Rose Quartz

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Rose Quartz


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Unconditional Love

Fall into real and abiding love with yourself and others. Find compassion, forgiveness, and understanding. Attract and keep beauty and romance in your life. Feel peaceful, nourished, seen and understood. Let Rose Quartz inspire you to true peace and happiness!

Rose Quartz Healing Properties


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Rated 0 out of 5

Really beautiful stone, as described.

Emma W. (UK)

PolishShiny & Smooth
QualityAA (quality chart)
Average Size1.25 in / 3.2 cm (size chart)
Average Weight1.1 oz / 30 g / 150 carats


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Rose Quartz
Energy Vibrations

Rose Quartz encourages romance and also reminds us to love ourselves. These crystals are polished by hand rather than machine-made, so they aren't perfect spheres. Instead they are unique little balls of love. Energetically they feel like a great big hug! They are constantly singing, "I love you just the way you are!" ♥





Ethically Sourced

Rose Quartz from Madagascar

This Rose Quartz comes from artisanal miners in Vakinankaratra, Madagascar. It is pit mining which has a low environmental impact and would be relatively low risk for miners.

This lapidary hand polishes stones in Antananarivo, Madagascar. It is a woman-owned and family-run business. Factory workers have safe conditions and are paid fairly. The lapidary sells primarily at one major gem show in the United States. Every year the lapidary takes on a major charity project at a rural school. Previous projects have included installing bathrooms, creating a playground, and building a sunshelter for parents.

I first met the owner of the lapidary at the 2006 Gem and Mineral show in Tucson, Arizona. At that time I was working for a crystal shop in Utah and was at Tucson primarily as a “pack mule” to help carry all the stones. It was generally agreed by our crew that the “Madagascar” tent contained the most beautiful stones in the entire show.

In 2014, I embarked on my first buying trip for Moonrise Crystals. The company I knew of only as “Madagascar” was the one company I was most determined to find and buy from. This lapidary company only sells at a handful of major gem shows. The only time they are in the USA is for the Tucson Gem Show. During the rest of the year, the lapidary hand polishes their stock and also does charity work in their local community. They continue to offer some of the most beautiful tumbled stones in the industry and are among my favorite suppliers.

In 2019, Moonrise Crystals and the Madagascar lapidary company joined together to financially support a rural school in Madagascar. In 2022, we plan to build a library with books in Malagassi and French.

Rose Quartz Healing, Mineralogy, and History

Published May 2014  •  Updated February 2024  •  Read Time: 8 minutes
Rose Quartz is the quintessential modern healing crystal.  This pink crystal evokes unconditional love and compassion and asks us to use that energy to bless absolutely everything and everyone.  While other famous healing crystals like Amethyst and Ruby have histories for healing that stretch back thousands of years, Rose Quartz was largely unknown until the 20th century.  In the past few decades its popularity has risen to the very top and no crystal collection is complete without one.  Any love spell or healing grid will benefit from its sweet and inviting energy.  If it is pinkish-purple it may be called Lavender Quartz. […]

Tumbled Rose Quartz

What You’ll Receive: 1 Stone - 100% natural Rose Quartz

Selection Process: The stone I select for you will be carefully chosen for its beauty and appeal. If combined with other stones, I always take time to choose stones that look and feel good together.

Polishing Method: Polished by hand, one stone at a time. Each stone is unique and minor variations are what makes them beautiful.

Taking Care of Your Healing Crystals

  • Crystals Sturdy For Pocket

    This stone is sturdy enough to be carried daily.

  • Crystals Keep In Shade

    Keep it in the shade to protect its colour.

  • Crystals Safe In Elixir

    This stone is safe to use in direct-infusion elixirs.

68 reviews for Rose Quartz

  1. Emma W. (UK)

    Really beautiful stone, as described.

  2. Josi S (Germany)

    the rose quartz arrived a couple of weeks ago. Thank you so much, it’s gorgeous and just right I think. I will wear it around my neck, so it’s always close-by. Thank you too for reminding me that love is the best healer, I think that’s exactly what I needed to hear right now.

