Red Coral Spiritual Healing Properties

Red Coral invites us to explore our true selves deeply and honestly, without false humility or blustering ego. It dares us to claim our most authentic spiritual and personal power – to stand out from the crowd and be who we truly are. Red Coral teaches us that when we are strong and independent we are also in the best position to serve others, and create healthy interdependence.  It helps us to visualize our goals and understand both the practical and spiritual steps that are necessary in order to reach them.  Red Coral reminds us that every action, no matter how mundane, has a spiritual aspect to it.  As such, we can gradually learn how each movement is a form of prayer and every moment an act of devotion, and thus an opportunity to put forth our best self and to live fully alive.  Red Coral is attuned to the Root and Sacral Chakras and linked to the astrological sign of Libra. It is connected to the element of Water and vibrates to the number 4 and 22.

Red Coral Emotional Healing Properties

Red Coral soothes and quiets turbulent emotions. It reminds us to breathe deeply and to step back and look at the situation logically and from a neutral mind. Red Coral offers protection and healing from the ravages of depression and anxiety. It is a phenomenal tool to use when working on First Chakra issues, which encompasses all of our most basic physical and emotional needs. Red Coral helps us to stay focused on those actions which strengthen our basic foundation. It encourages us to acknowledge our emotions, but to not let them run away with us.  Red Coral also helps us to explore any negative emotional beliefs we may have around money, love or safely.  It helps us to root out the original idea that made us think we weren’t worthy of good things, and to replace it with new ideas, ones which attract and cultivate true joy and abundance.

Red Coral Mental Healing Properties

Red Coral has a unique energy that is both highly spiritual while also profoundly practical. This combined energy helps us to find balance in our own lives and to veer away from extreme actions and beliefs which do not serve us. Red Coral helps us to be in touch and trust our inherent common sense and to put that sense into action. It encourages us to routinely check in with ourselves to be sure that our thoughts, words and actions are consistent with our values. Taking it a step further, we are asked to check to make sure our values are in alignment with the Highest Good of all beings and our planet.  Red Coral is particularly good for entrepreneurs and business owners, helping us to ensure that our business is in alignment with our personal beliefs, and is a force of good in this world, giving as much or more, than it takes.

Red Coral Physical Healing Properties

Red Coral is said to help reduce heartburn and treat colic, as well as severe cases of the hiccups. It is also believed to stimulate the metabolism and increase physical energy. It is commonly used by metaphysical healers to treat kidney and bladder disorders, as well as strengthening the skeletal system, particularly the spine.  Red Coral is said to nourish red blood cells and encourage a healthy immune system.