Rhodonite Spiritual Healing Properties

Rhodonite is one of the most powerful stones for love and healing. It is a heart-centered stone that teaches us that our greatest potential is attained by loving as deeply and purely as possible. It invites us to love ourselves, to love the people close to us, to love our community, to love newcomers and strangers, and to simply love all the world. It shows us that when we love, we become a Light Bringer who raises the vibration for one and all. Rhodonite gently reminds us to follow the Golden Rule and to love our neighbors as ourselves. It is a wonderful tool for enhancing love and compassion-based meditations and prayers. It is equally fantastic for anything related to community healing and well-being. Rhodonite inspires generosity, forgiveness, and inclusiveness. It is attuned to the Root and Heart Chakras and linked to the astrological sign of Taurus. It is connected to the elements of Earth and Fire and vibrates to the number 9.

Rhodonite Emotional Healing Properties

Rhodonite is possibly the very best emotional healer in the crystal kingdom. Its soothing energy heals recent emotional wounds as well as old emotional scars. It can help us to make sense of pain caused by our closest loved ones as well as by strangers whose actions have negatively impacted us. Rhodonite gently guides us to forgiveness and peace, both for ourselves and for others. It also helps us to find or re-discover that calm and happy center inside ourselves. Rhodonite is particularly helpful if we need to explore questions of self-worth and confidence. If our sense of self has been damaged, Rhodonite helps us to see ourselves clearly and compassionately and to stop believing the old lies. If we are in a good place in life, Rhodonite asks us to generously help those around us so that they too can rise up. It wisely reminds us to give respectfully so that we maintain the other person’s sense of dignity. It helps us to give like a peer and a friend, rather than magnanimously from upon high. It reminds us that everyone we meet is our brother or sister. Rhodonite attracts those people who can best help us or whom we can best help.

Rhodonite Mental Healing Properties

Rhodonite invites us to live and think from a heart-centered perspective. It helps us to understand both sides of any issue and to be merciful in our judgments. If a situation has become chaotic or terrible, Rhodonite sooths and calms so that we can find our peaceful center again. Rhodonite helps us to keep a cool head, especially when we find ourselves emotionally triggered. It helps us to distinguish between actual reality and the negative beliefs and feelings that have been triggered. Rhodontite gently reminds us to not believe every negative thought or feeling just because it’s in our head, it doesn’t automatically make it real. Rhodonite asks us to constantly check in with reality and respond wisely with love. Rhodonite can help us lift ourselves out of patterns of anxiety and depression and helps us to see the silver lining in otherwise dark clouds.

Rhodonite Physical Healing Properties

Rhodonite is recommended for anyone who has suffered a major trauma, either recently or in the past. If the trauma was recent, Rhodonite is an exceptionally comforting stone to hold while our body heals. It helps protect our mind, so that even if our body has scars from the trauma, our mind can heal as cleanly as possible. If the trauma was in the past, Rhodonite can help us to see how that trauma is still effecting our body and mind in the present. For example we may have developed autoimmune disorders or perhaps a mental health issue such as PTSD, anxiety or depression. We might also have developed unhealthy coping mechanisms to numb the pain, such as an eating disorder, substance abuse or another forms of self-harming. Rhodonite helps us to recognize when this has happened and to gently shift our beliefs and actions so that full healing is possible. Rhodonite offers us comfort and patience while we heal. It promises us that the pain of the past can be healed and that a happy future is within our grasp.