Hawaiian Teas

Hawaiian Teas


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Organic Loose Leaf Teas

Origin Maui Tea Farm, Hawaii, USA
Variety Varies
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Ethically Sourced Tea

This tea comes from Maui Tea Farm, a family-owned organic farm.  It is located 4000 feet above sea level on the sloop of Haleakala Volcano.  The farm is small-scale and fully organic.

When I started Moonrise Crystals I decided to include a gift of tea with every order.  My goal was to create a charming and peaceful experience for my customers when their crystals arrived.  I was living in Port Townsend, Washington so I connected with the local Tea Master at Wild Sage Teas.  For years, I offered her tea free to my customers even after I moved to Hawaii.  Eventually the owner of Wild Sage decided to pursue another passion – protecting wild salmon in Washington’s rivers.  So I looked for a new tea supplier.  Once again, I searched for local and organic.

I’ve been working with Maui Tai Farm since 2018.  As always, I give tea with every order.  But now I also offer small pouches of loose-leaf tea for sale.  The owners of Maui Tea Farm are a delightful couple.  We check in with each other after each hurricane and cheer each other on as small business owners.

  • Family Business

  • Certified Organic Farm

Product Details

What You’ll Receive: 1 package of Hawaii-grown organic tea


All Orders are shipped Next Business Day

  • Domestic First-Class averages 3-7 days.
  • International First Class averages 2-3 weeks.

Environmentally-Friendly Materials

  • Shipping envelopes, paperwork & boxes are recyclable
  • Shipping peanuts & bubble-wrap are biodegradable
  • ‘Plastic’ bags are plant-based & compostable


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