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Creative Power

Enjoy wonderful abundance in all areas of your life. Let go of fears and have confidence in yourself. Feel recharged and full of energy and enthusiasm. Be in alignment with whatever makes your soul happy. Let Pyrite spark your imagination!

Pyrite Healing Properties


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Rated 0 out of 5

Received the package, and the gems are truly beautiful.

Timmie W. (Texas)

PolishShiny But Not Completely Smooth
QualityAA (quality chart)
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Energy Vibrations

Pyrite is a stone for self-realization and the quest for enlightenment in this life. It asks us to take action for our spiritual ideals and to live with great integrity.





Ethically Sourced

Pyrite from Peru

This Pyrite comes from Huanzala Mine, a nickel mine in Peru.

This gem dealer is a family business with deep ties to Peruvian miners. It was founded by an aunt in the USA and her nephew in Lima, Peru. The nephew buys from both miners and lapidaries in Peru, while the aunt imports the stones to sell at gem shows in the Western United States. The business is eco-conscious and workers are paid fairly.

I first spoke to the manager of the business after finding their website in early 2017 and met her in person at the Denver Gem Show later that year. I was cautious about doing business with them since they are the exporter, rather than the miners or polishers. After I studied their company, I was pleased by their dedication to ethical values. They focus on importing Fair Trade, Consciously-Made, and No-Harm Peruvian handicrafts. They have also worked to reduce their carbon footprint in their wholesale warehouse.

In 2019, I had a long conversation with the manager about ethical topics in the stone industry. She was willing to speak candidly about both the positives and the negatives. She also shared how she personally struggled with the ethical issues and her part in the supply chain. Whenever a shipment of goods arrives from Peru, she insists on smudging every box before it is brought into the warehouse. The manager introduced me to the mother of the current owner. A tiny woman, less than 5 ft tall, she was happy to reminisce with me about how she started the company more than 30 years ago. She had been a young immigrant mother, searching for a new life. Her nephew, back in Peru, shipped her a few buckets of Pyrite and asked her to see if she could sell them. She laughed to remember those days and radiated happiness and gratitude. Today, the business is run by her son and his cousin in Peru.

Pyrite Healing, Mineralogy, and History

Published January 2015  •  Updated March 2024  •  Read Time: 6 minutes
Pyrite is a sulfide mineral that is nicknamed “Fool’s Gold” because it is easy to confuse with that most precious metal.  But look closer and you will soon discover they are very different indeed!  Pyrite is a heavy mineral with a brassy yellow color, but it is nowhere near as heavy as pure Gold and when seen side-by-side it doesn’t have that unmistakable buttery yellow shine. Those seeking only earthly riches may be fooled, but those seeking something higher may find a good friend in Pyrite.  It is a strong ally in the search for enlightenment and gives us strength and courage to do the hard mental work to see the Truth that is often hidden between greed and lies. […]

Tumbled Pyrite

What You’ll Receive: 1 Stone - 100% natural Pyrite

Selection Process: The stone I select for you will be carefully chosen for its beauty and appeal. If combined with other stones, I always take time to choose stones that look and feel good together.

Polishing Method: Polished by hand, one stone at a time. Each stone is unique and minor variations are what makes them beautiful.

Taking Care of Your Healing Crystals

  • Fragile Crystals

    Be gentle, this stone is fragile & chips easily.

  • Crystals Keep In Shade

    Keep it in the shade to protect its colour.

  • Crystals Poison In Elixir

    Not safe for direct-infusion elixirs.

24 reviews for Pyrite

  1. Timmie W. (Texas)

    Received the package, and the gems are truly beautiful.

  2. Donielle B. (Pennsylvania)

    Pretty! Has good energy. Thank you

  3. Simeon S. (Nebraska)

    Beautiful crystals. Fast secure shipping. Great seller with great customer service. Thank you for everything including the gift of Hawaiian tea. ❤️🙏😇

  4. Claudia P. (California)

    Very happy with my purchase, beautiful stone!!!

  5. Vildane I (Kosovo) (verified owner)

    I recieved my crystals today, everything is perfect especially citrine and pyrite. I can’t wait to activate and use them. Thank you so much

  6. Cheryl M. (Canada) (verified owner)

    Love the sparkly Pyrite!! I can feel the love that went in to my order!! I highly recommend this shop!! Very good experience!!

  7. Cheryl M. (Canada) (verified owner)

    A big thank you to You Julie!! Thank you for my beautiful order!! I love all the crystals!! Thank you for your care!! Blessings to you!!

  8. Michelle V. (Georgia) (verified owner)


  9. Laurie W. (Nevada) (verified owner)

    The are gorgeous. I am so pleased. Thanks for taking extra time to pick a matching set.

  10. Samira H. (Florida) (verified owner)

    Love them!
    Appreciate you free gift as well

  11. Ignacio T. (Texas) (verified owner)

    Perfect! 5 dazzling glistening stars all the way

  12. Carrie X. (Washington) (verified owner)

    Every time and Every stone arrives in a very timely fashion and Beautifully and Carefully packaged. I Definitely recommend this seller!
    Thank you very much

  13. Vicki H. (Texas) (verified owner)

    I received my crystals and they are absolutely perfect!!!! I love them so much! I was just in awe with their energy of when I opened them all up. Even my dog went straight to zen mode.

  14. Michelle V. (Georgia) (verified owner)

    nice shape, very attractive pyrite, love

  15. Amanda E. (North Carolina) (verified owner)

    My little stone arrived yesterday and it is perfect! The energy is amazing and the stone is so beautiful ❤️! I’m so thankful for you! You are doing amazing work…with your shop and your writing!

  16. Catherine P. (Nevada) (verified owner)

    All her cyrstals are @ least 1 inch @ its longest length – accurate description!

  17. Elena V. (Florida) (verified owner)

    i love it! would love to have a huge one heheh

  18. Laura G. (California) (verified owner)

    Worth every copper penny for something far from “fools good” Beautiful vibration

  19. Cynthia W. (California) (verified owner)

    This was purchased as a gift and was absolutely loved by my daughter who says the Pyrite dances for her nonstop!!! :)

  20. Tiffany J. (Tennessee) (verified owner)

    The crystals are absolutely beautiful! Fast delivery and an excellent seller!

  21. Wendy K. (New Hampshire) (verified owner)

    Perfect size for a mojo bag! Energetic little specimens, ready for work right out of the packing. Lovely seller, fast shipping.

  22. Angelina B. (Minnesota) (verified owner)

    Thank you!!! Amazing stone!!! Amazing seller!!!

  23. Niemah C. (New York) (verified owner)

    Very beautiful! Fast shipping .

  24. Elisa C. (Nevada) (verified owner)

    Beautiful stone, as described. Very fast shipping, A+++++

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