  3. Efraín C. (Puerto Rico)

    Beautiful stone I loved. And the services is great.

  4. Lynn K. (Illinois)

    Such a beautiful piece! No delay in shipping! Great experience!!

  5. Jessica J. (Arizona)

    Julie is a beautiful soul with amazing customer service and her crystals are purely amazing. I look forward to purchasing more from her in the future.

  6. Siu S. (Hong Kong)

    the crystals have arrived. They’re gorgeous and I feel that the shimmer more when I work with them.

  7. Lindsay Q (California)

    I’m a big fan of your mission at Moonrise Crystals. I loved the way you packaged up my crystals. The general info about crystals and how to begin, the specific properties of each crystal, the tea sample, the pen – You left a great impression.

  8. Meghan H. (Georgia)

    Great item! The origin is very important to me and I love that they explain that.

  9. Tina T. (Missouri)

    Gorgeous gem, lovely seller, excellent packaging. Thank you!

  10. Lachrista G. (Wisconsin)

    So beautiful, thank you so much!

  11. Amanda M (New Jersey)

    My crystals are here and I am just so happy! They are all so beautiful!! I am especially obsessed with this piece of citrine. I cannot wait to continue my crystal collection with you! This package made my day and I’ve already enjoyed the tea. I just wanted to say thank you x1000. I can feel the love and good intentions and this has really turned my week around!

  12. Jenifer R. (Ohio) (verified owner)

    The crystal that I received was beautiful. The transaction was smooth. The shop owner was very attentive and kind. People buy crystal for all different reasons and the shop owner is very in sensitive and and aware of that fact. The fact that these are ethnically sourced crystals is also extremely important to me and I feel good knowing the sourcing is documented. Very positive experience

  13. Jenifer R. (Ohio) (verified owner)

    The ethnically sourced crystal I received was really beautiful. The owner is very caring and attentive. This was the second crystal I purchased from this shop and I will purchase more in the future. It was a very positive experience.

  14. Megan A. (Ohio) (verified owner)

    I got the crystals today and they are lovely! I want to thank you for them and the email, the beautiful packaging, the tea, the pen— everything! Thanks for the kindness!

  15. Jordan W (California) (verified owner)

    Thank you so much they’re great!

  16. Vildane I (Kosovo) (verified owner)

    I recieved my crystals today, everything is perfect. I can’t wait to activate and use them. Thank you so much

  17. Lisa M. (Texas) (verified owner)

    Prompt delivery, overall great informative seller! Thank you!

  18. Trellis H (California) (verified owner)

    I received the lovely crystals over the weekend, thank you. They’re for my Mom, to help with her anxiety.

  19. Margaret H. (North Carolina) (verified owner)

    I ordered this with a carnelian crystal, and both are so beautiful! They also came with a bag of tea, which is delicious as well ☺️

  20. Maggie H (North Carolina) (verified owner)

    I got both crystals and I love them! And thank you for the tea

  21. Becky F. (Florida) (verified owner)

    Amazing. I won’t buy crystals from anyone else.

  22. Elyssa M. (Illinois) (verified owner)

    Rose quartz from Madagasgar. Pink and opaque.

  23. Jazmine S. (Colorado) (verified owner)

    thanks again julie! always quality

  24. Cynthia C. (New York) (verified owner)

    Thank you for these sweeties!

  25. Valentine S. (Nebraska) (verified owner)

    There’s nothing but love from me for Julie and her shop. Julie is responsive, helpful, and so incredibly sweet!! Next, the stones themselves are top notch. I’ve adored every one I’ve received, they are all fabulous!! Third, I love how she melds both the scientific facts on each stone with the spiritual aspects as well. Last, the fact that they are ethically sourced and morally conscious is everything!! I 100% recommend her shop and also her website (moonrisecrystals) if you want to see and learn even more!
    P.S.-shipping is super fast :)

  26. Katherine C. (Washington) (verified owner)

    This lovely crystal was a much appreciated gift.

