Apatite, Green


Happy Abundance

Celebrate and live in the present moment.

Manifest prosperity and live your dreams.

Create healthy emotional and physical habits.

Heal your heart and fully release old pain.

Let Green Apatite inspire a bountiful life!

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Healing Properties of Green Apatite

Spiritual:  Green Apatite is a merry stone that promotes extroversion and a desire to be of service to others.  It is a stone for happy inspiration and powerful manifestation.  It gives us strength and hope to pursue our dreams, even when times are difficult and the path forward seems daunting.  Green Apatite helps us to laugh more and repels any darkness that tries to linger around us.  It heals and expands our aura.  It brings health and vibrancy to our spiritual life.  Green Apatite is an incredible stone for creating abundance on all levels, including helping us break any karmic ties that hold us back.  Green Apatite loudly promises us that we can live rich and exciting lives, right here and now.  It is attuned to the Heart, Throat, Third Eye Chakra and links to the astrological sign of Gemini.  It is connected to the Elements of Water and Earth, and vibrates to the number 9.

Emotional:  Green Apatite is one of the best stones to carry to encourage a vibrant life and an active social calendar.  It helps reverse feelings of apathy, irritability, and emotional exhaustion.  It gives us joyful permission to pursue our many passions without guilt or shame.  Green Apatite encourages us to examine our emotional and social habits and to make positive changes so that we can enjoy life more.  It also encourages creativity, variety and spontaneity.  Green Apatite is particularly useful for helping us with feelings of being “unworthy” of love and attention.  It reminds us to invest in healthy relationships where we can get our needs met.  It also helps us to feel comfortable spending money on self-care and fun activities.

Mental:  Green Apatite inspires happy thoughts and helps us stop dwelling on past hardships.  It encourages us to live in the present moment and use our mental energy to plan a wonderful future.  When we are thriving, Green Apatite helps us stay there.  When we are struggling, Green Apatite helps us to honestly examine our thoughts and unconscious beliefs about money and abundance.  It helps us recognize our current habits and create reasonable goals.  Green Apatite refuses to let us play the victim and teaches us that we have power.  At the same time, Green Apatite reminds us that our government and society is playing its own financial game that can negatively affect us, even if we personally do everything “right”.  When we follow the rules and still lose, Green Apatite helps us to not take it personally or give into despair.  Apatite offers us hope for a better future and a willingness to work hard and be part of the solution.  It encourages generosity of spirit and makes a wonderful talisman for anyone involved in social work or public service.

Physical: Green Apatite’s hopeful energy makes it an ideal choice for anyone who needs to keep their spirits up while recovering from a major illness or injury.  It helps us to celebrate each tiny victory in our healing journey and to be patient if healing takes longer than we might like.  Green Apatite is a wonderful talisman for problems with the physical heart, including heart disease and heart-attacks.  It is especially good if chronic stress and unhealthy habits have contributed to the problem.  Green Apatite encourages us to look at our lifestyle and the underlying beliefs which motivate us and determine where changes can be made.  Green Apatite is an encouraging ally, who invites us to laugh more often and to not take everything so seriously.  But it also reminds us that healing and a happy life are our responsibility, so get to work and make it happen!

Always use wisdom when considering crystal therapies for healing.

Mineralogy of Apatite

Green Apatite, Gharah Bagh Mica Mine, Iran

Mineral Family: Phosphates

Chemical Composition:  Ca5(F,CI, OH)[PO4]3
Cleavage:  Indistinct
Color:  Often blue; can also be colorless, pink, yellow, green, violet
Crystal System:  Hexagonal or monoclinic
Form/Habit:  Short to long prismatic, tabular
Fracture:  Conchoidal, brittle
Gravity:  3.16-3.23
Hardness:  5 – Apatite is the Moh’s scale ‘defining mineral’ for 5
Luminescence:  Red, strong (short wave)
Luster:  Vitreous
Streak:  White to yellow-grey 
Transparency:  Transparent to opaque

Location:  Apatite deposits are located in Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Mexico, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Norway, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, and the United States (most notably Maine, but also California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, and Utah).

Mineral Family:  The name Apatite actually refers to a group of minerals, all of which belong to the phosphate family.  Phosphate minerals all contain Phosphorus and Oxygen in a 1:4 ratio (written as PO4), which are then combined with various other elements to create unique minerals.  Other famous phosphate minerals include Lazulite, Turquoise and Variscite.  The name Apatite is commonly used for several types of minerals which come in a wide range of colors, and as such Apatite may be considered the most common of all Phosphate minerals.  Apatite is actually composed of the same materials that form animal and human bones and teeth.  The most beautiful Apatite mineral and gemstone, and the type most desired by collectors, is Fluorapatite, which combines Phosphorus and Oxygen with a Fluoride source.  

Associated Minerals: Calcite, Diopside, Feldspar, Magnetite, Muscovite, and Quartz

Formation:  Apatite typically forms well-shaped hexagonal crystals, but may also grow tabular or columnar crystals, or in huge beds of massive material.  Apatite may occur alongside fossils and associated sediments, as well as in a wide range of igneous rocks.  Most gem-quality and collectors stones are found in pegmatites.  NASA’s Apollo program also found traces of Apatite in some moon rocks.  

