that all Agates came from a Sicilian River then called the Achates River, and today known as the Dirillo River. (Agates are still found along this river today.) In the 1st century, Pliny the Elder (23-79 CE) repeated Theophrastus’ claim and further stated that looking at Agate rested the eyes and that sucking on a piece of Agate could quench thirst. As a result of these beliefs, Agate was still being prescribed by druggists for treating eye conditions as recently as the early 20th century.

CampfireVarious modern lapidaries have suggested that Fire Agate was used in alchemy traditions and to worship fire deities, but this cannot be considered historically accurate. Alchemy was a medieval European chemical science and speculative philosophy that sought a method to turn base metals into gold. Fire Agate is found almost exclusively in Mexico and the American Southwest, neither of which has a comparable alchemy tradition or any native religions that worshiped fire deities. That being said, its understandable how anyone seeing the brilliant colors of Fire Agate could find themselves inspired to evoke fire energies and the power of transformation in their own life!



Photos: The Clymb

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Safe Handling of Fire Agate

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