  27. Jill A. (Florida) (verified owner)

    I love the rose quartz crystal, it’s beautiful!

  28. Annie N. (Minnesota) (verified owner)

    super friendly shop owners and shipped quickly! they even provided a free tea bag which was nice :)

  29. Larue D. (Pennsylvania) (verified owner)

    Although I won’t see this rose quartz stone, I know it was chosen with the utmost care, knowing the intent for the recipient. As always, this shop would deserve 10 stars.

  30. Elizabeth P. (Connecticut) (verified owner)

    I’ve spent time with almost all of them and each one has been a unique interaction. I’ve held my friends’ stones and in general been in stores, but these have a particular sense to them. Even when I’m not with them, I want to be. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you. :)))
    Your efforts to ethically source are beyond and years ahead of what most companies do, but thank you for being so dedicated to moving in a concientious direction. I will continue to support your company and share it with my friends.

  31. Anna C. (New Hampshire) (verified owner)

    My crystals have arrived safe and sound. They are so beautiful! And thank you for the tea, I can’t wait to try. I will make sure to recommend your shop to my friends. Thanks again!

  32. Sara S. (Wisconsin) (verified owner)

    My crystals are soooo pretty!! Thank you!

  33. LaTonya M. (Utah) (verified owner)

    Thank you so much they arrived safely. The Rainbow in the Rose Quartz you selected is beautiful. Thanks again.

  34. Jessica A. (Massachusetts) (verified owner)

    They came today and are in great condition. I’m glad I found a crystal store that cares about impact and is transparent about sourcing- I’ll be buying from you again!

  35. judy p. (verified owner)

    Beautiful, semi-clear stones with a hint of shimmer…love their soothing energy and the larger size is also appreciated. Thank you!

  36. Emma B. (Pennsylvania) (verified owner)

    Oh my goodness, I finally got to sit down with my cup of tea and get to know my crystals tonight and they are perfect for me. Just perfect. I had to write you right away. The Rose Quartz has a shape that fits my thumb perfectly and as I rubbed it, it reminded me so much of the feeling I had as a little girl whenever I held my mom’s hand. I used to rub her hand between her thumb and pointer finger with my thumb and I have honestly not thought about that in YEARS, but tonight this stone with that shape brought it all back and along with it, so much comfort.

  37. Michael O. (New Hampshire) (verified owner)

    Thank you !!! Very nice transaction.

  38. Sara L. (New York) (verified owner)

    I LOVE my new Rose Quartz! It’s very shimmery and sparkly! :) Thank you!! A+++++

  39. Jennie M. (Oklahoma) (verified owner)

    As always you choose my crystals well❤️ I adore this one, so loving and soothing❤️ Thank you❣️

  40. Natalie A. (Canada) (verified owner)

    my yoga teacher loved her Rose Quartz. She said that she feels really connected to Rose Quartz and was amazed at how I knew. Thanks for picking one out for her…it is defiantly in a loving home!

  41. Dashiell C. (California) (verified owner)

    The crystals you chose for my first order were wonderful to receive.

  42. Sara K. (New York) (verified owner)

    Fast shipping. Beautiful stones. Thank you!

  43. Meg D. (Arizona) (verified owner)

    Thank you so much! I received them a few days ago and am very happy with them.

  44. Laura S. (New York) (verified owner)

    The best shop hands down. Always sends me beautiful crystals. Thanks Julie

  45. Kristen H. (Alabama) (verified owner)

    Quite simply the loveliest rose quartz I’ve ever owned. It is a soft pink, rosy, luminous stone that seems to glow from within. It’s a great shape and fits nicely in my hand. Perfect for aiding in my quest to improve my self love issues.

