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Let me know when this is crystal is back in stock

Let me know when this is crystal is back in stock

Malachite Healing Properties

    Ethically Sourced Malachite

    Ethical sourcing is a constantly evolving process.  When we know better, we do better.

    If the original sourcing for the stone still passes Moonrise Crystals’ current standards, it will be restocked as soon as possible.

    If the original sourcing is no longer acceptable, it will be restocked when/if a better supplier can be found.

    The vast majority of tumbled Malachite on the market comes from the DR Congo.

    It is mined near and in Copper mines with known human-rights violations, including slave and child labor.

    Moonrise Crystals is actively seeking a new and truly ethical source for Malachite

    Tumbled Malachite

    What You’ll Receive: 1 Stone - 100% natural Malachite

    Selection Process: The stone I select for you will be carefully chosen for its beauty and appeal. If combined with other stones, I always take time to choose stones that look and feel good together.


    Taking Care of Your Healing Crystals

    • Crystals Sturdy For Pocket

      This stone is sturdy enough to be carried daily.

    • Crystals Keep In Shade

      Keep it in the shade to protect its colour.

    • Crystals Safe In Elixir

      This stone is safe to use in direct-infusion elixirs.

    Learn About Safe Handling


    All Orders are shipped Next Business Day

    • Domestic First-Class averages 3-7 days.
    • International First Class averages 2-3 weeks.

    Environmentally-Friendly Materials

    • Shipping envelopes, paperwork & boxes are recyclable
    • Shipping peanuts & bubble-wrap are biodegradable
    • ‘Plastic’ bags are plant-based & compostable

    45 reviews for Malachite

    1. Joanna L. (Singapore) (verified owner)

      I’ve received the crystals. Thank you so much, they are very beautiful, I absolutely love them.

    2. Fred L. (Montana) (verified owner)

      Recieved the stones. They were just what I was looking for.

    3. Dashiell C. (California) (verified owner)

      The Malachite you chose is wonderful, it looks great with the bright blue Chrysocolla line running through it. I’m looking forward to ordering more crystals from you in the near future.

    4. Jaron H. (Washington) (verified owner)

      Love it ! Fast shipping , I’m happy .

    5. Beth S. (Kentucky) (verified owner)

      Thank you so very much for selecting such a magical malachite for me! I love the very different kinds of patterns it has on its various sides, some of them suggesting waves of water or energy, whorls reminding of cycles, or doorways, and one side so intricately decorative that it brings to mind different things each time I look at it, and probably will be able to suggest all sorts of things as the times for these unfold. The smoothness of this stone makes it a delight to hold, and its energy feels wonderfully grounded, both energetic and calm. It’s as friendly as it is beautiful.

    6. Judy W. (Washington) (verified owner)

      Thank you for the beautiful selection of crystals and information

    7. Marilyn T. (California) (verified owner)

      Beautiful stone. Item as described. Fast shipping. Thanks.

    8. Aja B. (Georgia) (verified owner)

      Perfect delivery! Thank you!

    9. Susan B. (Alaska) (verified owner)

      Gorgeous stone! I mentioned to Julie what I would be using this for and she picked out the perfect one for me. It arrived quickly and the malachite was wrapped beautifully.

    10. Kathy E. (South Australia) (verified owner)

      Beautiful. Fast postage. Great

    11. Kelly C. (New Hampshire) (verified owner)

      I just got crystals today. They are gorgeous! They are like no other crystals I have.

    12. Lauren C. (New Jersey) (verified owner)

      I see a smiling face in this one! Thanks as usual Julie

    13. Deborah R. (Idaho) (verified owner)

      A+ As described. Thank you.

    14. Chris C. (Texas) (verified owner)

      Great seller!! Completely satisfied with my purchase!! A++++

    15. LaTonya M. (Alabama) (verified owner)

      Excellent Seller A+++Fast Shipping @ Reasonable Cost I Love Them Thank You

    16. Bruce M. (New York) (verified owner)

      Thank You Julie)

    17. Lori B. (Colorado) (verified owner)

      all my stones are gorgeous. julie is amazing too!

    18. Angela S. (Ohio) (verified owner)

      Gorgeous Malachite stone! Another amazing purchase from Moonrise! A+++++++++

    19. Angela S. (Ohio) (verified owner)

      It blows my mind how fast your packages arrive from Hawaii. They are absolutely AMAZING, Julie! They went to work on me from the moment they were in my hand.

    20. Christopher J. (Maryland) (verified owner)

      Fast shipping! Item as described! Thank you! Beautiful choice!

    21. Britney M. (California) (verified owner)

      Beautiful and received on time!

    22. Jen R. (Florida) (verified owner)

      Thank you SO much! Beautiful and great energy! :-)

    23. Anne W. (Wisconsin) (verified owner)

      Malachite is a favorite of mine. The owner picked a beautiful stone to send.

    24. Anne W. (Wisconsin) (verified owner)

      Malachite is a favorite of mine. The owner picked a beautiful stone to send.

    25. Larissa K. (Ohio) (verified owner)

      A very big piece with a deep and wonderful color. Arrived very quickly.

    26. Pam R. (Illinois) (verified owner)

      Thank you

    27. Maria M. (Texas) (verified owner)

      Beautiful smol stone

    28. Julie (verified owner)

      The majority of the stones in my store are 1 inch in size or a little larger. When choosing a Malachite my primary consideration is that it has a rich color and interesting patterns. I always pick the stone that I believe has the highest quality overall.

    29. Alex H. (Los Angeles) (verified owner)

      The best store!!!!

    30. Christina F. (New Jersey) (verified owner)

      Exactly as radiantly rich in color as displayed!

    31. Humberto I. (Illinois) (verified owner)

      The one I got is small but has nice colors.

    32. Peggy L. (Indiana) (verified owner)

      Just to let you know I am very pleased with my crystals. Absolutely beautiful. My Dogs did also and didn’t want to leave it alone. I have never had them bother with the crystals before. Thank you

    33. Leah L. (New Jersey) (verified owner)

      by far the sweetest shop owner I’ve come across online! she picked out a stone specifically for my needs and included a little gift for me to enjoy :) the stone was perfect and I love the design. this is the pendant I made out of the stone!

    34. Lori B. (Florida) (verified owner)

      Love the patterns in this..

    35. Kristy H. (Michigan) (verified owner)

      I am so drawn to this stone. It is absolutely beautiful. Pictures don’t do the stone justice. Thank you!

    36. Jamia F. (Maryland) (verified owner)

      Happy Thanks so much!

    37. Sandra H. (Telemark, Norway) (verified owner)

      Love them! Thank you <3

    38. Amanda F. (Iowa) (verified owner)

      The stone is gorgeous and feels ‘right’ when I hold it. Thank you.

    39. Jet P. (Maryland) (verified owner)

      very nice size and great shipping time!

    40. Kelly W. (Minnesota) (verified owner)

      I love these stones :)

    41. Ketty G. (Puerto Rico) (verified owner)

      is good excelent

    42. Tamitra L. (Georgia) (verified owner)

      Great doing business!!

    43. Rachel B. (California) (verified owner)

      I received my gorgeous malachite stone in record time! It is large, perfectly shaped, and has a wonderful energy. I really appreciate how Julie took the time to match the stone with its intended use (per my note). Great deal and superb service. Will definitely purchase from Moonrise Crystals again! 5 stars!

    44. Rie W. (Arizona) (verified owner)

      ***Absolutely gorgeous XL Malachite***If only I had known I would have bought more!***

    45. Robin R. (Mississippi) (verified owner)

      Awesome, thank you!

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