Red Aragonite Spiritual Healing Properties

Red Aragonite gently moves us into balance and shows us how to find and keep our center.  It radiates good energy in all directions, cleaning and activating all the chakras, meridians, and our auric field.  Red Aragonite makes us feel spiritually healthy and empowered.  It helps us release any blocks that have gotten stuck inside us, keeping us small and struggling.  Red Aragonite helps us to expand our consciousness and shines Light into the Darkness.  It shows us what is real and good, and helps us to let go of any ugly lies we’ve been taught to believe.  During meditation and prayer, Red Aragonite helps us to feel safely grounded in the earth while easily communicating with higher spiritual planes.  Red Aragonite is attuned to all the Chakras and linked to the astrological sign of Capricorn.  It is connected to the Elements of Earth and Storm and vibrates to the number 9.

Red Aragonite Emotional Healing Properties

Red Aragonite is a powerful crystal ally for emotional growth.  It gives us courage and patience to ‘do the work’ and to make whatever changes are necessary for our own peace and happiness.  It teaches us to live from that calm center within our own heart and to navigate through life using love as our compass.  Red Aragonite assists us in releasing attachment to the drama, anger, and sorrow of our past.  It helps us recognize that, yes we experienced that, but no we don’t need to carry it with us anymore.  Red Aragonite whispers confidently to us that it’s time to let go and allow ourselves to flourish as we stand in our true power.

Red Aragonite Mental Healing Properties

Red Aragonite teaches us to live with serenity, regardless of the struggles of the past, the challenges of the present, or the fears of the future.  Red Aragonite reminds us that we are quite capable of rising to the occasion and doing whatever needs to be done, so there’s no need to stress or worry.  It encourages us to let go of perfectionism, relentless criticism, and habitual negativity.  Red Aragonite helps us to be more mentally flexible and realistic.  It invites us to celebrate more and to honor our many successes.  It inspires us to teach others by our own good example.  Red Aragonite is a wonderful talisman for anyone who is going after a big dream and are actively working to become the person they always hoped they could be.

Red Aragonite Physical Healing Properties

Red Aragonite is recommended when our life has gotten too busy and healthy habits have gotten lost.   Red Aragonite reminds to re-prioritize our physical wellbeing as a way of staying in balance despite all the demands on our time.  Red Aragonite specifically encourages us to exercise regularly and to stretch before and after.  It trains us to view exercise as a healing activity, rather than a punishing activity.  It is a fantastic stone for yogis who want to stretch even deeper and gradually increase strength and flexibility.  Red Aragonite is also a lovely talisman for soothing general aches and pains, particularly along our spine or in our extremities.