Ganesha Diamonds


Feel balanced and in harmony with all that is.

Remove any obstacles that stand in your way. 

Succeed in academics and business pursuits.

Be healed, empowered and filled with vitality. 

Let Ganesha Diamonds inspire Nirvana!

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Healing Properties of Ganesha Diamond

Spiritual: Ganesha Diamond amplifies the power and energy of all other crystals, making it an incredible tool for crystal healing.  Ganesha Diamond helps us to accurately see into the heart of all matters and align ourselves with our Highest Selves and the Highest Good.  It can be used to communicate with the Divine – in all forms, whether believed to be one god or divided into multiple.  It quiets the mind during prayer, meditation and other spiritual rituals and amplifies our own spiritual gifts.  Ganesha Diamonds are connected to the Hindu elephant-god Ganesha, known as the “remover of obstacles”.  This makes them a particularly good crystal ally for releasing the bonds that hold us back in our life and helping us move forward into bright and more beautiful future.  Ganesha Diamond gleefully invites us to become Enlightened and a shining Light for others.  It strengthens the power of the mantra/chant OM (the primal sound of the universe giving birth to itself, a celebration of All That Is.)  Ganesha Diamond is attuned to all chakras, but is especially good for Root Chakra, and all astrological signs.  It is connected to the element Storm and vibrates to the number 4.

Emotional: Ganesha Diamond brings us into alignment and harmony by filtering out any negative emotions and beliefs that do not serve us. When used with intention, it can also be a tool to strengthen emotions and beliefs that bless our lives. Ganesha Diamond can help us to clearly see where growth is needed and what we need to do to create the happiest and healthiest life possible. In particular, it can help us to let go of “victim mentality” and realize we are responsible for accepting or denying our Personal Power.  Ganesha Diamond helps us to rise up, go farther, and embrace our true self.  What sets apart Ganesha Diamond from other forms of Himalayan Quartz or regular Clear Quartz is its connection to Ganesha, a very friendly, helpful and compassionate god.  When we feel timid and unsure of our own abilities or worthiness, Ganesha is happy to be our friend and ally.  He helps us find the right words/actions and intercedes our our behalf with fate so that we have good luck.

Mental: Ganesha Diamond is a stone of wisdom, learning and self-knowledge.  Ganesha is a god of education and letters, and so these Diamonds encourage us to be life-long learners, with an especial love of reading and writing.  They are mentally revitalizing, encourage problem solving and memory recall.  Ganesha Diamonds are excellent for for anyone engaged in doing their “personal work”, trying to understand and improve themselves. They are also fantastic for anyone who is a writer or a weaver-of-words who wants to be more effective and elegant in their language.  Ganesha Diamond help us to move past self-limiting mental beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world at large. It can help us remain neutral when faced with emotionally-charged situations, allowing us to easily understand and resolve problems.

Physical: Ganesha Diamond is used by metaphysical healers to amplify the power of other healing stones.  It is also believed to reduce fevers and alleviate pain and swelling. It has been used to warm the body, especially after being exposed to extreme physical cold or emotional trauma.   It is also believed to strengthen physical senses, particular smell.

Always use wisdom when considering crystal therapies for healing.

Mineralogy of Ganesha Diamonds


Himalayan Quartz, Taplejung District, Nepal

Mineral Family: Tectosilicate

Chemical Composition: SiO2
Cleavage: None
Color: Colorless
Crystal System: Hexagonal/trigonal
Gravity:  2.7
Form/Habit: Prismatic 
Fracture: Conchoidal
Hardness: 7
Luminescence: None
Luster: Vitreous
Streak: White
Transparency: Translucent to opaque

Location: While Quartz is found all over the world, Ganesha Diamonds are a form of Himalayan Quartz found only in the Ganesha Mine in Northern India.  

Mineral Family: Ganesha Diamonds are a colorless variety of Quartz mined in the Himalayas.  All varieties of Quartz are Silicate minerals, the largest family of minerals, including more than 25% of all known minerals and 40% of all common minerals. In addition to being a major part of the Earth’s crust, Silicate minerals have also been found on the moon and in meteorites. Silicates are minerals which contain the elements Silicon (a light gray shiny metal) and Oxygen (a colorless gas). Together, these two elements form a tetrahedra – a shape similar to a pyramid – with a Silicon atom in the center and Oxygen atoms at each of the three corners. These tetrahedras connect with other chemical structures, in six different ways, to form various minerals and rocks. There are six main groups of Silicate minerals, and these main groups are further subdivided into secondary subdivisions, such as Quartz and Feldspar.  Quartz is a large mineral family in its own right and its members come in every shade of the rainbow. Purple Quartz is Amethyst. Yellow Quartz is Citrine. Green Quartz is Prasiolite. Brown Quartz is Smoky Quartz. Pink Quartz is, of course, Rose Quartz. Colorless Quartz is called Clear Quartz or Rock Crystal.

