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Peaceful Heart

Find the heart of silence within meditation.

Open yourself to spiritual passion and love.

Actualize dynamic ideas with cool efficiency.

Ground your mental and emotional bodies.

Let Magnesite inspire you to blissfully center!

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Healing Properties of Magnesite

Spiritual: Magnesite activates psychic powers and increases our ability to receive and understand information from a higher source. It is one of the most powerful crystals for activating the Third Eye and is a phenomenal tool for anyone who is working with spirit guides, angels, or other spiritual entities. Magnesite has a very positive vibration, and reminds us that life is good and meant to be enjoyed. Magnesite is attuned to the Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras and linked to the astrological sign of Aries. It is connected to the element of Storm and vibrates to the number 3.

Emotional: Magnesite is an emotional balancer, helping us to let go of stress and to develop good emotional health habits. It is a joyful stone which helps us connect our hearts directly with the Divine, allowing us to feel safe and supported. Magnesite reduces the effects of fear and irritability, helping us to become more tolerant and patient with emotional stress, and to know how to resolve it satisfactorily. It is a stone of hope and forward progress. Magnestite helps us to self-reflect accurately and kindly so that we can do our personal work and become better versions of ourselves. 

Mental: Magnesite helps us to process complex information, showing us how it relates to our own life and how we can use that information to help others. It is an excellent talisman for anyone who studies history, anthropology, earth science, or cosmology because it encourages us to ask the “big questions,” study the evidence, and then make the mental leaps which can reveal the “big answers.” Magnesite teaches us to become better listeners and to gather as much information as we can before making any firm judgements. It also reminds us that when new information becomes available, we need to adjust our thinking accordingly.     

Physical: Magnesite is said to encourage the body to relax. It has been used by metaphysical healers to release tension, muscle spasms, stomach cramps, and to relieve overly sensitive skin or organs. It is the most important healing crystal for anything related to a Magnesium deficiency. It is also believed to help relieve headaches/migraines.

Always use wisdom when considering crystal therapies for healing.

Mineralogy of Magnesite

Raw Magnesite
Raw Magnesite, Guyana

Mineral Family: Carbonites

Chemical Composition: MgCO3
Cleavage: Perfect
Color: Off-white
Crystal System: Hexatonal/trigonal
Form/Habit: Massive
Fracture: Conchoidal, brittal
Gravity: 3.0
Hardness: 4
Luminescence: Yellowish-white (long wave) / Blueish-white (short wave)
Luster: Vitreous
Streak: White
Transparency: Transparent to Opaque

Location: Magnesite deposits are found in Australia, Brazil, China, the United States and Zimbabwe. They have also been found in meteorites and on the planet Mars!


Mineral Family: Magnesite is a Carbonate mineral. Carbonates are an important part of the Earth’s crust and are found in sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks. Carbonates are minerals which contain the carbonate group CO3 as their basic structural unit. They form in a trigonal system with one carbon atom centrally located between 3 oxygen atoms. While there are over 70 types of Carbonate minerals, the most common are Dolomite, Siderite, and Calcite. Magnesite is a relatively rare stone, which usually forms in massive slabs, although occasional fine crystals have been found. It is closely related to Aragonite, Calcite, Malachite, and Rhodochrosite.

Formation: Magnesite typically forms in magnesium-rich rocks such as peridotites (igneous) or Limestone (sedimentary). It can also form when a mineral solution containing Magnesium flows across Calcite.

Mining: Magnesite is a very desirable mineral to mine because it is a rich source for Magnesium, an element that can only naturally occur in combination with other elements. Magnesite is used to produce Magnesium products (for example, epsom salts and synthetic rubber) and is combined with Aluminum or Zinc to give structural strength to aircrafts and spaceships.

Magnesite 2
Mangesite Mine in Brazil

Enhancements: All available Magnesites are natural, enhanced only by tumbling, cutting, and polishing. Sometimes the tumbling produces smooth stones, other times it produces a knobbly mass, full of bumps and lines.

Map courtesy of TravelBlog
Photos: Rough Magnesite, Magnesite Mine

History of Magnesite

Magnesite is a relatively “new” healing stone whose properties have only recently begun to be explored. As a result, it was not included in early lapidaries, texts which describe gemstones and their powers. Magnesite is mostly used for industrial purposes, most interestingly as a source for the metal used to build spaceships. While Magnesite has many practical uses here on Earth, its most fascinating history belongs to the stars.

