Mahogany Obsidian

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Mahogany Obsidian


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True Security

Know that you are worthy of receiving good things. Let go of negative patterns, thoughts, and beliefs. Heal old wounds and enjoy health and well-being. Be gentle with yourself while you grow and learn. Let Mahogany Obsidian help you feel safely grounded!

Mahogany Obsidian Healing Properties


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Rated 5.00 out of 5

The crystals arrived safely today - amazingly fast shipping considering the distance they had to travel! They're just as beautiful as I expected from the pictures on the website and I'm so happy with them!

Jeff P. (Minnesota)

OriginUnited States
PolishShiny & Smooth
QualityA (quality chart)
ColorRed, Multi-Colored
Average Size1 in / 2.5 cm (size chart)
Average Weight0.5 oz / 15 g / 75 carats


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Mahogany Obsidian
Energy Vibrations

Mahogany Obsidian encourages us to explore our beliefs about whether or not we “deserve” to have good things – such as financial abundance, happy romantic relationships, or a just a better life in general. Mahogany Obsidian helps us to realize that we DO deserve good things and that the past doesn’t have to dictate our future.



Ethically Sourced

Mahogany Obsidian from United States

This Mahogany Obsidian comes from Oregon, USA.  Obsidian mining has a low environmental impact and is relatively low risk for miners.

This Latino-American company is based in El Paso, Texas.  It specializes in mining and polishing Mexican and South American stones.

I was delighted to discover this supplier at the 2023 Denver Gem Show when a few large rocks of Peacock Ore caught my eye.   I had been looking for a direct supplier of Peacock Ore for awhile, but had only been able to find third party wholesalers.  This supplier both mines and polishes stones, in this case they mine the Chalcopyrite in Mexico and treat it with a chemical bath to transform it into Peacock Ore.  They didn’t have any Peacock Ore in the size I needed in Denver, but we agreed to meet up again at the Hawaii show a few months later.

Mahogany Obsidian Healing, Mineralogy, and History

Published April 2014  •  Updated February 2024  •  Read Time: 7 minutes
Mahogany Obsidian is a rare variety of Obsidian found primarily in the Western United States.  It gets its pretty red-brown coloring from a higher-than-normal concentration of Iron.  It is named after mahogany trees, which share a similarly striking red-brown color.  Like other Obsidians, it is formed from  rapidly cooling lava following a volcanic eruption.  Most Mahogany Obsidian comes from Glass Buttes, Oregon.  Glass Buttes is both the tallest volcano in the area, as well as a general name given to the smaller volcanos that surround it.  Mahogany Obsidian has a gentler energy than most other Obsidians, making it an ideal crystal when we need to be soothed and grounded. […]

Tumbled Mahogany Obsidian

What You’ll Receive: 1 Stone - 100% natural Mahogany Obsidian

Selection Process: The stone I select for you will be carefully chosen for its beauty and appeal. If combined with other stones, I always take time to choose stones that look and feel good together.

Polishing Method: Drum polished. Each stone is unique and minor variations are what makes them beautiful.

Taking Care of Your Healing Crystals

  • Fragile Crystals

    Be gentle, this stone is fragile & chips easily.

  • Crystals Keep In Shade

    Keep it in the shade to protect its colour.

  • Crystals Safe In Elixir

    This stone is safe to use in direct-infusion elixirs.

21 reviews for Mahogany Obsidian

  1. Jeff P. (Minnesota)

    The crystals arrived safely today – amazingly fast shipping considering the distance they had to travel! They’re just as beautiful as I expected from the pictures on the website and I’m so happy with them!

  2. Jeff P (Minnesota) (verified owner)

    The stone was beautiful, looked just like the photos on the website. Very securely packaged, so it arrived safely, and the shipping was super-fast!
    I would recommend Moonrise Crystals to anyone!

  3. Carly K. (Louisana)

    I purchased 5 crystals from this seller after consulting with her on which ones would help me in my path to healing. She went above and beyond in her concern and effort and besides the crystals, which are lovely, included a herbal teabag to treat myself to a soothing cup of comfort and a pen and question/affirmation sheet to help with my inner search.

  4. Beth S. (Kentucky) (verified owner)

    The Mahogany Obsidian was a wow ! as soon as I unwrapped it and felt it in my hand. I never imagined an Obsidian could feel so warm, almost cuddly. But that doesn’t express how wonderfully grounding and protective its energy is, as if it makes a fierce shield against chaos while creating a relaxed safe space within that encourages practicality and calmly taking the right actions for the situation. Thank you for choosing me such an outgoing, compatible stone! It’s also beautiful to look at. The brown is flecked and lively, almost coppery. The black has depths and there are even tiny sparkles in places.

  5. Jay P (Hawaii) (verified owner)

    Thank you for the lovely crystals. The Obsidian Mahogany keeps coming to my mind. Life is mysterious.

  6. Paul K. (Massachusetts) (verified owner)

    Received them yesterday. They all have a clear and powerful energy and I am super happy with them. Most of all: I didn’t need to cleanse them energetically, as I typically need to with stones from most other sources. You do a great job! Will definitely order again!

  7. judy p. (verified owner)

    Beautiful grounding stones, and the perfect size/shape/weight. Thank you!

  8. Mara M. (Illinois) (verified owner)

    Arrived safely, with information & gift tea included. Is as pictured, with very glossy polish.

  9. deannasava (verified owner)

    I had already ordered three Mahogany Obsidians from Julie and needed two more. Every one of them is distinctly unique and beautiful. Julie worked with me as I was looking for specific features in Mahogany Obsidian. Shipment is always quick and they’re always packaged so nicely. I always appreciate the tea as well :) I highly recommend Moonrise Crystals.

  10. Jennifer S. (Colorado) (verified owner)

    I received the crystals safe and sound, and of course, I love them! The mahogany jasper is beautiful and has a really neat spotty pattern! It’s a good, solid grounding stone for my crazy life!

  11. Tiffany J. (Tennessee) (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with my crystal.Yet another wonderful experience with this seller

  12. Rita C. (Canada) (verified owner)

    I love the stone that was chosen for me. And didn’t have to wait too long for it to arrive. Thank you!

  13. Michelle V. (Georgia) (verified owner)

    Have wanted one for a while, love it, thanks!

  14. deannasava (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the Mahogany Obsidian Julie chose for me. I am a repeat customer and I highly recommend considering Julie for any stone you’re looking for.

  15. Terri E. (Maryland) (verified owner)

    SUPER fast shipper, nice stone, thanx 4 the ID card & bag, will order again!!!!!

  16. Regina V. (Florida) (verified owner)

    Smooth transaction EVERY time.Love my earth gems & this seller. Highest Quality

  17. Stefan T. (New York) (verified owner)

    Super Fast shipping! No damage! Great seller! Thank you!

  18. Kenzi G. (Washington) (verified owner)

    Placed a large order for tumbled stones that I planned to include with handmade Christmas gifts. Julie sent me the sweetest message after I had placed my order. I received them very quickly and upon opening the parcel I could tell they were all chosen and packaged with care. Each stone was lovely and felt great to hold. Julie is magnificent and I will definitely turn here first for any future purposes!

  19. Brian P. (New York) (verified owner)

    Item came as it was described. Good packing and delivery. Thank you. A++.

  20. Shelly F. (Oregon) (verified owner)

    GREAT seller-so very pleasant! Received exactly what I expected-thank you!

  21. Kelly Jean T. (Vermont) (verified owner)

    Super!!! Thank y0u!!!

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