Garnet, Grossular (Pink)

Peaceful Prosperity

Receive and maintain spiritual and financial prosperity.

Move past scarcity beliefs or feeling of unworthiness.

Feel happy, grounded, and enjoy the present moment.

Embrace your gifts for holistic self-healing and growth.

Let Grossularite Garnet inspire you to be in balance!

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Healing Properties of Pink Grossular Garnet

Spiritual: Grossular Garnet is a powerful stone of abundance and manifestation, teaching us to be open to receiving the many bountiful gifts of the Universe. Such abundance can take the form of financial wealth, but can also come to us as an abundance of love and friendship, a plethora of positive opportunities, or the simple pleasure of being showered with spiritual gifts and a personal connection to the Divine. Grossular Garnet is a very joyful stone, showing us the incredible beauty of this world and reminding us how truly fortunate we are. It gives us courage and hope, helping us to see challenges as adventures and teaching us to move with both passion and serenity. Grossular Garnet encourages us to be more generous and to spread positive energy wherever we go. Grossular Garnet is attuned to the Root, Solar Plexus, and Heart Chakra and linked to the astrological signs of Leo, Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius. It is connected to the elements of Earth and vibrates to the numbers 2 and 6.

Emotional: Grossular Garnet guides us to a place where we can feel emotionally free and peaceful.  It gives courage to our hearts and strips away inhibitions, and feelings of shame and unworthiness.  It helps reduce anxiety, particularly when it is related to love or money scarcity, and reminds us that ultimately all of our needs will be provided for. Grossular Garnet is a profoundly sensible stone. It counsels us to follow a wise path, balancing our fiery passions with earthy common sense. This same balance can be applied to financial matters, helping us to earn, save and spend our money in a way that feels good. Grossular Garnet encourages us to be of service to other people, seeing it as an honor to help another, rather than a duty. It likewise inspires cooperation in groups and loyalty to good people and causes.

Mental: Grossular Garnet helps us to release old ideas, beliefs, and patterns, whenever they no longer accurately represent our level of knowledge or our actual lifestyle. It is a stone of new beginnings and freedom, shaking us out of whatever rut we are in, and challenging us to come alive intellectually and creatively. Grossular Garnet is a powerful crystal ally to carry during lawsuits and other legal challenges, and helps us to stay calm and focused on the facts, rather than being upset by turbulent emotions.

Physical: Grossular Garnet is a phenomenal stone for physical health, and is said to stimulate the metabolism and immune system, as well as fortifying the circulatory system. It is most often used by metaphysical healers to help the body regenerate cells after traumatic injuries or illness. Grossular Garnet is also said to fortify the kidneys and prevent rheumatism and arthritis.

Always use wisdom when considering crystal therapies for healing.

Mineralogy of Pink Grossular Garnet


Pink Grossular Garnet, Sierra de Cruces, Coahuila, Mexico

Mineral Family: Garnet Group

ChemicalComposition: Ca3Al2(SiO4)3 
Cleavage: Indistinct
Color: Grossular Garnet can appear in all colors, but is most famous for its green hues.
Crystal System: Cubic  
Gravity: 3.93-4.3
Form/Habit: Dodecahedral
Fracture: Conchoidal, splintery, brittle 
Hardness: 6.5-7.5
Luminescence: Rare Yellow-white, very weak (long and short waves)
Luster: Vitreous
Streak: White
Transparency: Transparent to opaque

Location: Garnets are found worldwide, but Pink Grossular Garnets are found mainly in Canada and

Mineral Family: Grossular Garnet belongs to the Garnet Family, which is in turn a member of the Silicate Mineral Family. Silicate minerals are the largest family of minerals, including more than 25% of all known minerals and 40% of all common minerals. In addition to being a major part of the Earth’s crust, Silicate minerals have also been found on the moon and in meteorites. Silicates are minerals which contain the elements Silicon (a light gray shiny metal) and Oxygen (a colorless gas). Together, these two elements form a tetrahedron – a shape similar to a pyramid – with a Silicon atom in the center and Oxygen atoms at each of the four corners. These tetrahedra connect with other chemical structures, in six different ways, to form various minerals and rocks. There are six main groups of Silicate minerals, and these main groups are further subdivided into secondary subdivisions, such as Quartz and Garnet. The most common Garnet is Almandine (red). Other varieties including Andradite (black, green, yellow), Pyrope (red), Spessartine (orange/yellow) and Uvarovite (green). Grossular Garnet comes in a variety of shades including green, pink and red.

Associated Minerals: FeldsparIoliteKyanite, and Quartz 

Formation: Garnets can be formed in igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks.  Grossular Garnet is formed when sedimentary rocks with a high calcium content, such as Limestone, are subjected to intense heat and pressure due to regional metamorphism. New minerals are formed and the garnets grow as the rock changes into Marble or other metamorphic rocks.

Mining: Garnets may be mined in open pits or in secondary alluvial deposits. They are occasionally found as inclusions in Diamonds. Garnets are mined for use as abrasives as well as for fine gemstones. 

Enhancements: Lab created Garnets exist and are occasionally used in fine jewelry. Virtually all tumbled Garnets are natural, enhanced only by tumbling, cutting, and polishing.

Synonyms: Grossularite Garnet, Rasberry Garnet, Rosolite Garnet.  In many metaphysical books it is called “Grossularite,” but this term may be considered inaccurate since Grossularite is a term for a metamorphosed rock, while Grossular Garnet is a mineral. 

Map courtesy of TravelBlog
Photos: Pink Grossular Garnet

History of Pink Grossular Garnet

Garnet has one of the oldest and most detailed historical traditions of any healing stone. Originally, the term “Garnet” was only used for the reddish varieties, Almandine and Pyrope, and did not include orange Spessartine, green Uvarovite, or the various shades of Andradite or Grossular. For most of history, Red Garnets, Rubies, and other glowing red stones such as Spinal and Tourmaline were thought to belong to the same mineral family, called “Carbuncle” – a name which means “little spark.” It wasn’t until the 19th century that these stones were correctly divided into separate mineral families.



The name Garnet comes from the Latin words granum or granitus, meaning grain or seeds. These words in turn have an even older origin, coming from the Phonecian punica granatum, meaning “pomegranate seeds.” The reference refers to more than just the glowing red color and common shape of Almandine and Pyrope Garnets. Interestingly, when found in matrix, Garnets often cluster much like pomegranate seeds do. Red Garnet were described in many ancient lapidaries, texts that describe gemstones and their powers, but it wasn’t until relatively recently that geologists and metaphysical writers viewed Grossular Garnet as a distinct mineral. The name Grossular comes from the botanical name for the gooseberry, or grossularia, which has the same yellow-green shade as the Grossular Garnets found in Siberia.

While green Grossular Garnets are the most famous, Grossular Garnets can also be white, colorless, red, orange, pink, honey-yellow, brown or black.

Photos: Gooseberry

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Safe Handling of Grossular Garnet

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