Rhodolite Garnet Spiritual Healing Properties

Rhodolite Garnet connects our root and crown chakras so that we come into an easy alignment between what is most real and what is most inspired. It keeps our consciousness and subconscious deeply rooted in reality. This isn’t so we dream smaller dreams, but rather so that we can accurately assess what we’re working with and what needs to be done in order to make our loftiest dreams come true. Rhodolite Garnet revels our life’s purpose. It might be a single, lifelong purpose. It might be an ever-changing purpose that fits each moment perfectly. In either case, Rhodolite Garnet helps us to make steady progress, enjoy the journey and to celebrate each success as it comes. Rhodolite Garnet strengthens the voices of our spirit guides and our own heart’s yearning, so that we can hear and understand them very clearly. Its energy is serene, but not solemn. There is a lightness and a sparkle to Rhodolite Garnet that reminds us to smile often and to not take ourselves so seriously. It encourages us to walk our path with a light heart and an easy mind, trusting that we are in tune and in balance, and that all will be well. Rhodolite Garnet is attuned to the Root, Heart and Crown Chakras and is linked to the astrological signs of Cancer and Leo. It is connected to the element of Earth and vibrates to the number 5.

Rhodolite Garnet Emotional Healing Properties

Rhodolite Garnet offers us great gifts of emotional wisdom. It is a love stone for abundance and magnifies the love between people without creating codependency or losing ourselves. Rhodolite Garnet shows us how to have beautiful boundaries that bless our lives and those of our loved ones. It is a particularly good for parents with older children or adult children, because it encourages parents to love generously without needing to exert their own will over others. As a result, children are allowed to be their true selves and can cultivate a steady sense of confidence. Rhodolite Garnet has a warm, gentle, and quiet energy that is very soothing during times of distress or when we need to heal. It is an excellent crystal ally when healing from sexual or emotional abuse. Rhodolite Garnet dissolves feelings of shame, guilt and inadequacy. It lessens painful memories, so that we don’t feel past trauma as a present reality. When we need emotional support, Rhodolite Garnet helps us to get what we need, whether that means supporting ourselves or asking others to assist. Rhodolite Garnet speaks truth to us, so that we can make good choices that support happiness and peace.

Rhodolite Garnet Mental Healing Properties

Rhodolite Garnet gives us keen discernment so we can judge what is real and what is good. It calms our heart so that hopes and fears don’t cloud our judgement. Rhodolite Garnet invites us to explore a deeper level of self-knowledge. It asks us to love and respect ourselves for all our good qualities. It also asks us to honestly acknowledge any areas where we need further polishing before we can truly shine. Rhodolite Garnet teaches us that self-improvement is not a doomed desire for perfection, but rather a noble quest for excellence. Rhodolite Garnet is a wonderful talisman for philosophers, particularly stoics, who seek to understand the true nature of reality and what it means to live a good life. It encourages us to live in balance and wisdom. It helps us to accept the past and present fully so that we can be at peace in our minds. Rhodolite Garnet reminds us that while we can’t change the past or present and refusing to accept that only brings us misery. But the future, both near and far, are yet to be written. Rhodolite Garnet emboldens us to take appropriate action to create the future life and future self that will most deeply satisfy us.

Rhodolite Garnet Physical Healing Properties

Rhodolite Garnet is recommended for anyone concerned about sexuality or reproductive issues. It is particularly good for pregnant women who want to nurture a loving connection with the new life inside them and the new life they themselves will be stepping into as a mother. It can also help fathers and other members of the family to be excited to take on new roles and responsibilities. Rhodolite Garnet reminds other family members that the mother faces very real physical challenges and deserves extra support from her family. In particular, women may need to be reminded by their partner that they are still sexually desirable and will continue to be desirable regardless of any physical changes that occur due to the pregnancy. Rhodonite Garnet is also recommended for anyone who has suffered from sexual abuse. It helps us to feel more safe and secure within our physical body. Rhodolite Garnet helps us to work through our fears and other negative emotions, so we can reduce our stress levels. This in turn allows our body to naturally rebalance and heal stress-related problems in our digestive, elimination, reproductive and circulatory systems.