  46. Beth S. (Kentucky) (verified owner)

    Thank you for once again sending me three crystals I’ve already fallen in love with. What a resoundingly strong and beautiful presence they all have! The Rose Quartz’s soft, warm coloring makes a loving glow lit by flashes from the refractions and rainbows inside. Like most, I’ve had, and given, many pieces of Rose Quartz, but this one is special. At last, here is “my” Rose Quartz.

  47. Mai D. (Florida) (verified owner)

    Let me begin with saying thank you to Julie She made it a wonderful experience for me since I was nervous about the order. Seriously, shop confidently. She has great pride in her work, she was there with me every step of the way, and chose wonderfully energetic and physically pleasing stones for me and I love each and everyone of them. Thanks again for everything, I’ll be back for more ❤️

  48. Brooke F. (Texas) (verified owner)

    Perfect transaction. Wonderful place to buy from! Thank you for being you!!<3

  49. Tracey N. (California) (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect! Repeat customer; highly recommend seller. Thank you! AAAAA++

  50. Shana B. (Virginia) (verified owner)

    The loveliest rose quartz I’ve seen!

  51. Amber E. (Texas) (verified owner)

    Beautiful stones with great energy. Awesome customer service as usual. Thanks!

  52. Yvonne E. (Texas) (verified owner)

    My experience upon opening up the package and visiting with my crystals: I felt like they were old friends being returned to me!! My heart filled with tenderness and I teared up! I was “reunited” I thought to myself and I began kissing them as if they were family or loved ones that I missed and I was lovingly welcoming them home to me….My hands began to get very, very warm and my palms were sweating when I held them collectively. Thank you JULIE for bringing them “BACK” into my life! You are truly BLESSED with the power of selecting crystals! Not only do I know these crystals are truly MINE but that they also belong to one another.. We are going to do GOOD things Together!

  53. Caroline B. (British Columbia) (verified owner)

    Excellent communication, packaging & beautiful crystals, thank you <3

  54. Laura B. (Colorado) (verified owner)

    Beautiful stones and fast shipping. Thank you!

  55. Kaitlyn J. (Rhode Island) (verified owner)

    Beautiful quality Rose Quartz! ♥ Love the shape and the shimmer of tiny rainbows! Thank you soo much! :-) ♥

  56. Saori N. (Hokkaido) (verified owner)

    These stones still retains its beauty and splendour which has a wonderful energy!The seller even added a tea bag filled with fresh dry harbs to my package.It shipped very quickly and the shop seller was quick to answer my questions. I was deeply moved her personal touch in each selection. I will definitely be ordering from this shop again! She is absolutely affectionateloving seller! Thank you so much!

  57. Ann R. (Indiana) (verified owner)

    Seller enclosed a nice letter.

  58. Lauren C. (New Jersey) (verified owner)

    gorgeous, even has a rainbow inside!

  59. Suzanne D. (Florida) (verified owner)

    Lovely – Thanks!

  60. Carey (verified owner)

    Stunningly beautiful stone. My niece loves it!

  61. Esther K. (Illinois) (verified owner)

    Julie found a perfect match for me, and now I’m in love with this crystal :)

  62. Jennifer Z. (Texas) (verified owner)

    Im loving this Madagascar stone! Thank you Moonrise Crystal

  63. Lori T. (Oregon) (verified owner)

    Good Product

  64. Jamia F. (Maryland) (verified owner)

    A joy as always! Thank you!

  65. Jazmine S. (Colorado) (verified owner)

    The light pink almost golden inner iridescence Madagascar rose quartz. For my self love.. this is probably one of my very favorites!

  66. Debby S. (Florida) (verified owner)

    The stones arrived as expected. The shop owner hand-picked especially beautiful stones for me and followed up with shipping information immediately. She followed up with a wonderful conversation about the stones I chosen was extremely helpful and pleasant. I will definitely order from her again!

  67. Andrivia M. (Maryland) (verified owner)

    Beautiful! This is my favorite shop to purchase from!

  68. Andrivia M. (Maryland) (verified owner)

    I am especially pleased with this one!

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