Formation: Clear Quartz is created when liquid magma from a volcanic explosion cools down and transforms into igneous rocks. During this cooling down period, silica acid bubbles shift from being a gas/liquid into a solid compound. The bubble becomes a hollow space in the igneous rock and the silica acid becomes Quartz crystals. If no trace elements are present to change its color, the silica acid becomes Clear Quartz.

Mining: In a few locations, most notably Arkansas, Clear Quartz is found in a large enough deposit to justify commercial mining. More often, Clear Quartz is mined as a secondary mineral. For example, many Gold mines also extract a sizable amount of Quartz.  Most of the Himalayan Quartz on the market is mined near the border between Nepal and Tibet/China.  They are mined by hand at heights between 10,000 and 15,000 feet above sea level, and carried by humans and pack animals down the mountains to bring them to market.  The Ganesha Mine is located on the border between India and Nepal.   


Himalayas, Nepal

Enhancements: The most desirable Himalayan Clear Quartz is as transparent as glass without inclusions. All Clear Quartz on the market is natural, enhanced only by tumbling, cutting, and polishing. Ganesha Diamonds have been cut and polished into a double-terminated diamond shape.

Synonyms: Himalayan Rock Crystal, Nirvana Quartz

Map courtesy of TravelBlog
Photos: Rough Himalayan QuartzHimalayas

History of Ganesha Diamonds


Ganehsa Diamonds are a form of Himalayan Quartz, which is among oldest and highest Quartz deposits in the world, found at over 10,000 feet above sea level nestled among the earth’s tallest mountains.  As such, they are highly desired by the metaphysical community who detect a singularly high vibration distinct from those minerals found at lower levels.  While the more generic form of Clear Quartz is included in most ancient, medieval and modern lapidaries, few specifically distinguish Himalayan Quartz from other Clear Quartz deposits.  Among locals, Himalayan Quartz is sometimes called “the Eyes of God” and is said to give gifts of clear intuitive sight to anyone who holds one.  Himalayan Quartz is believed to hold within them all the knowledge and wisdom of the yogis, saints and other gurus.  Ganesha Diamonds are specifically linked to the Hindu elephant god Ganesha.

Ganesha Diamonds are mined only in the Ganesha Mine of northern India.  They are shaped to form little Diamonds and are extremely clear.  The owners of the mine are devote Hindus, and named their mine “Ganesha Mine” in honor of the god of prosperity and good luck. Ganesha is one of the most endearing of all gods, worshiped by all sects of Hinduism and beloved by millions of others who aren’t Hindu.  He is a friendly god, known as the “remover of obstacles” and someone who we can ask to plead for us when we need the help of another deity, who is perhaps more aloof.  Ganesha is a god for wisdom, learning, and the arts. He is also a god of new beginnings and successful ventures.

For more information see: Clear Quartz


Photos: Ganesha

Ethically Sourced Ganesha Diamond


The Miners sell directly to the Lapidary.

The Lapidary sells directly to Moonrise Crystals. 

Moonrise Crystals sells directly to you.







The Supply Chain

The Supply Chain is short.

The Mine and Lapidary are located in the same country.



The Mine

This Ganesha Diamond is Clear Quartz from the small-scale Ganesha Mine in northern India. 

The mine uses only hand tools and caused only minor environmental damage.

The quartz was hand-carried by sherpas and mules over the rugged mountains.

Learn More: Ethical Mining


The Lapidary


This Ganesha Diamond was polished by a family-owned lapidary in Surat, northern India.

The Lapidary is also the direct-importer & sells primarily at large gem shows.

Learn More: Ethical Lapidary


Sourcing Relationship

The son of the owner contacted me via email and said we should do business together.  I asked him if he would be at the Tucson Gem show and agreed to visit their tent in 2017.  Most of their stock is crystal balls and so wasn’t applicable for my business.  But they did have a few tumbled stones that no other source was carrying.  They purchase directly from the mines.  The son will be inherited the business one day and hopes to modernize it.

Safe Handling of Ganesha Diamond

Sold Out

I have been in touch with my source several time trying to get this back in stock.

They say it will happen (eventually).



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