White Sage

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White Sage


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Organic Farm-Grown White Sage

Origin Sage Winds Farm, California, USA
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Thank you for my lovely order. Everything is much loved and a special thanks for the Sage



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Ethically Sourced Sage

Know where your crystals come from

This sage comes from Sage Wind Farm, a family-owned organic farm. It is a 40 acre ranch in the high desert of San Diego County, California, USA. White Sage is native to this region. Each plant grows for 3 years before its first harvest. The plants are not killed during harvest allowing the Sage to continue to grow and thrive.

Sage for smudging is one of the most common spiritual accessories in a crystal business.  But the vast majority of white mountain sage is unsustainably wild-harvested.  For years, I refused to carry sage in Moonrise Crystals, but kept on the lookout for a sage supplier who matches my values.  In 2020, I discovered Wind Sage Farm and cheered!  Learn more about the White Sage Black Market and about why it matters where your sage comes from.

Product Details

What You’ll Receive: 1 bundle of White Sage (Salvia apiana) tied with hemp string cord

Farming Method: 100% Certified Organic, farm-grown, sustainably harvested. By contrast, the vast majority of smudging sage on the market is harvested from the wild in a manner which is unstainable and often illegal. Because of the over-harvesting, the species has become endangered in the wild.

5 reviews for White Sage

  1. Julie

    Thank you for my lovely order. Everything is much loved and a special thanks for the Sage

  2. Audrey P (Vermont)

    thank you for the lovely sage.

  3. Deirdre M (Ohio)

    The crystals and Sage arrived and I was able to use the Sage and experienced some clearing. I enjoyed the tea and activating the crystals as I drank it.

  4. Laura T (New Jersey)

    My order just came, thank you so much for the extra sample of tea and the care put into my order! I love the rainbow twine used for my sage bundle also!

  5. Linda M (Texas) (verified owner)

    The sage arrived in good shape. Almost too pretty to use. Love the colored hemp string.

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