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Open your heart and love yourself more.

Cultivate inner peace and compassion.

Live simply, while always having ‘enough’.

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Healing Properties of Variscite

Spiritual:  Variscite invites us to step into our most authentic self and to boldly show the world who we really are.  It amplifies our courage and our sense of integrity, making it virtually impossible to indulge in pretense or conformity.  Variscite helps us to be true to ourselves and what we love, and to enjoy the life we choose regardless of the opinions of others.  It teaches us to be more conscious, and to align ourselves with whatever brings us joy and peace.  Variscite also encourages us to be more interested in spiritual matters and to expand our knowledge and belief systems.  It gently shifts us so that we can be more awakened and able to feel the divine frequencies of Love and Truth.  Variscite is attuned to the Heart Chakra and is linked to the astrological signs of Taurus, Gemini, and Scorpio.  It is connected to the Element of Water, and vibrates to the number 7.

Emotional:  Variscite has a calm and hopeful energy.  It lifts our spirits when we are feeling down and low, and soothes us when we are feeling restless and uneasy.  Variscite is gently encouraging and empowering.  It opens the heart and encourages us to love ourselves and others more fully, and to practice deep compassion and radical acceptance.  Variscite shows us how to release false negative judgments and to see ourselves and others through kinder eyes.  It helps us to be more willing to learn, able to make mistakes and be wrong, and eager to grow.  Variscite teaches us the awesome power of unconditional love and shows us that when we live from that place, great things result.

Mental:  Variscite helps to clear our head of emotional fog or confusion, allowing us to see the world clearly and honestly.  It increases our abilities for discernment, keen perception, logic, and reasoning.  It helps us to better understand why other people act, talk, and think as they do, and how to best interact with them in ways that will edify and uplift both parties.  Variscite helps us to appreciate simplicity and to let go of unnecessary weight, whether that be too many physical possessions or unhealthy emotional attachments.  Variscite invites us to have a less-complicated life, without drama or self-destructive habits.  It encourages us to make necessary changes, and slowly but surely, create a positive, sustainable, and emotionally enriching lifestyle.  Variscite helps us to always have ‘enough’.  It also helps us to properly express ourselves so that we can be accurately understood by others.

Physical:  Variscite is used by metaphysical healers to increase our physical vitality, and to combat chronic fatigue and insomnia.  It is also used to support proper brain chemistry and a healthy nervous system.  Variscite is believed to aid digestion, and to prevent stomach acidity, ulcers, and cramps, as well as soothe rheumatism, gout, and joint pains.  Variscite is particularly good for invalids or those who suffer from chronic pain, bringing both hope and peaceful acceptance as needed.

Always use wisdom when considering crystal therapies for healing.

Mineralogy of Variscite


Variscite, Little Green Monster Mine, Utah, USA

Mineral Family: Phosphate

Chemical Composition:  AlPO2H2O
Cleavage:  Good, but rarely visible
Color:  Pale to apple green
Crystal System:  Orthohombic
Form/Habit:  Cryptocrystalline aggregates
Fracture:  Splintery in massive types
Gravity:  2.6
Hardness:  4.5
Luminescence:  Green (long wave)
Luster:  Vitreous to waxy
Streak:  White
Transparency:  Opaque

Location:  Variscite deposits have been found in Austria, Australia, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Spain, the United States (Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, and Utah), and Venezuela.

Mineral Family:  Variscite is a phosphate mineral.  These minerals all contain Phosphorus and Oxygen in a 1:4 ratio (written as PO4), which are then combined with various other elements to create unique minerals.  Other famous phosphate minerals include ApatiteLazulite, and Turquoise.

Associated Minerals:  Apatite, Chalcedony, and Wavelite

Formation:  Variscite typically forms in veins and cavities near the surface of the earth, when phosphorus-rich waters flow over aluminum-rich rocks.

Mining:  Variscite is a rare semi-precious gemstone.  Most mining operations are small scale, worked by hand with little to no mechanization.


Variscite Deposit, Woodlands Station, Western Australia, Australia

Enhancements:  All Variscite may be considered fully natural, enhanced only by tumbling, cutting, and polishing.

Synonyms:  Alpha-Variscite, Amatrice, Lucinite, Metavariscite, Sphaerite, Utahlite, Variquoise,  Metavariscite

Photos: Rough VarisciteVariscite Mine

History of Variscite

Variscite is a relatively new stone for the metaphysical community, and as such was not included in any of the ancient or medieval lapidaries, texts that describe gemstones and their powers.  It may, however, be included in many of the newest lapidaries.


‘Utahlite’ or Metavariscite, Utahlite Hill, Box Elder County, Utah, USA

Variscite was first described in 1837 from a deposit in the Vogtland region of Germany.  Variscite was named after the Variscia.  This is a historical term for the Vogtland – a region encompassing the German states of Bavaria, Saxony, and Thuringia as well as part of the Czech Republic.

Sometime later, additional Variscite deposits were found in Utah, USA and, until the stones were both determined to be the same, the Utah version was called Utahlite.  Today the term ‘Utahlite’ is sometimes used to describe rare transparent Variscite crystals found in southern Utah.  Nearby, in Nevada, opaque Variscite was soon found.  The Variscite in this deposit, however, is so similar in color and appearance to Turquoise that it is extremely easy to confuse the two.  Today, Nevada Variscite is sometimes called “Variquoise” as a result.

Photos: Variscite Crystals

Safe Handling of Variscite

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