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Forever Young

Feel lighthearted, happy, and ready for adventure. Attract abundance and love in all areas of your life. Learn to receive good things with graceful gratitude. Be more successful and in alignment with your Truth. Let Peridot inspire you to dance through life joyfully!

OriginUnited States
QualityAA (quality chart)
Average Size0.5 in / 13 mm (size chart)
Average Weight2 g / 10 carats

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Peridot Healing Properties

Ethically Sourced Peridot

Know where your crystals come from

This Peridot comes from artisanal miners on the Apache Reservation, USA. It has a low environmental impact and conditions are relatively low risk for miners.

This gem dealer is a one-man wholesale business that specializes in Apache Peridot. The owner has Native American heritage and pays the miners a fair price.

I previously had Peridot from another part of the world, but was unsatisfied with the size and quality. Since Peridot is my own birthstone, I deliberately looked for a better source – specifically searching for Arizona Peridot.

I tracked down this source at the 2019 Tucson Gem Show. He hadn’t officially opened for the show, but nevertheless was willing to let me into his hotel room to pick from his stock. His entire space was covered in 5 gallon buckets of Peridot, each at a different size and quality, some fully rough and others polished. I asked him about the mine and told me about conditions on the Apache Reservation. The miners pick out the Peridot with basic hand tools. Conditions are hot, but otherwise relatively safe. He expected me to haggle and perhaps cheat him. I paid his asking price and felt we both got a good deal.

  • Legally Mined

  • Mined in the USA

  • Small Business

  • Mine-to-Market

  • Environmentally Friendly Mining

  • Lower Safety Risk for Miners
  • Respects Indigenous Rights

Peridot Healing, Mineralogy, and History

Published June 2015  •  Updated July 2022  •  Read Time: 8 minutes
Peridot is the gemmy version of Olivine.  It is a tiny crystal that rarely grow more than a few carats in size, often the size of grain of sand.  The best examples are a cheerful lime green, the color due to the presence of magnesium replacing iron on an atomic level.  Peridot is found in many igneous rocks, but only a few locations have large enough crystals to be worth mining.  One such localities is in Arizona, on the Apache Tribe Reservation, where the crystals are mined by hand.  Peridot has a playful and rambunctious energy. It encourage us to stay young-at-heart and to be on the lookout for all the good luck that is coming our way. […]

Tumbled Peridot

What You’ll Receive: 1 Stone - 100% natural Peridot

Selection Process: The stone I select for you will be carefully chosen for its beauty and appeal. If combined with other stones, I always take time to choose stones that look and feel good together.

Polishing Method: Drum polished. Each stone is unique and minor variations are what makes them beautiful.

Color: Light green

Taking Care of Your Healing Crystals

  • Crystals Sturdy For Pocket

    This stone is sturdy enough to be carried daily.

  • Crystals Keep In Shade

    Keep it in the shade to protect its colour.

  • Crystals Safe In Elixir

    This stone is safe to use in direct-infusion elixirs.


All Orders are shipped Next Business Day

  • Domestic First-Class averages 3-7 days.
  • International First Class averages 2-3 weeks.

Environmentally-Friendly Materials

  • Shipping envelopes, paperwork & boxes are recyclable
  • Shipping peanuts & bubble-wrap are biodegradable
  • ‘Plastic’ bags are plant-based & compostable

42 reviews for Peridot

  1. Marisa M. (Massachusetts)

    Amazing, and exactly as described! It was packaged really well too and arrived safely. It shipped quickly too!

  2. Michelle V. (Georgia)

    One of my favorites, love Peridot! Thank you!

  3. Elizabeth D (Alabama)

    Thank you. All are beautiful!!

  4. Rebecca K. (Texas) (verified owner)

    I am so happy with my purchase. It’s a beautiful spring leaf green and just feels ‘right’. I’ve been smiling since I got it.

  5. Hugh W. (New Mexico) (verified owner)

    Lovely crystal, wonderful presentation, superb pack/ship, A+++++ in every way – many thanks!

  6. Patrick R. (Washington) (verified owner)

    Great seller and I received a beautiful crystal!

  7. Betty F. (Minnesota) (verified owner)

    I love these, I gave one to my friend and kept one for myself since it’s my birth stone. I really love them and they shipped fast.

  8. Jereliz W. (Massachusetts) (verified owner)

    Beautiful peridot, shipped very fast (i live in MA, shipped within a week), love the ethical business

  9. M Patricia M. (Pennsylvania) (verified owner)

    What can I say . . . WOW and thank you! They are beautiful and you chose the perfect ones . . . Thank you again! Item was better than described. They were packaged perfectly, like opening a present and arrived FAST. Thank you again. P.S. Ready for my next order . . .

  10. Janelle C. (New York) (verified owner)

    SUPER HAPPY with my purchase!!!♡Very BEAUTIFUL!!!