Mining:  Apatite is most often mined in massive bedded marine deposits which are mined for phosphorus to be used in fertilizers.  Because Apatite occasionally contains ‘rare earth minerals’, it may also be specifically mined as ore for these rare elements, since, unlike most rare earth ores, Apatite is non-radioactive and does not pose an environmental hazard.  Apatite may also be found as an accessory gem in a large range of mining environments, ranging from huge open pits to small artisianal-mines operated by hand. 

Oleney Ruchey Apatite Mine, Kola Peninsula, Russia. The Apatite in this mine will be used to make plant fertilizers.

Enhancements:  Synthetic Apatites have been created in laboratories.  However, all tumbled Apatites are almost certain to be fully natural, enhanced only by tumbling, cutting, and polishing.

Synonyms:  Asparagus Stone, Asparagolite, Augustite, Chlorapatite, Fluoraptite, Hydroxlapatite, Phosphorus of Lime, and Sombrerite


Photos: Raw Apatite CrystalApatite Mine

History of Apatite

Apatite is a relatively new stone for the metaphysical community, and as such was not included in any of the ancient or medieval lapidaries, texts that describe gemstones and their powers. It may, however, be included in many of the newest lapidaries.  The most famous form of Apatite is the blue gemstone variety.  

hand-fertilizerApatite is easily confused with other minerals, especially Beryls, such as Aquamarine and Emerald, as well as various shades of Calcite.  In fact, Apatite’s name comes from the Greek word apatao, meaning “to delude” precisely because of this confusion!  Apatite was first defined as a distinct mineral in 1786, but today the name ‘Apatite is used to describe an entire group of phosphate minerals, which come in a wide range of colors  Apatite crystals are the primary source for the phosphate used to create plant fertilizers, and is widely use by chemical and pharmaceutical companies. 

Photos: Fertilizer

Ethically Sourced Green Apatite


The Miners sell directly to the Lapidary. 

The Lapidary sells directly to Moonrise Crystals. 

Moonrise Crystals sells directly to you.





The Supply Chain

The Supply Chain is short and clean.

The Mine and Lapidary are located in the same country.


The Mine

This Apatite was artisanally mined in Madagascar.  

The exact deposit is unknown, but most likely caused only minor environmental damage,

and would have been relatively low risk for miners. 

Learn More: Ethical Mining


The Lapidary

This Apatite was polished in Antananarivo, Madagascar.    

The Lapidary is owned by a woman and is a family business. 

Factory workers have safe conditions and are paid fairly.

The Lapidary is also the direct-importer & sells exclusively at large gem shows.

Learn More: Ethical Lapidary


Sourcing Relationship

I first met the owner of the lapidary at the 2006 Gem and Mineral show in Tucson, Arizona. At that time I was working for a crystal shop in Utah and was at Tucson primarily as a “pack mule” to help carry all the stones. It was generally agreed by our crew that the “Madagascar” tent contained the most beautiful stones in the entire show.

In 2014, I embarked on my first buying trip for Moonrise Crystals.  The company I knew of only as “Madagascar” was the one company I was most determined to find and buy from. This lapidary company only sells at a handful of major gem shows.  The only time they are in the USA is for the Tucson Gem Show. During the rest of the year, the lapidary hand polishes their stock and also does charity work in their local community.  They continue to offer some of the most beautiful tumbled stones in the industry and are among my favorite suppliers.

In 2019, Moonrise Crystals and the Madagascar lapidary company joined together to financially support a rural school in Madagascar.

Safe Handling of Apatite

Green Apatite

What You’ll Receive: A 100% natural Green Apatite

Selection Process: The stone I select for you will be carefully chosen for its beauty and appeal.  If combined with other stones, I always take time to choose stones that look and feel good together.

Origin: Madagascar

Polishing Method: Polished by hand, one stone at a time. Each stone is unique and minor variations are what makes them beautiful.


  • Color: Dark green or dark green-blue, may have minor brown inclusions.  May have a silvery shimmer or a rainbow flash.
  • Polish: Shiny but not completely smooth. Small pieces of the matrix rock are knocked off during the tumbling process leaving cavities and unstable areas which can chip.
  • Quality: AA
  • Shape: Rounded
  • Size: Average size is 1 inch / 25 mm
  • Transparency: Opaque
  • Weight: Average weight is 1 ounce / 28 grams / 141 carats

Shipping: Next business day – Domestic First Class averages 3-7 days.  International First Class averages 2-3 weeks.


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    The green apatite is more of a blue-green which is actually really beautiful! It sparkles beautifully! Thank you!

  11. Jennifer S. (Colorado)

    The green apatite is more of a blue-green which is actually really beautiful!

  12. Tauree D. (Utah)

    Oh wow Julie, you sent a bag of magic indeed. This batch is so special.Every stone met or exceeded my expectations in every way.They’re all gorgeous and have a lovely energy. Thank you so much.

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