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Lapis Lazuli

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Peaceful intuition
See the truth and accept it gracefully.
Release stress and depression.
Claim your personal and spiritual power.
Enhance focus and deepen meditation
Let Lapis Lazuli inspire you how to live empowered.


Let me know when this is crystal is back in stock

Rated 5.00 out of 5

I love my lapis lazuli so much. It's just stunning, and has a wonderfully powerful and positive energy. I love the deep blue of the stone, the milky white streak on one side and the lines of pyrite that remind me of stars. I call it my sky stone.

Tauree D. (Utah) (Verified Owner)


• Orders are shipped Next Business Day
• Eco-Friendly Shipping Materials

Ethical sourcing is a constantly evolving process.  When we know better, we do better.

If the original sourcing for the stone still passes Moonrise Crystals’ current standards, it will be restocked as soon as possible.

If the original sourcing is no longer acceptable, it will be restocked when/if a better supplier can be found.

The vast majority of Lapis Lazuli on the market is from Afghanistan and it is a conflict-gemstone.

Moonrise Crystal is trying to establish a direct supply chain with the only other Lapis Lazuli deposit – a small mine in Chile.

23 reviews for Lapis Lazuli

  1. Tauree D. (Utah) (verified owner)

    I love my lapis lazuli so much. It’s just stunning, and has a wonderfully powerful and positive energy. I love the deep blue of the stone, the milky white streak on one side and the lines of pyrite that remind me of stars. I call it my sky stone.

  2. Tauree D. (Utah) (verified owner)

    Thank you, Julie. I received them and they’re lovely. I’ve wanted a lapis lazuli for awhile, but I wasn’t expecting to connect with it so strongly right away. Its energy told me, “I am confident. I am powerful. Don’t you feel lucky to have me here?” Thank you again. I’ll be back again when I can afford another splurge, haha.

  3. redpoet4929 (verified owner)

    The STONE you picked out for me was as always perfect. I am amazed how well you seem to know,me.

  4. Michelle V. (Georgia) (verified owner)

    I Love Lapis, thank you!

  5. Angela S. (Ohio) (verified owner)

    Beautiful stone, shipped quickly from one of my favorite sellers!

  6. Karen (Illinois) (verified owner)

    Beautiful Lapis, perfect for energy healing. As always, great customer service. Love it!!!

  7. Kate F. (Georgia) (verified owner)

    Fast shipping. Beautiful stones – exceeds expectations! Thank you :)

  8. Rick R. (Idaho) (verified owner)

    OMG! Gorgeous specimen! The FASTEST shipping from Hawaii I have ever experienced! Julie is AMAZING, I got not only a personal email after purchase, but also additional info and a surprise in my shipment. I will be doing more business with Moonrise Crystals in the future!

  9. Diane S. (Kansas) (verified owner)

    Received! Beautiful! Prompt ship! Will return! Enjoyed the tea! Thank you!

  10. Rebecca C. (Connecticut) (verified owner)

    What a gorgeous stone! And I love the tea! Thank you so much!

  11. Khairi J. (Singapore) (verified owner)

    MoonRise Crystals is truly a gem. Julie, is helpful, knowledgeable and understanding. I will definitely return for more crystals in future. Feels blessed to make a new friend.

    Overall I am extremely satisfied with this transaction. Julie’s intuitive selection of crystals is definitely something to look forward to. Perfect matching and pairing of crystals just for you. Awesomeness!!!

  12. Monica S. (New York) (verified owner)

    Beautiful stone I love it thank you so much

  13. Alex H. (Los Angeles) (verified owner)


  14. Kenny M. (Florida) (verified owner)

    wonderful stones, great personal communication, quick shipping

  15. Paul S. (Washington) (verified owner)

    Awesome seller, great communication! It was a pleasure, thanks again!!! :)

  16. Kelly W. (Minnesota) (verified owner)

    Gorgeous blue stone :)

  17. Petra I. (Colorado) (verified owner)

    EXCELLENT SELLER- Stones BEAUTIFUL/ AS DESCRIBED-. Highly recommend Seller

  18. Danielle G. (Oklahoma) (verified owner)

    I’m in love! Thank you!

  19. Midori Y. (California) (verified owner)

    Received today. Nice stones.

  20. Emily B. (MIssouri) (verified owner)

    looks great, thanks so much!!

  21. Dani S. (Florida) (verified owner)

    Seller cares about buyers & Incredibly beautiful product. So very happy.

  22. Cassandra G. (Georgia) (verified owner)

    Just got the stones today. They are beautiful.

  23. Andy G. (Texas) (verified owner)

    Awesome seller not only do they sale good product they care about the customers

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