  11. Hannah B. (Indiana) (verified owner)

    Beautiful stone with great energy! Crystals shipped quickly and were carefully packaged. Thank you! :)

  12. Kelly P. (California) (verified owner)

    I placed an order for multiple stones. I received three gorgeous peridot(pictured), a moonstone(pictured), two uvarovite garnets, and a blue Indonesian amber, all in great condition, packaged well, and arrived quickly. The stones came with clean energy, and are ethically sourced. That’s such an important detail for me.

  13. Wendy R. (California) (verified owner)

    I want to thank you for selecting these wonderful stones for me. They are all so special. And I feel very positive about working with all of them. Thank you again for the recommendations, beautiful selections and careful packaging.

  14. Sonia M. (Arizona) (verified owner)

    From the bottom of my heart,thank you

  15. Regina F. (California) (verified owner)

    i LOVE them the purple jade is like my new buddy the peridot is also so lovely.

  16. Lakshmi K. (Arizona) (verified owner)

    I just received the package. It was so beautifully and sweetly packed! Thank you so much! Also, I love loose tea. Thank you so much! You are very kind.

  17. Sharlene H. (Virginia) (verified owner)

    I received my new stones today and I’m in love with them! They have such positive energy and I was immediately drawn to the peridot. Thank you so much for the tea…it was delicious. I look forward to doing business again with you soon!

  18. Jennifer S. (Colorado) (verified owner)

    Even though it is a smaller crystal, the peridot is quite large in comparison to any others that I have seen (which were like large grains of sand). It’s very pretty and energetic! I’m so happy to have a sizable one the I don’t have to worry so much about losing!

  19. Steven H. (Poland) (verified owner)

    I just got your crystals today and I’m so happy

  20. Hannah R. (New Mexico) (verified owner)

    Thank you again for the beautiful Peridot, Julie I’ve been going through a lot lately and having someone reach out in kindness is not expected but deeply appreciated.

  21. Timothy H. (New York) (verified owner)

    My hand started tingling when I pulled this stone from it’s package. I handled it for a few minutes then set it down. I do not recall where lol. I should have known I was feeling my M.S. eating myelin. Anyway I got great advice on stones from the owner. Now to find that stone.

  22. Edward F. (Texas) (verified owner)

    Received the crystals we’ve adopted. Great picks as usual :-).

  23. Linda S. (New York) (verified owner)

    PERFECTION! *10*stars great information-fastest mail ever! INTEGRITY! SPIRITUAL!

  24. Ernie T. (California) (verified owner)

    Got more than we bargined for. Great seller

  25. Chris C. (Texas) (verified owner)

    Great seller!! Completely satisfied with my purchase!! A++++

  26. Jackie P. (Florida) (verified owner)

    Great energy and quality! They were shipped extremely fast. Julie is a kind soul. You can feel the postive energy and intention she puts into helping her customers. If your seeking high quality crystals and a knowledgable/kind owner, you have come to the right shop!

  27. Leinad N. (Tennessee) (verified owner)

    Thanks for my stone I love it

  28. Britney M. (California) (verified owner)

    Thank you So much!! I received them and they are perfect!!

  29. Jean K. (Los Angeles) (verified owner)

    Really beautiful!

  30. Mark R. (Florida) (verified owner)

    Beautiful stones and great service.

  31. Whitney N. (California) (verified owner)

    So happy with my Peridot! Julie was incredible from start to finish. She helped me pick the perfect stone and was friendly throughout the entire process. Cheers to you! Thank you for a beautiful piece. xo

  32. Kevan S. (Pennsylvania) (verified owner)

    So absolutely beautiful!! What beautiful stones, and the seller is wonderful to work with! Thank you so much! I will be back to order with you again!

  33. Christina H. (Delaware) (verified owner)

    great product and service thanks

  34. Samina J. (Ohio) (verified owner)

    It’s a beauty! A really nice gemmy piece!

  35. Denise M. (Minnesota) (verified owner)

    I think peridot is becoming my favorite green stone! I received a very nice one.

  36. Chanel G. (Texas) (verified owner)

    I’m extremely happy with the stone chosen! :) I just love the vibrancy of its color!

  37. Marilyn Y. (New York) (verified owner)

    quick shipping

  38. Penryck B. (Connecticut) (verified owner)

    Such a pretty little thing! Got here safe, though it decided to keep me waiting. I know my mate will enjoy it. Got it wrapped up with the Lapis so they will be a pretty set.

  39. Daniel T. (Missouri) (verified owner)

    A gorgeous stone, a treasure!

  40. Patti N. (Texas) (verified owner)

    It’s lovely—one of my favorite stones. Thank you!!

  41. Nate M. (Queensland, Australia) (verified owner)

    Brilliant product and swift postage great to deal with

  42. Angelina B. (Minnesota) (verified owner)

    Thank you!!! SO in love with this stone!!! Perfect!

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