ALH84001 Meteorite, Smithsonian Museum

In 1984, a group of meteorite hunters who belonged to ANSMET (Antarctic Search for Meteorites, funded by the US National Science Foundation) made a unique discovery. The meteorite which they discovered (ALH84001) had landed in Allan Hills, Antarctica, and is believed to have originated on the planet Mars. In 1996, the meteorite was the subject of headlines worldwide after it was announced that it contained evidence for microscopic fossils of bacteria. It was tentatively put forth as possible proof that life had once existed on the Red Planet. The fossils were located in the carbonate globules, which were largely composed of Iron and Magnesite.

The meteorite is an igneous rock, which is estimated to be 4.09 billion years old. This is slightly older than any known Earth rock, making this meteorite the oldest known rock in the solar system! According to current theories, ALH84001 was blasted into space approximately 17 million years ago, after Mars was hit by a large meteorite, sending rocks through its atmosphere and into deep space. The Martian rock traveled the cosmos for millions of years before eventually landing in Antartica, roughly 13,000 years ago. It has been suggested that it came from the Valles Marineris canyon on Mars, based on a chemical analysis done by the Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Odyssey spacecraft, but the evidence is not conclusive.

NASA, along with many other space exploration agencies worldwide, is currently making plans for a manned-mission to Mars, potentially in the 2030s. When the astronauts finally land on another planet, Magnesite may very well be one of the main minerals that make up “Mars Rocks.”


Photos: ALH84001 Meteorite, Mars

Ethically Sourced Magnesite


The Miners sell directly to the Lapidary.

The Lapidary sells directly to Moonrise Crystals.

Moonrise Crystals sells directly to you.









The Supply Chain

The Supply Chain is clean and short.

The Mine and the Lapidary are in neighboring countries.

The Mine


This Magnesite comes from an industrial pit mine in Zimbabwe.

The dust hazard levels within the Zimbabwe mines has improved significantly in recent decades.

The current risk level to miners appears to be minimal. 

Learn More: Ethical Mining

The Lapidary

This Magnesite was polished in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Lapidary is a family-owned business, founded by father and passed on to his sons.

Factory workers have safe conditions and are paid fairly.

The Lapidary is also the direct-importer & sells primarily at large gem shows.

Learn More: Ethical Lapidary

Sourcing Relationship

I have been doing business with this source since 2014.  They are the oldest tumbling company in the world and have more varieties, in more sizes, than any other known source.  The company started in California in the 1950s and was eventually bought by a British immigrant who had young sons.  Eventually the company moved to South Africa in order to be closer to the source of their best-selling stone, Gold Tigers Eye, and to have the legal rights to export it.  The company is now run by the sons and their childhood best friend.

The current owners visit many small and industrial-size mines personally.  For artisanal-mined deposits in sub-Sahara Africa, the owners work with Gem Dealers who deal directly with the part-time miners.  The majority of these Gem Dealers are women.  Some, but not all, of their stones are labeled with country-of-origin.  For those that aren’t, I ask the owners directly.  As I’ve learned more about mining practices in individual countries, I have become increasingly selective about what I will purchase from them.  However, they remain my preferred source for most of the stones I sell from sub-Sahara Africa.

Safe Handling of Magnesite


What You’ll Receive: A 100% natural Magnesite

Selection Process: The stone I select for you will be carefully chosen for its beauty and appeal.  If combined with other stones, I always take time to choose stones that look and feel good together.

Origin: Zimbabwe

Polishing Method: Drum polished. Each stone is unique and minor variations are what makes them beautiful.


  • Color: White
  • Polish: bumpy nodule, similar to a brain
  • Quality: A
  • Shape: Irregular tumbled shape
  • Size: Average size is .75 in / 19 mm
  • Transparency: Opaque
  • Weight: Average weight is .2 oz / 5.5 g / 28 carats

Shipping: Next business day – Domestic First Class averages 3-7 days.  International First Class averages 2-3 weeks.


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  8. Jennifer S. (Colorado)

    The magnesite is such a peaceful stone! Life’s been pretty stressful lately, so this is a great crystal for me right now. The lighter markings help the overall effect for me. You’ve got a knack for choosing the right crystals.

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