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Awakened Spirit

Connect to the Divine and all your Spirit Guides. Release your darkest fears and step into Light. Find the words to describe the indescribable. Be inspired and join with others for a Higher Cause. Let Moldavite reveal a new spiritual adventure!

Moldavite Healing Properties


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Rated 5.00 out of 5

I'd been eyeing this crystal for a while since I'm fascinated by anything related to space. I'm so glad I got it. The first time I studied it I felt a little light-headed, it will be amazing to work with!

Meredith Vlahakis (Verified Owner)

OriginCzech Republic
QualityAAA (quality chart)
Average SizeVaries (size chart)
Average WeightVaries


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Energy Vibrations

Did you know that much of the Moldavite on the market is sold through a black market? It's just rare enough and valuable enough that unscrupulous buyers don't worry too much about the legal paperwork. But these Moldavites have a paper trail from the United States to Germany to the Czech Republic were they were mined. Each piece has been carefully hand-selected for quality. They are a translucent bottle-green when held to a light and have interesting organic shapes, no sheered off edges. Moldavite is known for having a particularly strong energy, unique among healing crystals. You may love it or hate it, but you'll definitely have a strong opinion! For those that love it, the energy is transformational and awe-inspiring.

Ethically Sourced

Moldavite from Czech Republic

This Moldavite comes from a variety of locations in the Czech Republic.  The sites are artisanal and small scale, with a low environmental impact and safe conditions for miners.  The exact locations are unknown, but the Czech suppliers who sell to the German gem dealer are required to have legal paperwork.  These Moldavites are not considered black market.

This gem dealer is a small business in Germany that specializes in rough Moldavite and fine beads.  The owner buys directly from Moldavite miners and his manager is a fantastic source of information.  They sell at several gem shows in Europe and one show in the United States.  Some of their Moldavite is set in rings and pendents, while others are loose and sold by the gram.

I met this source at the Tucson Gem Show in 2016 when I was specifically hunting for Moldavite.  Most of the sellers were either selling by lot or by individual piece.  This seller had a pile of Moldavite that was being sold by the gram and I was allowed me to cherry-pick through the pile for the pieces I liked.

During that first visit I took my time trying to find the right pieces for Moonrise Crystals, but I wasn’t quite sure what determined quality beyond size and color.  Luckily, another buyer was quietly cherry-picking next to me.  He was looking for larger Moldavites for custom jewelry, while I was looking at smaller stones, so there was no competition between us, just a companionable sorting.  I noticed a nice piece that was the size they liked and silently set it next to their pick-pile.  They smiled and we continued to pick quietly.  After a few minutes he said, “do you know how you can tell which Moldavites are the best?” and then began to pick through my pile and show me the difference between some of the pieces.  The best ones had an organic shape with interesting grooves and a matte finish.  The lower-quality piece had a sheered off edge that looked shiny, more like a glass bottle.

These days, I still take my time at the pick-pile, very carefully selecting each stone.  I look for the best quality but also weigh each stone individually so that they are as close in size as possible, which makes it easier for me to determine a fair price.  I’ve watched the price increase by 900%.  While many other buyers moan about the high price, I understand that the price increase is not merely because of the stone’s popularity.  It’s largely because there’s been a crackdown on the illegal black market for Moldavite. 


Moldavite Healing, Mineralogy, and History

Published February 2016  •  Updated February 2024  •  Read Time: 8 minutes
Moldavite is a rare green tektite found only in the Czech Republic.  Tektites are a type of natural glass that is created when a meteorite strikes the earth.  The sudden heat and pressure of the strike, instantly melts the impact zone and sends molten silica clouds into the air.  As the silica re-hardens, it falls back to the earth as Tektites.  Depending on the original surface, the Tektites will have a different color – Moldavites are a fantastic bottle-green.  Moldavite’s reputation amongst crystals healers was transformed in the late 20th century after being promoted by the healing crystal intuitive Robert Simmons, who calls it a stone of transformation and spiritual awakening. […]

Tumbled Moldavite

What You’ll Receive: 1 Stone - 100% natural Moldavite

Selection Process: The stone I select for you will be carefully chosen for its beauty and appeal. If combined with other stones, I always take time to choose stones that look and feel good together.

