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Ruby Fuchsite is a wonderful combination of playful red Ruby and sensible green Fuchsite. In some cases, the Rubies have a thin ring of blue Kyanite and white Snow Quartz may be intertwined with the Fuchsite.  It is relatively new healing stone, only introduced to the market in the 2002.  It was immediately popular with the metaphysical community for its contrasting colors and endearing energy.  Ruby Fuchsite is an ideal stone for anyone who wants greater connections in love and friendship.  It helps us to be our true self, rather than trying to project a perfection version of ourselves that we think is more loveable.  It reminds us that we are good just the way we are.

Ruby Fuschite ruby fuchsite meaning

Ruby Fuchsite Meaning

Spiritual Healing Properties

Ruby Fuchsite is a stone of powerful magic, and an excellent talisman for manifestation. It is a particularly good tool for healers of all sorts, as well as witches. It gives us a keen sense of natural balance, allowing us to live an intensely adventurous and passionate life, while also being highly practical and sensible. Ruby Fuchsite encourages us to spontaneous, curious, and brave, while also valuing wisdom in all its forms. It invites us to follow our bliss, and also to let others walk their own path, even if its very different from our own. It protects against negative energy and helps us to change any poor habits and behaviors we may have that stand in the way of our own spiritual growth. It is also a fantastic abundance stone, helping us to become more wealthy and to use our wealth in appropriate and positive ways.

Metaphysical Properties Ruby Fuchsite
Chakra Heart
Element Earth
Numerology 3 and 9
Zodiac Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Aquarius

Emotional Healing Properties

Ruby Fuchsite is a passionate stone that attracts love and friendship, and can help us to build wonderful and long lasting relationships. It encourages us to engage in healthy habits and roles within our relationships, and not fall into negative roles such as the martyr, victim or even the constant rescuer. It help us to explore our feelings and beliefs about ourselves, especially in regards to body image and/or being worthy of love and respect. It acts as a light in the darkness, leading us back to joy and peace whenever we are caught up in painful emotions. Ruby Fuchsite reminds us that we are still learning and that its ok to make mistakes, the point is to learn something from every experience. Moreover, it teaches us that life is good, we are good, and everything is going to be alright in the end.

Mental Healing Properties

Ruby Fuchsite helps us to use our time appropriately, in harmony with our real priorities. It helps us to balance our work and personal lives and to consciously choose habits that serve our Highest Good. It also encourages us to be actively involved in our community and to nurture the best parts of ourselves and our world. It inspires generosity, creativity, goal-setting and active problem-solving. Ruby Fuchsite helps us to perform well under pressure and to stay mentally engaged in projects.

Physical Healing Properties

Ruby Fuchsite is a fantastic stone for all types of healers and health practitioners regardless of whether their focus is metaphysical, emotional, or physical healing. It reminds us to take a practical and holistic approach to healing the body and spirit, and to remember that patients are complex individuals who deserve comprehensive care. Ruby Fuchsite helps healers and patients alike explore any conscious and unconscious beliefs that unfortunately manifest into physical problems. It can help us release those negative beliefs and change our lifestyle so that it better support our health and happiness.

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Ruby Fuchsite Mineralogy

Where does Ruby Fuchsite come from?

Ruby combination stones can be found anywhere Rubies grow.  Ruby Fuchsite has been found in Brazil, Myanmar, Nepal, Norway, South Africa and Vietnam  However, almost all the stones on the market comes from India.

Mining and Treatments

Pure Ruby is often mined at a secondary deposit in the gravel beds of rivers.  By contrast, Ruby combination stones are typically mined at the primary location and removed directly from the bedrock.  The mines can be pits or tunnels, typically artisanal or small-scale.

The Rubies in these stones aren’t gem-quality, so they have been left in their natural matrix.  They are completely natural, enhanced only by cutting and polishing.

Ruby Fuchsite Placeholder
Ruby Fuchsite

Do healing crystals speak to you?

At Moonrise Crystals our healing stones sing songs of peace and freedom.  That’s because they are truly ethically-sourced.  And that matters.

Mineral Family

Ruby combinations are not a single mineral, but rather a rock. As an easy way to understand the difference, think of rocks as being like cookies and minerals as being the ingredients which make up those cookies. Many different minerals are used to create a rock!  For this stone, the two main minerals are obviously Fuchsite and Ruby, but sometimes there are also rings of blue Kyanite around the Rubies or white Snow Quartz will be blended in with the Fuchsite

Ruby Fuchsite’s energy works well with its family – other Ruby Combination minerals.  Try it in combination with Ruby Iolite, Ruby Kyanite, and Ruby Zoisite.

Ruby Fuchsite Formation and Crystal Associates

Ruby combinations are metamorphic rocks created by regional metamorphism and hydrothermal alteration. Rubies and Fuchsite, as well as other minerals like Kyanite, are formed during the metamorphic process, and in rare cases may naturally fuse together into a single stone.  If the rock includes Snow Quartz, this mineral would have existed in a previous igneous rock and been warped and folded in with other new and existing minerals during the metamorphic process.  Regional metamorphism occurs when there is a collision between tectonic plates, causing geological changes over a large area. Hydrothermal alteration happens when underground water is heated up to incredibly high temperatures. The hot water flows through minerals, leaving traces of other minerals in its wake, which can then grow in combination over time.

Ruby Fuchsite’s energy works well with its “friends” – crystal associates formed in the same geological environment.  Try it in combination with Kyanite and Rutilated Quartz.

Mineralogy Ruby Fuchsite
Rock Type Metamorphic Rock
Major Minerals Ruby + Fuchsite, may have minor inclusions of other minerals including Kyanite and Snow Quartz
Minor Minerals Pargasite
Color Green, red, may also have white or blue inclusions
Texture Gneissic
Transparency Opaque

History of Ruby Fuchsite

Ruby always grows entwined with other minerals.  When the Ruby is a transparent gem, it is carefully cut away from the matrix and sold to the fine jewelry industry.  But sometimes the Ruby is opaque and the matrix is pretty, and so these stones are polished and carved for jewelry, talismans, and decorative purposes.  Ruby combination stones can be appreciated by anyone who loves beauty and the finer things.  But the largest market for these Ruby combination stones is the metaphysical industry which appreciates not only their coloring, but also their energy and affordable price point.

The first Ruby combination stones sold on the market were Ruby Zoisite from Tanzania and Ruby Kyanite from India.  Both had entered the market by the late 20th century and are mentioned in the modern lapidary classic,  Love is in the Earth (1995).  In 2002, Ruby Fuchsite from India joined them and also sold well.  It was a lighter green than the Zoisite and sometimes the Rubies were ringed by thin bands of Kyanite.  All three types are easily carved.  But the Rubies tend to be better formed in the Fuchsite and Zoisite, which allows for more interesting carvings.  The best carvings use the various minerals to guide the design, such as in the case of this lovely flower pendent.

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