Polishing Method: Natural rough crystal. Each stone is unique and minor variations are what makes them beautiful.

Taking Care of Your Healing Crystals

  • Fragile Crystals

    Be gentle, this stone is fragile & chips easily.

  • Crystals Keep In Shade

    Keep it in the shade to protect its colour.

  • Crystals Safe In Elixir

    This stone is safe to use in direct-infusion elixirs.

23 reviews for Moldavite

  1. Meredith Vlahakis (verified owner)

    I’d been eyeing this crystal for a while since I’m fascinated by anything related to space. I’m so glad I got it. The first time I studied it I felt a little light-headed, it will be amazing to work with!

  2. Olga T. (Texas) (verified owner)

    Great seller! Thank you!

  3. Atiya N (Pennsylvania) (verified owner)

    This is a Powerful stone thank you so much I love it

  4. Canadace W. (New York) (verified owner)

    I just received my stones! As usual, they are all so beautiful.

  5. Tiffany S. (Minnesota) (verified owner)

    Thank you so much again! I loved my moldavite and already felt such a huge shift that my fiance and I decided he needed one as well!

  6. Carol F. (Alabama) (verified owner)

    Once again, you chose a stunning one! The shape reminds me of a dragon’s head, which is *very* interesting as I’ve been getting acquainted with elementals and dragons in recent weeks!Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  7. Tamia G. (Montana) (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Very happy with item, service, and communication. Thanks!

  8. Richard Z. (Wisconsin) (verified owner)

    Excellent, beautiful pieces, the best – my favorite.

  9. Stefan T. (New York) (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping! No damage! Great seller! Thank you!

  10. Susan S. (Ohio) (verified owner)

    Arrived fast. Well packaged. Would buy from again, Thank you!

  11. Regina V. (Florida) (verified owner)

    The beautiful and potent Moldavite you picked for me arrived today. Thank you so much. It is perfect.

  12. Lucille O. (New York) (verified owner)

    I held the moldavite up to the light as you suggested, and it is indeed very fabulous; when held up to the sunlight it takes on a quality that makes me think of a beautiful enchanted luminous forest. I also noticed that the moldavite is somewhat heart-shaped, which is so fantastic!

  13. Maysoun A. (United Arab Emirates) (verified owner)

    The Moldavite is pretty powerful! I instantly feel very happy while holding it when meditating and I can feel a wave of sansation spreading through my body.

  14. Vicki H. (Texas) (verified owner)

    I just wanted to let you know I received my crystals and they are absolutely beautiful!!! They are some of the strongest crystals I have ever owned. It was wonderful feel their charged energy right out of the box.

  15. Lynette W. (Florida) (verified owner)

    Julie is amazing! Smooth transaction and fast shipping! Items as described! A+!

  16. Clayton S. (Texas) (verified owner)

    amazing, as always :) Love it.

  17. Clayton S. (Texas) (verified owner)

    AUTHENTIC MOLDAVITE. so much yes. wonderful & amazing seller and product :)

  18. Crystal O. (Colorado) (verified owner)

    I recieved my Moldavite today and it is absolutely beautiful.

  19. Karen W. (Texas) (verified owner)

    I love the Moldavite! It REALLY vibrates!!

  20. Jo Anne H. (California) (verified owner)

    When I had problems receiving my crystal (at no fault of her own), Julie kept in constant communication with me and made sure that I was a satisfied customer. She is a fabulous businesswoman, and I would wholeheartedly refer her to all of my crystal cohorts.

  21. Linda S. (Pennsylvania) (verified owner)

    As always, the best!! Very happy.

  22. Khairi J. (Singapore) (verified owner)

    MoonRise Crystals is truly a gem. Julie, is helpful, knowledgeable and understanding. I will definitely return for more crystals in future. Feels blessed to make a new friend.

    Overall I am extremely satisfied with this transaction. Julie’s intuitive selection of crystals is definitely something to look forward to. Perfect matching and pairing of crystals just for you. Awesomeness!!!

  23. Christina F. (New Jersey) (verified owner)

    Simply amazing and powerful in energy!

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